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7 Tips for Choosing Sterling Silver Chains
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5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Amber Jewelry
Amber jewelry carries many amazing qualities but can be lesser known than other jewelry. Here are 5 things you should absolutely know about amber jewelry.
Rings for Longevity: The Best Types of Stones for Rings

Choosing the right types of stones for rings requires some insight into the hardness, meaning, and longevity of the types of stones you're considering.

Create a Natural Look With Stunning Stone and Shell Jewelry
Create a natural look and personal style by incorporating quality jewelry pieces made from stone, red coral, abalone or pearl into your wardrobe.
7 Spiritual Amber Properties for the Self-Loving Woman
Looking for a piece of amber jewelry to wear? Great choice. Click here to learn some of the best spiritual amber properties!
Amber Beads for Adults: Common Uses and Benefits of the Amber Stone
Did you know that amber beads for adults have actual healing powers? Among other traits. Read on to learn more about this precious stone.
What are the Healing Properties of Amber?
Amber is a gorgeous gemstone that can be worn in a variety of ways. But did you know that it can actually make you feel better, too? Click here to learn about the healing properties of amber so you can look and feel your best.
Amber Symbolism: What Does the Gemstone Represent?

Amber is unlike many gemstones in that it is actually a fossilized tree resin. Its beauty has been admired for thousands of years. Learn more about amber symbolism with this handy guide to all things amber.

A Guide to the Properties of the Amber Gemstone
The amber gemstone is as delicate as it is beautiful, this article talks about the properties of amber and some interesting facts surrounding the gemstone.
A Buying Guide For Amber Pendants
Amber is a unique stone that is stunning in a variety of jewelry styles. Here's your guide to buying amber pendants and why you definitely need one (or several).
The 8 Best Ways to Style Amber Jewelry
Amber jewelry is as gorgeous as it is unique. Here are 8 great style ideas for wearing amber jewelry.
How to Find and Buy the Perfect Amber Necklace
You want an amber necklace, and who can blame you? Amber makes for beautiful jewelry, but how do you find the perfect piece? Read here to find out!
What is Amber Jewelry?
Amber jewelry is a beautiful addition to any outfit. The gemstone's unique color lends itself to just about any style. But where does amber come from?
7 Amazing Facts About Amber Gemstone
Amber gemstone is one of the most popular, and interesting, jewelry pieces in the world. Here are 7 amazing facts that we bet you didn't know about amber.
Put On Your Detective Hat: How to Spot Real Amber From Fake
Amber is growing in popularity, so of course, there are people trying to sell fake jewelry pieces. Don't be fooled! Read here to learn how to spot real amber.