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Handy Tips for How to Clean Marcasite Jewelry
Keeping your jewelry clean is the best and most proper maintenance to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips on how to clean marcasite jewelry.
Vintage Marcasite Jewelry: Marcasite Throughout the Ages
Did you know marcasite jewelry has an extensive history? Marcasite has been an amazing gem in all jewelry pieces. Here's marcasite throughout the ages.
Stunning and Unusual Marcasite Jewelry: Meaning, History, and Healing Powers
You may already know that marcasite can make some very stunning and unique jewelry pieces. Did you also know that it has meaning, history, and is even known for its healing powers? Learn more about the wonders of Marcasite here!
Why a Marcasite Ring is Always a Great Choice
If you're looking for a gem that never goes out of style, a marcasite ring is always a great pick! Here's why this is a timeless gem.
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How to Make a Statement with Marcasite Jewelry

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Marcasite Jewelry: A History of the Modern Classic

Marcasite has a rich history as a luxury gem. Learn more about this timeless wardrobe staple and how it fits in your jewelry collection.