9 Effective Tips for Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

9 Effective Tips for Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

9 Effective Tips for Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to wearing gemstone jewelry, there are a few things you should remember. These nine tips will make a big difference.

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Gemstone jewelry has been a hot topic in the fashion sphere and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon. Mixing and matching different types of jewelry and even different types of gemstones are right on trend in 2022.

The vast array of colors and styles of gemstones bring personality to any wardrobe. Wearing gemstones is an excellent way to express your unique, individual taste.

If you haven't dabbled in this trend yet, it's time you gave gemstone jewelry a chance. But if you're nervous about stepping out of your bland, minimalist comfort zone, don't worry. Our experts are here to guide you!

Keep reading to find out nine ways to keep your gemstone jewelry game fresh this season.

1. Stack Your Gemstone and Minimalist Rings

Minimalist stacking rings have been in vogue for seasons on end at this point - but we certainly won’t be getting tired of them any time soon. Who doesn’t relish the opportunity to wear all of their favorite rings at once?

Well, why not change up your standard ring selection by sprinkling some modest gemstone rings into your stack? Gemstones add that personality and pop of color that will set your jewelry game apart from the rest.

2. Layer Long Multi-Gemstone Necklaces

If necklaces are your preferred mode of bejeweled self-expression, trying your hand at layering can take your look to the next level.

You can layer a series of thin gold chains with a gemstone pendant for a subtler look. Or go all out and layer several gemstone-dappled necklaces together.

Aiming for something a little more unexpected? Try layering a gemstone necklace with a body chain for a stunning look that shows off your wild side.

3. Make It Bold With a Gemstone Headpiece

If you really want to turn heads, it's time to get acquainted with jewelry that's out of the ordinary.

More and more celebrities are incorporating glittering headpieces into their red carpet looks. Just last month, actress Tommy Dorfmann was seen wearing a breathtaking 200-year-old tiara to the Met Gala.

But you don't have to be in the public eye to try something bold and eye-catching. Whether pinning a gemstone brooch in your hair or going with a full headpiece is your vibe, this look works for both dress-up and casual.

Just make sure you're not crossing the line into culturally appropriative territory.

4. Showcase Your Birthstone (Or Someone Else’s!)

There’s nothing more sentimental or delightful than birthstone jewelry. Since childhood, we’ve treasured those special stones that signify the unique and special times of our births.

Or, maybe you always wished you were born in a different month (we see you November topazes!) so you could wear diamonds, rubies, or emeralds on the regular.

Make your own birthstone the focal point of your outfit with a statement piece. Or incorporate a smaller version into your everyday look. You can even wear the birthstone of a friend or loved one as a tribute. Who would most appreciate seeing their birthstone around your neck or on your finger?

The other great thing about birthstone jewelry is that it makes the perfect gift for moms, grandmothers, siblings, and close friends.

You can even design your own birthstone jewelry by embellishing the birthstone with other meaningful gemstones. Many moms enjoy collecting the birthstones of their children or other members of their families!

5. Mix and Match Minimal Gemstone Studs

Want to spruce up your daily uniform? There’s nothing more chic or easy than mixing and matching your favorite minimalist studs.

Adding in an eye-catching gemstone stud or two is a gorgeous way to incorporate a pop of color without amping up the drama too much.

6. Give Statement Rings and Earrings a Go

Getting tired of your usual outfit lineup? Forget putting money into a closet full of new clothes. A sure-fire way to give your wardrobe a make-over on a budget is to throw a bold gemstone ring or statement earrings into the mix.

You’ll achieve the wow effect you’re craving without breaking the bank. All you need to do is repurpose what you already have in your jewelry box.

The best thing about statement jewelry is that it can pair beautifully with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to formalwear! Spice up a little black dress or add intrigue to your daily duds.

7. Wear Your Statement Rings Like a Maximalist

So, you're already vibing with statement rings and want to take it to the next level? Stack those gemstone statement rings like the chic maximalist you are in your heart.

Try pairing stones from opposite ends of the color spectrum, or adorn your fingers with a gradation of complementary hues.

These days, there's no such thing as too much. Go big or go home are words to live by when it comes to 2022 jewelry trends.

8. Experiment With Color and Tone

One way to raise the stakes with your gemstone adornments is to experiment with gradations of hue and tone. An array of gemstones with subtle undertones in common is the epitome of everyday elegance.

There are many gemstones to try in a variety of hues - like sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. Many others come in a variety of ombré tones. If that's your bag, try a citrine or tourmaline gemstone in your lineup.

9. Go For Glam With Statement Gemstone Earrings

For the boldest among us, you can't go astray with statement gemstone earrings. For a glamorous night on the town, we can't imagine any look more aspirational than Jessica Chastain's 2022 Oscars look.

That rainbow sequined Gucci gown was an absolute dream paired with dripping diamond statement earrings!

More Gemstone Jewelry Trends To Groove On This Season

Whether you want to add a dramatic element to a formal look or give your everyday wear a fresh take, gemstone jewelry has something perfect in store for you.

Try a statement gemstone ring on its own, paired with a minimalist stack, or a handful of gemstone rings. Layer simple gold chains with a gemstone pendant. Whatever you do, gemstones will ensure your look is uniquely you.

For more great gemstone style trends, tips, and jewelry pieces, check out the rest of our blog!

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