Faux Pas or Fabulous? The Art of Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

Faux Pas or Fabulous? The Art of Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

Faux Pas or Fabulous? The Art of Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

Can you mix silver and gold jewelry, or is it a big fashion faux pas? Get our thoughts and a few suggestions on mixing metals in this guide!

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Since the average woman owns about $7000 worth of jewelry, you likely have a lot of pieces that you like to wear regularly. If you feel that unspoken rules about mixing silver and gold jewelry are stopping you, we have good news: you don't need to let this hold you back.

Here, we're going to talk about whether wearing gold with silver is a mistake... or whether it's en vogue. Read on to learn some facts about mixing metals and some jewelry trends that will make you look amazing.

The Verdict on Mixing Metals

Before we can get into the nitty-gritty on how to wear silver and gold jewelry together, it's important to clarify that this isn't a fashion faux pas. In fact, it's an awesome way to express yourself!

Many people are hesitant to mix metals, so pairing differently-hued jewelry makes your wardrobe unique. People don't see others wearing gold with silver often, so you'll immediately stand out and be interesting. This is a great way to meet other fashion-forward people and strike up a conversation.

Wearing silver jewelry with gold pieces is also awesome because it brings out the best in both metals. Rather than clashing, the light hue of sterling silver or white gold can bring out the more nuanced colors of yellow or rose gold. On the flip side, colored metals can soften the sharp gleam of silver and create an even aesthetic.

The Main Jewelry Regions

Mixing metals is best done by considering the four central jewelry regions of the human body. The first is made up of your neck and chest, where you'll wear chokers and necklaces of all shapes and sizes. The other upper jewelry region, your ears, is the site of studs, hoops, and dangling earrings.

Your wrists and fingers are the 3rd and 4th jewelry regions to consider. This is where you'll wear awesome bracelets and bangles as well as rings.

Consider the placement of your jewelry across these four regions. One option is to group pieces of the same metal in each region. For example, you may only wear rose-gold necklaces at the same time as only boasting sterling silver bracelets.

You can also go the complete opposite route and strive for balance across multiple regions. For example, you might wear one rose gold necklace and one white gold one... while wearing rose gold and white gold bangles on one wrist. This is a great way to create a chic look and wear all of the different pieces you like in a symmetrical and cohesive way.

Layer, Layer, and Layer Some More

Layering is a great fashion choice when it comes to apparel. You can add and remove different garmets to create a style motif or specific color scheme. Layering is also one of the best ways to mix and match jewelry so you can show off multiple metals at once.

For example, you can wear three necklaces- two made from sterling silver, the third yellow-gold. Assuming that you put the gold one in between the other two, the layering will create balance within your neck region.

You also can layer bracelets and stacker rings. If you layered necklaces in the above way, you could create even more balance by putting a silver bracelet in between two yellow-gold ones. This would create a sort of cross-region symmetry and look awesome. 

Use Multi-Toned Pieces

Some pieces come with multiple tones in and of themselves. These pieces are sometimes called "bridge jewelry" because they create a bridge between the different types of metal that you want to wear. They aren't just beautiful but create harmony between other metals that you might want to mix.

Our 3-ring necklace is a gorgeous bridge piece that features yellow-gold, rose-gold, and (silver) rhodium on the same subtle chain. This chain is also made up of all three metals for internal balance.

When you boast this gorgeous bridge piece, you have leave to wear any other pieces you want. They'll always match one of the rings on your necklace. Since your necklace is balanced as a single piece, this means that you can't clash when you wear jewelry that matches any ring.

Create Motifs

Let's say that you want to wear a pair of rose-gold earrings, a yellow-gold necklace, and a sterling silver bangle. This might seem like a lot, and it definitely could clash if you're not careful.

If you want to create visual appeal by adding different color but don't have any specific pieces in mind, creating a motif is a great way to make all of your pieces fit seamlessly together.

For example, you could put small metal heart or floral charms on each of the pieces. This draws them together by showcasing the same shape across different metals. You also could mix and match metals on pieces that boast classy Swarovski crystals. This is a great way to draw your jewelry together.

Buy Beautiful Designer Jewelry Today

While you may worry that mixing silver and gold jewelry is a fashion don't, this is far from the case. In fact, it's a fun and unique way to spruce up your wardrobe and create a modern, appealing flair. Of course, in order to look amazing, it's important to get the pieces that you need to create this aesthetic.

Roma Designer Jewelry is committed to providing you with high-quality pieces at a low price. We offer the finest materials including sterling silver and multiple varieties of shining gold. Shop our new arrivals to get some classic silver and gold jewelry that you can mix and match.

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