How to Style an Anklet With Your Summer Fashion

How to Style an Anklet With Your Summer Fashion

How to Style an Anklet With Your Summer Fashion

An anklet can add an extra touch that pulls an entire outfit together. Here's how to style an anklet with your summer fashion!

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Ankle bracelets, also known as anklets, have been around since before the 7th century. These unique pieces of jewelry wrap around the ankle, similar to the way bracelets go around the wrist. 

Anklets have survived centuries of trends due to their versatility, allowing them to maintain their stronghold on fashion (especially in India). 

Even today, ankle bracelets are a popular jewelry item in many outfits. But their versatility can make it hard for anklet wearers to know the best ways to style them. 

If you need help discovering unique ways to wear an anklet, you're in luck! Everything you need to know about styling an ankle bracelet is waiting below. 

Pair Your Anklet With Heels 

Summer is the perfect time for beach parties and balls. Use the opportunity to pair your anklet with a set of simple heels. The subtle piece of jewelry will add a refreshing pop of glam to your outfit without overpowering the look. 

Plus, anklets can stand on their own when your feet need a break from dancing in heels. You can pair anklets with strapless and strappy heels, just make sure the piece can stand out against the shoe. 

A gold anklet works well with dark colors like black, navy, and maroon. Gold also blends nicely with darker skin and white shoe options. Summer often adds a natural tan to the skin, making gold the perfect option for vacation dinner parties. 

If you prefer to wear heel colors such as olive green, light pink, pastel purple, or yellow, a sterling silver anklet is the best option to compliment your style. Silver looks best next to lighter skin tones, allowing sun-sensitive individuals to add a little bling to their finest shoes as well. 

Pair Your Anklets With Sandals

Sandals are another great shoe option for showing off your anklet. When you wear flip-flops and other sandals, your ankle is completely out. There is no strap or awkward sock to work around. 

With these minor inconveniences out of the way, your ankle bracelet will be the center of attention. If you have a charmed anklet, the openness of sandals will allow the charm to shine. 

Looking to go the extra mile? Match your pedicure to your staple/favorite anklet. The little detail will steal the show. 

Pair Your Anklet With Summer Sneakers

If you like to wear your sneakers year-round, your anklet can still tag along. Sporting low-top canvas sneakers or tennis shoes will allow your anklet to rest directly above the shoe. 

Because your sneakers will cover a portion of your ankle, avoid wearing charmed anklets with sneakers. 

Instead, select a simple ankle bracelet to pair with your shoes. A chain-like anklet with a small herringbone or one with a heart-shaped pattern is a great option for this look.

If you want to enhance the small details on your anklet, match it with similar jewelry. Earrings with the same pattern or color will provide a more up-close and personal view of the anklet's details. Matching bracelets or necklaces will also achieve this effect. 

Stack Your Anklets During Your Beach Trip

Just like bracelets, anklets can be worn individually or in pairs. Layering anywhere from 2 to 4 ankle bracelets on top of each other can create a unique statement. 

Choose colorful anklets to show off your fun personality, or stack classic metallic colors for a more mature approach.

Anklet layering is also the perfect way to show off any custom pieces you own. Place the custom piece between two plain chain anklets to make it pop. If you don't have a personalized ankle bracelet to add to your stack, take the same layering approach with a charmed or beaded anklet. 

This layering technique is one of the best ways to add style to your beach trip. Since a lot of your time will be spent barefoot, your anklets will be on full display for everyone on the beach. 

Anklets also clasp to themselves, making them a secure jewelry option for the beach. You can dip your toes into the ocean without worrying about losing your valuables. 

Take Advantage of Shorts Season 

Summertime calls for shorts, bikini bottoms, skirts, dresses, and more shorts. As long as your legs are exposed, consider the season's fashion as an excuse to show off your anklet collection. 

You can wear an ankle bracelet with most summer bottoms, as long as your ankles are exposed. For example, bring the eye to your ankles by matching your ankle bracelet to your shirt. When paired with denim jeans, the anklet will give an organized appearance to a casual outfit.

Anklets will also add a pop of color to a monochromatic outfit. The jewelry piece will subtly break up the shade without overpowering the look. 

Pairing an anklet with your favorite summer skirt is another way to make the best of your shorter bottoms. Skirts often give off a light and feminine feel. Wearing a dainty linked anklet can only add to the feeling. 

For best results, match any additional jewelry to your ankle bracelet to evenly distribute the eye's attention. If a piece of jewelry doesn't match the rest, it can distract from the rest of the look. 

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