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Adjustable Chains: The Perfect Necklace Sizes for Every Occasion in One Chain
The right necklace length can vary. It depends on the neckline of the blouse or dress you're wearing, the style of your clothing, and the look you're going for. Adjustable chains are a fantastic way to always have the perfect necklace sizes on hand with just one chain. Learn about it here!
Adjustable Necklace vs Fixed-Length Necklace: An In-Depth Guide
Have you heard about adjustable chains? Because the jewelry world has! This article will compare and contrast an adjustable necklace with a fixed-length one.
Necklaces for Necklines: How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Your Dress
When every dress has a different neckline, it can be hard to know which necklace to pair. Take a look at this handy guide on choosing the right necklaces for necklines and make sure you've made the right choice every time.
How Adjustable Chains are Disrupting the Jewelry Industry
For decades now, the jewelry industry offered only a small handful of standard, fixed-length necklaces and chains. With the perfection of a new technology in Italy 🇮🇹, the ability to make infinitely adjustable length chains just became a reality. Learn why women around the world are embracing this trend en masse.
The Ultimate Guide to Necklace Chain Styles

From the cable chain to the French rope chain, there are several necklace and chain styles to choose from. Let us help you decide your favorite with our guide.

15 Most Popular Necklace Designs for Women
Choosing your favorite length will be easy once you read our helpful guide. Click here to learn more about the 15 most popular necklace designs for women.
Fashion Forward: The Best Necklaces for Your Neckline
Show off your jewelry collection while also making a statement by pairing your necklace with the perfect tops and dresses.
Designer Necklaces: How to Choose the Right Length
Are you looking to buy a new designer necklace and don't know which size to pick? Click here to learn how to choose the right length for your neck, face, and body shape.