Everything You Need to Know About Costume Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About Costume Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About Costume Jewelry

In 2022, the global costume jewelry market has an estimated value of $37 billion. Costume jewelry is a prominent part of the fast fashion industry, which offers ready-to-wear designs and styles to keep up with current trends. But while costume jewelry was once thought of as cheap and poor quality, it has since been elevated to a higher standard.

Modern costume jewelry offers the wearer many different benefits and advantages. It's as functional as it is fashionable, while also offering a way to stay trendy. To learn more about the benefits of costume jewelry, keep reading this post below for further information.

Costume Jewelry Is Durable

Sterling & Marcasite Stacked Links Bracelet

One of the most common rumors surrounding costume jewelry claims that it isn't as high quality as fine jewelry. This is not true. Most modern costume jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and is known as bridge jewelry.

925 sterling silver is made from 92.5% real silver. The other 7.5% is made from metal alloys. The most used alloy types are copper, zinc, nickel, and platinum.

Pure silver on its own is too soft to make sturdy jewelry out of. These metal alloys allow sterling silver to be more durable, so it won't scratch or dent.

Gold-colored costume jewelry is usually made from 925 sterling silver with a layer of gold plating over it. This gives you the look and beauty of gold jewelry with the durability of sterling silver built in.

It Is Also More Affordable

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Fine jewelry is beautiful, but it uses precious metals and precious stones which can drive the price up. This means that the average person can't afford to have a large collection of fine jewelry pieces to complement their wardrobe.

Choosing costume jewelry is a more cost-effective way to build up your jewelry collection. It lets you select from moderately priced items that appeal to your personal brand. This allows you to have access to affordable luxury with designer looks for every budget.

Costume jewelry gives you a fine jewelry look, but it uses less expensive materials like semi-precious gemstones or synthetic stones to mimic the real thing. Along with the use of sterling silver and gold plating, you can have a gorgeous jewelry collection for a fraction of the cost of fine jewelry pieces.

It Offers Style Versatility

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With the reduced cost of costume jewelry also comes the freedom to play around with different styles. Costume jewelry pieces can be more easily obtained, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank.

You can have a wider array of styles to go with your fashion wardrobe. Coordinate your jewelry with your outfits instead of trying to make one fine jewelry piece the focal point of everything. You can also mix and match pieces to create new looks.

Costume jewelry is also great for everyday outfits and special occasion clothing. Dress it up or dress it down however you want to. You're sure to find the right jewelry pieces that speak to your unique sense of style and fashion.

It's Always On-Trend

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If you're always looking to stay in touch with the latest trends, then there's good news for you. One of the main benefits of costume jewelry is that it keeps up with current trends.

For example, one of 2022's top jewelry trends is chunky gold chain necklaces. If you want a chunky gold chain style but don't want to pay real gold prices, you can find a comparable costume jewelry piece to fit in with this trend.

Trends can come and go in a flash, but you don't need to pay high prices to stay in the fashion loop. Costume jewelry lets you achieve the enviable styles of the hottest celebrities and top social media influencers without paying an arm and a leg to do so.

It's Hypoallergenic

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Nickel allergies affect as much as 18% of the population in the U.S. Skin contact with jewelry pieces containing nickel can cause rashes, hives, and blisters. You shouldn't have to suffer to look good.

While nickel can be a common alloy used in the sterling silver process, it is possible to have jewelry that doesn't contain nickel. Look for bridge or higher-end costume jewelry that is nickel-free to ensure you or someone you love won't have a reaction.

Copper is a hypoallergenic metal alloy alternative. You can also choose jewelry with platinum and gold finishes. These metal overlays are also pure and hypoallergenic, creating a barrier between the wearer's skin and the alloy underneath.

It Gives You More Variety

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With bridge jewelry, the modern equivalent of costume jewelry, you can have gorgeous coordinating jewelry pieces to accentuate your wardrobe. You no longer have to be restricted to rotating between a few central jewelry items.

You can choose from quality jewelry sets that look every bit as beautiful as their fine jewelry counterparts. Whether you want classic gold and silver chains or opt for semi-precious stones like elegant pearls, glimmering topaz, alluring amethyst, and colorful mystic quartz, you can find something to suit your needs.

Natural elements like coral and abalone offer their own unique characteristics to your jewelry repertoire. Costume jewelry also features brilliant Swarovski crystal designs that dazzle the eyes and catch the light from every angle.

It Lets You Express Yourself

Modern bridge jewelry isn't the disposable fast fashion accessory it used to be. This high-end costume jewelry upgrade lets you add more quality jewelry staples to your accessory collection while also reflecting your distinct fashion sense.

You can express your personal style with modern costume jewelry pieces. For example, if you want to express your faith, you can find stylish and tasteful faith-based jewelry designs.

If your style is simple and understated, you can still find minimalist jewelry pieces that complement your style without overshadowing it. If you prefer big statement pieces with bold colors for special occasions or as a part of your normal wardrobe, costume jewelry lets you change up and play with your style with ease.

Find Modern and High-Quality Costume Jewelry from Roma Designer Jewelry

The right piece of jewelry can do so much to instill confidence and make the wearer feel beautiful. When you look good on the outside, you also feel good on the inside. Every woman deserves the chance to sparkle in their own way.

Roma Designer Jewelry is more than just typical costume jewelry. It's a way to enhance your personal style brand affordably and stay up to date with current trends. With Roma Designer Jewelry, you're getting quality and timeless jewelry pieces that let you shine brighter.

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