7 Common Necklace Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Necklace Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Necklace Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Buying the right necklace to wear with your outfits involves knowing what not to do. Here are common necklace shopping mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Did you know that the most expensive necklace in the world is worth $200 million? It's called "A Heritage in Bloom" and features a 104-carat diamond, 72 jades, and 600 pink diamonds. 

While this may be out of the luxury necklace budget for most, there are still many affordable styles of necklaces you can find when buying necklaces online. However, there are some common necklace shopping mistakes that can also come with buying necklaces online too. 

In this guide, we'll detail 7 common necklace shopping mistakes and what you can do to make sure your online necklace buying experience is the best that it can be. Keep reading for more information below.

1. Not Reading Product and Online Retailer Reviews First

With so many options for necklace retailers online, it's so important to check the product reviews and reviews of the retailers in general. Just because a business has a website doesn't automatically mean it has a great reputation or sells high-quality products.

One of the biggest common necklace shopping mistakes is not reading these reviews or going with a website that may have necklaces that are of questionable quality. You need to do your research first before you commit to buying.

A good retail site that has nothing to hide will proudly display its customer reviews. These are honest and open reviews from real people who have shopped for and bought the same products you're looking for. Their feedback will tell you everything you need to know about necklace features and the product's quality.

2. Not Setting and Staying Within a Luxury Necklace Budget While Shopping

The typical American household spends an average of $615 per year on watches and other jewelry items. Buying necklaces online can be fun, but with so many choices and styles for necklaces, it can also be distracting and intimidating finding what you're looking for.

Setting a realistic budget for buying doesn't sound fun, but it's another one of the most common necklace shopping mistakes. Budgeting will help you better narrow down the options of what you're looking for from potentially thousands of options for online retailers.

Setting a budget and staying with it will also save you from buyer's remorse later on if you give in to your impulses and splurge on something you really shouldn't have bought in the first place. You want something that you can wear every day proudly without being too afraid of losing or damaging something pricey and impractical.

3. Not Specifying What You Are Searching For Online

Again, with so many options out there you want to narrow it down to what you're specifically looking for. Otherwise, you will be clicking through thousands of time-consuming online options for necklace retailers.

Instead of throwing out a generic term like "online necklace stores" find the particular features, looks, and styles for necklaces you want. Do you want a specific metal type or color? Are you looking for a classic design or do you want to see the latest necklace trends?

The more specific you are with your search terms, the more you can avoid another of the most common necklace shopping mistakes of vague search criteria and more easily find what you want.  

4. Not Understanding Your Own Personal Style

Your personal style has a lot to do with buying necklaces online as well. Not knowing or understanding your personal style before you shop is one of the biggest and most common necklace shopping mistakes. Necklaces and other jewelry choices can be based on several factors including your skin tone, your height, and your clothing color preference.

A survey of women between the ages of 25-40 years of age showed that 35% of women who buy jewelry for themselves preferred white gold as their first choice. 17% of this same survey group said silver was their top preference. Platinum came in third place with 15% and rose gold registered a 13% preference. 

Yellow gold came in at an 11% preference rate, while 9% said they had no preference or would go with mixed metal styles for necklaces and other jewelry items. 

Those with cool skin tones will look best with white metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold. Women with warm skin tones will favor yellow and rose gold, as well as brass and copper jewelry. Neutral skin tone types can wear either yellow or white toned metals.

Wearing long chains will make those will have a lengthening effect on shorter, thicker necks. Likewise, a long chain on an individual with a long neck will flatter the natural neckline and collarbone.

5. Relying Too Heavily on Current Jewelry Trends

Jewelry trends can be enjoyable to a certain extent but remember, they can come in and go out of style very quickly. If you focus too much on acquiring pieces that fall in line with the latest necklace trends, pretty soon you'll have a lot of necklaces gathering dust in your jewelry box that you won't wear again for fear of being labeled out of style.

If you find some trend jewelry that looks good on you or aligns with your personal style, it's okay to buy some pieces, But going overboard with trends is another one of the common necklace shopping mistakes.

By focusing too much on trends, you're also doing your personal brand a disservice since you're not going with what looks best on you. Focus on more natural and timeless jewelry pieces that look good on you no matter what the latest necklace trends are. 

6. Not Reading the Product Descriptions Fully

Good online retailers also provide detailed product descriptions for each of their jewelry products. If you're on a site that has vague descriptions or no product descriptions at all, this can be a big red flag. 

Not fully reading these product descriptions is another one of the most common necklace shopping mistakes you can make when shopping online. These descriptions contain valuable information such as:

  • the type of metal used
  • the chain length
  • the chain style
  • the finish
  • the type of closure
  • the pendant or stone size
  • the colors available
  • the origin of the materials 

You can also find high-definition photos of the item you are looking at so you can zoom in and better see the details in the necklace itself before you buy it. You can look at the styles for necklaces on models to get an idea of how they hang around the neck. This ensures you are getting the best quality necklace that has exactly what features and designs you want.

7. High Jewelry Prices Do Not Equal a Higher Quality

You may look at a piece of expensive jewelry and think that its high price must be because of its high quality, but this form of misdirection is also one of the common necklace shopping mistakes. This has nothing to do with its quality.

Traditional jewelry contains a markup of 10-20 times its original cost. This is due to the expense of distribution, middlemen, branding, and advertising costs. So, you may not even be getting a piece of high-quality jewelry for that inflated cost.  

When you buy directly from the manufacturer themselves, you're getting the most for your money. You can be assured it is of the best quality with no price gouging.

Avoid Common Necklace Shopping Mistakes

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