How to Wear Pearls With Casual Outfits

How to Wear Pearls With Casual Outfits

How to Wear Pearls With Casual Outfits

Pearls add a casual elegance to any outfit, but they’re often associated with formal looks. Here’s how to wear pearls with casual outfits.

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Pearls are back.

We're not talking about your grandma's string of pearls reserved for special events. Today women are getting creative with the way they wear pearls.

Street style influencers are dawning everyday pearls-no matter the occasion. From pearl earrings to pearl chokers, it's an easy way to add a touch of elegance to the most casual look.

Want to learn how to accessorize with pearls for your everyday style? We have five timeless outfit ideas listed for you below. Continue reading for the glam!

1. Pearl Choker + Matching Sweatsuit

If you want to channel old Hollywood glamour without looking old, a pearl choker is the way to go. A pearl choker will generally be about 14-16 inches long. 

A choker is a convenient style for every day. The short length makes it perfect for running errands, or athleisure activities. This is because the length keeps the necklace out of the way- making it a great choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

It is elegant, elongates the neck, and is a super-versatile piece of jewelry that can easily be dressed down. One of our favorite ways to wear a pearl choker is with a two-piece set. 

This can be a matching tracksuit. Or it can be a two-piece silk set or linen set. To look polished, we recommend keeping the outfit monochrome and only sticking to one piece of jewelry. 

One-piece will keep the outfit classic and draw the eye in on the choker. 

2. Pearl Earrings + Sundress

We love this pairing for a casual yet romantic look. A long summer maxi dress paired with a large, bold pearl earring is ultra-feminine and laid back.

You can create contrast by picking a pearl earring encrusted in gold detailing. Let the earrings take center stage and avoid mixing in any other jewelry. 

You can play around with different colored pearls depending on the color and print of your sundress. If wearing yellow, a white pearl with a gold accent like these is a great complement. 

3. Pearl Anklet + Vacationwear

Anklets are a fun and playful summer must-have! To maintain comfort, try to wear a daintier "barely there" style anklet. It's youthful to pair an anklet with some flat sneakers and colorful clothes. 

Going for a bike stroll or late-night picnic? You can wear a pearl anklet with khakis, flip flops, and your favorite summer top for the perfect ensemble. Pearl anklets are a great way to say "I'm classic, but a bit daring!"

4. Drop Pearl Necklace + The (Casual) Little Black Dress

Own a casual little black dress? Or maybe your favorite clothing color is black? We won't scold you for shunning color, we'll just tell you how to amplify that outfit with some stunning pearls!

A drop pearl necklace is a short necklace with a long hanging pendant or string of pearls. It is the epitome of elegance, and there are a few ways to wear it casually for that smart sophisticated look.

If you own a basic black dress you can pair a pearl drop necklace and some simple black sandals. This will channel Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's but with a modern and casual vibe. 

Another great way to create this pairing is by wearing an all-black outfit. Make sure every component of the outfit is black! This included accessories like a handbag or sunglasses. 

A great idea is a black crew neck t-shirt with black denim and black cat-eye sunglasses. You can then add a long string of pearls tied tightly around your neck. 

Keeping everything black isolates the pearls. This helps the pearls stand out and be the cherry on top of your outfit! 

5. Pearl Hand Jewelry + White Tee Shirt and Jeans

We've discussed necklaces, anklets, and earrings. What we haven't discussed yet is pearls for your hands. Sticking with the t-shirt and jeans theme, we will tell you how you can wear the iconic white t-shirt and jeans with pearls. 

How do you accessorize with pearl bracelets and rings? Well, the options are endless, there are so many pearl bracelets to pick from! Bracelets are a more classic option.

You can get a simple string of pearls. The size you pick will have a significant impact on the styling capabilities. If you want more drama you can pick from colored pink or gray pearls. Or you can go for a Masami pearl bracelet with XL size pearls for a retro vibe.

Rings are also great hand jewelry. They have the power to add volumes to your outfit and give it personality. If you want a mix of feminine and edginess, you can opt for an engraved pearl ring

Although we recommend keeping things simple with just one piece of jewelry at a time, the small size of rings makes them better for layering. Pair a matching ring with a matching bracelet or mix and match a few of your favorite rings!

A white t-shirt and jeans are the perfect canvas for you to wear pearls! 

Wear Pearls Any Day

Every day is a good day to wear pearls. 

Pearls just have this magic ability to make you feel polished, feminine, and put together. That's why they are great paired with a toned-down outfit. The contrast is a fashion statement.

Remember to stick to pearls and not mix them with other stones! This will help you avoid looking busy. Less is always more!

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