Jewelry Gifts for Mom: 7 Magnificent Pieces Your Mother Will Love

Jewelry Gifts for Mom: 7 Magnificent Pieces Your Mother Will Love

Jewelry Gifts for Mom: 7 Magnificent Pieces Your Mother Will Love

Celebrate the love and memories your mother has provided you through a stunning piece of jewelry. Get inspired with these jewelry gifts for Mom.

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There are about 85.4 million mothers in the US... and everyone has thousands of reasons why their own mom is the best. It makes sense that each and every one of these Americans want to show their mom that they care and are thinking of them.

Buying jewelry gifts for Mom is a great way to show her that you appreciate all of the steady love and support that she gives you. Read on for a guide about buying jewelry for Mom that's sure to make her smile.

1. Pearls and Paperclips

If your mom is a fan of subtlety and class, a freshwater pearl and paperclip chain necklace is a great choice. This short strand of pearls lays just at the base of the wearer's throat. It's perfect for professional women who want to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

This all-occasion piece is made from a metal chain of sterling silver paperclips, though they don't look like those you'd find in an office. They're simply tiny long ovals linked together for a complex texture and layered design. Real pearls run across the front of the necklace and stand out as the main part of the design.

2. Classic Pearl Designs

Do you love pearls but want a necklace that features more than just a few? You might consider a freshwater pearl necklace held together by an adjustable white topaz closure.

This piece lays lower than the pearl/paperclip design because of the strings of pearl that it showcases. When you adjust the accent closure, you can lengthen the two strands of pearls while making the main necklace fall at the desired place on your neck. This makes the necklace ideal for your mom regardless of whether she prefers high necklines or V-neck blouses.

Pearls have been used as an adornment since Ancient Greece. At this time, people believed that they had spiritual properties and were teardrops of God. Pearls were popular in the 20th century as a symbol of class and wealth, so getting Mom some classic pearls will make her part of a long and beautiful tradition.

3. Pretty in Pink

According to color psychology, pink is a calming hue associated with kindness and feminine elegance. Pale pink is also often described as relaxing. Because of these associations, many people associate pink with the act of nurturing, making it a great gift for a wonderful mother.

Out antique-look Swarovski Crystal pink diamond necklace is a great choice for moms that love small pieces. The sterling silver chain is extremely thin and comes with a tarnish-preventing overlay. The crystal is also subtle with a 3/4-inch height and a 1/2-inch width.

This necklace is a classic that never goes out of style. The crystal's cut is made up of dozens of facets that refract light beautifully. It's a great way for your mom to round out any of her favorite outfits while bringing out her eyes regardless of their color.

4. A Pop of Rose

Love the idea of expressing nurturing through pink pieces? There are other options available to pair with your Swarovski Crystal pink necklace... or to give as a gift on their own. If your mom's more of a bracelet woman, she'll love our rose-gold overlay lunar bead bracelet.

The fact that this minimalist bracelet is so small means that it requires the finest Italian craftsmanship. Its handcrafted band features extremely detailed diamond-cut beads that are only 1mm- smaller than a grain of rice. These beads are paired with an upgraded clasp as well as a strand of sterling silver with a rose-gold overlay.

If you're looking for something simple that your mother can wear every day regardless of the occasion, this is an excellent choice.

5. Sophisticated Stars

Star-shaped jewelry is a great way to tell your mom that you love her to the moon and back. Since there's no better star piece than our Shining Star earrings, these eight-pointed shimmering pieces make a great gift option.

These earrings are made from durable sterling silver, but their 14k gold finish makes them shine yellow. They also have small pieces of cubic zirconia on four of the points. This makes the earrings light up like real stars regardless of where your mom wears them.

You also may want to pair this earring gift with a matching Shining Star necklace. This will let your mom create a cohesive look and an overall well-curated aesthetic.

6. Spherical Statements

Speaking of pairing jewelry with other matching pieces, Roma Designer Jewelry offers collections as well as individual pieces. One of our favorite collections features diamond-cut single balls.

The necklace that comes with these collections features a ball charm made from top-notch sterling silver. It also comes on a matching metal twist chain that adds some interesting texture to the way that it lays on Mom's neck. The subtle accessory also comes with a 2-inch extender so that she can choose the right length for any outfit.

This matches the set of ball earrings that come with the same spherical charm that the chain features. Its complex, bumpy texture creates a motif that Mom can use to balance out any style of blouse or dress.

7. Hearts, Flowers, and Dragonflies

If you don't want to limit your gift to one single charm, you might enjoy getting your mom a Heart, Flower, and Dragonfly charm set. The necklace is just as subtle as single-charm alternatives but comes with three tiny charms in loving, natural shapes. It comes in both silver and gold so that you can choose the metal you think best suits her wardrobe.

Additionally, this dainty necklace features tiny pieces of cubic zirconia on its tiny charms. This adds some shine to the design and shimmers along with the sterling silver chain.

This necklace pairs well with simple bracelets that feature one of the three charms. Getting Mom both of these pieces lets her create a theme across all her jewelry so that she looks well-put-together and fashion-forward.

Find Jewelry Gifts for Mom Today

While choosing jewelry gifts for Mom can be a challenge, there are several options she'll love. Now that you know some ways that you can express your love and appreciation, it's time to start shopping for the perfect accessory to fit her personal style.

Roma Designer Jewelry is committed to providing high-quality pieces at an affordable price. We offer hundreds of designs including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and beyond. Shop our new arrivals to find your mom something classy, elegant, and beautiful.

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