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8 Modern Ways to Wear Pearls on Any Occasion
Pearls are classy and chic and generally paired with fancy outfits. But, did you know that you can get away with wearing pearls anytime? Click here for the latest fashion trends involving pearls so you can be up to date and in style at the same time.
Pearls 101: All About The Different Types of Pearls
Natural? Cultured? Freshwater? Saltwater? What do all of these mean in relation to pearls? Here's everything you need to know about the different types of pearls, plus some tips on how to care for your pearl collection.
How & Where to Buy A Pearl Set
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How to Coordinate a Pearl Bracelet with Your Wardrobe
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How to Wear Pearls and Stay Modern

Wearing pearls doesn't mean you have to look dated. You can totally rock your pearls without losing your modern edge. In fact, large pearl strings were spotted all over the runways this spring as the classics make a return to center stage. Here's how to wear pearls in 2017 and beyond!