Matching Jewelry With Your Outfit: The Essential Guide for a Stunning Look

Matching Jewelry With Your Outfit: The Essential Guide for a Stunning Look

Matching Jewelry With Your Outfit: The Essential Guide

Ensure you look dazzling with our essential guide about matching jewelry with your outfit. Read more and discover how to select appropriate jewelry to wear.

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Have you recently bought a stunning new piece of jewelry only to find that you always leave it sitting in your jewelry box?

While it can be easy to keep reaching for the same pieces, you're missing out on an easy way to change up your outfits. You're also missing the opportunity to add even more class and personality to your clothes.

Whether it's a ring, necklace, or a pair of earrings, if you're not sure how to style your new piece of jewelry, then it'll be sure to tarnish and collect dust. 

Thankfully, matching jewelry to your outfit isn't as complicated as you might think. Keep reading for our guide to matching jewelry so you can create your new favorite outfit combinations.

Consider the Occasion 

One of the first tips about matching jewelry is to think about the occasion where you'll be wearing your outfit.

For example, you may be thinking about what you will wear to your office holiday party. If the dress code is professional or more formal, you'll want your entire look to match this occasion.

For a formal holiday party, you could wear a cubic zirconia pendant that's both elegant and understated. 

If you want a pair of earrings to wear when going out to lunch with friends, then you can opt for a more casual set of stud earrings or a simple bracelet. 

No matter the occasion, keep in mind that less jewelry is almost always better. You'll end up with a more elegant look if you pick a pair of earrings and a bracelet, for example than if you try to wear four or five pieces of jewelry all at once.

Add Harmony 

There are two main ways you can add harmony to your outfit with jewelry.

The first is to let your jewelry reflect the shapes and patterns on your clothes (and vice versa). For example, if you're wearing a dress with stripes, you could wear a pair of dangle earrings to accentuate the straight lines of the stripes.

Another way to add harmony to your outfit is to decide which part of your outfit you want to stand out. If you're wearing a bold print, you'll want to pick understated jewelry that will complement the print.

But if you're wearing neutral colors or a minimalist outfit, then you can wear statement earrings or a bold ring to make your look really stand out.

You can also think about the colors in your jewelry to add balance. For example, if you are wearing a dress with a bold, red flower print, then you can wear gold earrings or earrings with red cubic zirconia to complement the print.

Create a Focal Point

When you're figuring out how to match jewelry to an outfit and feel a bit overwhelmed, think about creating a focal point for your outfit.

If you put together a bunch of bold items, this can make it look like your outfit was put together in a rush. Instead, choose which item you want to be the centerpiece of your outfit. This could be your clothing or your jewelry. 

For example, if you love minimalist clothing such as elegant sweaters and little black dresses, then a statement necklace is a perfect option. 

Your centerpiece could also be a shirt in a bold color or an interesting fold or design on the top of your dress. Or it could be a beautiful statement ring with a bold stone set in the center depending on the occasion and which part of your outfit you'd like to showcase most.

Choose Complementary Colors

When matching jewelry with clothes, it's important to think about the color as well as the style of your jewelry.

The easiest way to understand which colors look the best with your jewelry is to learn about warm and cool colors.

Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow, while cool colors include blue and green. And with jewelry, the best combinations are those that use the color of metal that best complements the color of your outfit.

Silver looks best with cool colors, while gold and rose gold look best with warm colors. If you're not sure what looks best, hold your jewelry up to the clothing you want to wear it with and see if the colors clash or complement each other.

Whichever color of metal you go with, make sure to clean your jewelry regularly so that your outfit always looks put together.

Necklaces and Necklines

To match your jewelry to your shirt or dress, you'll want to make sure your necklaces match the neckline of your clothes.

An example of a clashing neckline is wearing a boat-neck top and a necklace that sits right at the neckline. This clashes and doesn't make either piece look good. 

Instead, make sure to let the necklace end a couple of inches above the neckline. In the case of turtlenecks, you can wear a long chain to offset the high neckline of the sweater.

You can also experiment with layering your necklaces for a bolder look. For instance, you could layer a chunky chain with a thinner chain in the same metal for an interesting contrast.

Better yet, you can get a necklace with an adjustable chain so you can wear the same necklace for many occasions, no matter the neckline of your top or dress. 

Make Matching Jewelry to Your Outfits Effortless

Matching jewelry to your outfit is one of the best ways to make your clothing pop and add more of your personality to every outfit, whether you're attending an evening dinner or heading to the office.

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