7 Ways to Wear Red Coral Necklaces

7 Ways to Wear Red Coral Necklaces

7 Ways to Wear Red Coral Necklaces

Have you recently bought the red coral necklace of your dreams? Read here for seven amazing ways to wear and style red coral necklaces.

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Coral has long been revered for its beauty and supernatural powers. In ancient times, coral made its way from regal Egyptian tombs to the thrones of Greek empires. Historians estimate that coral jewelry dates back more than 25,000 years.

And it hasn't gone out of style. Today, coral is still a vibrant, luxurious, and gorgeous material for accessories. If you are looking to add some ancient flair with a modern look, red coral necklaces can deliver.

But, with an accessory so bold and eye-catching, how can you pull together the rest of your look? What are the best ways to style these types of jewelry?

Read on to discover seven incredible ways to wear coral necklaces. These tips will take you from the office to your next special event with ease. That makes coral the ultimate investment you'll wear for years to come. 

1. Dress Up Denim 

Do you feel comfortable in jeans but worry your look is too casual? A red coral necklace is an effortless way to dial up this relaxed look. And, the color red pops against all denim shades.

Try pairing your necklace with a denim dress for an elegant summer look. Or layer coral necklaces on top of a denim jacket. 

2. Add Color to Professional Wear 

A professional wardrobe is attractive and sleek. But, sometimes a black suit or navy shift dress can feel repetitive and uninspired.

And while your favorite silver necklaces pair nicely with these looks, get creative and switch things up. For example, this Roma Designer Jewelry coral single-strand necklace delivers just the right amount of drama. A long necklace is perfect for layering with your favorite workwear button-downs, suit jackets, or dresses. 

3. Dazzle at the Beach 

Do you have a luxurious beach holiday planned? Do you need elegant looks that take you from the sand to a lunch reservation in a flash? A red coral necklace is an ideal accessory to elevate your look.

Pair a shorter style necklace with your favorite bathing suit top. Or, for an elegant beachside cocktail, style a long red coral necklace with a caftan or maxi-style cover-up dress.

Finish off the look with stylish sandals, a straw beach tote, a hat, and your favorite sunglasses. A necklace is a perfect way to add glamour to a beachside look

4. Special Events 

Special events are all about making a statement. While the dress and shoes are important, consider your accessories first. Design your look around a necklace.

For example, a black evening gown pairs perfectly with this coral five-strand chunky necklace. But, what is some other special event or evening looks to style with a red coral necklace? Here are some ideas to inspire your next event outfit: 

  • Pattern cocktail party dress with a strapless or tank style neckline 
  • Red dress for a monochromatic chic look 
  • Emerald evening gown 
  • Turquoise evening gown 
  • Navy dress or pantsuit 
  • Grey dress or pantsuit 
  • Black jumpsuit 
  • Black cocktail dress 
  • Black two-piece suit with pants or a skirt 

While the variety of special events wear is endless, these are some ideas to get you started. Don't be afraid to dress colorfully and boldly when styling your red coral necklace! Choosing the right color for your taste and style has proven effects to lift your mood.  

5. Color Pop With White

The color white is often associated with blank canvases. While white may seem like a neutral or fresh color choice, it packs a punch when paired with red. When you pair a brilliant white t-shirt or dress with your red coral necklace, the color pops and transforms.

White as your clothing background helps the necklace to stand out and appear more brilliantly colored. If you prefer to dress in neutrals or embrace a more simple style, white is already a cornerstone of your wardrobe. For summer, pair your favorite white linen blouses, dresses, and cotton t-shirts with a red coral necklace for a wow effect.

No Seasonal Limitations 

But, when the weather cools down, don't pack away your coral necklaces just yet. You can still style these pieces with white clothing in the fall, winter, and spring.

Simply change the texture of your clothing choices. For example, a cozy white cashmere sweater and jeans paired with a red coral necklace looks dynamite. While a white blazer in spring is practical and chic.  

6. Mix With Your Favorite Pieces 

Do you have silver jewelry pieces you love? Or are you a gold or rose gold fiend? You can still wear these jewelry pieces by mixing and matching them with a coral necklace.

For example, pair your favorite diamond stud or silver earrings with this red coral drop Bali-style necklace. Or, embrace the jewelry guides layered necklace trend. Simply pair a coral short pendant with your favorite long necklace. 

Mixing and matching your existing jewelry pieces with a new coral necklace is a great way to make a statement. Coral helps to add color to your style and interest to your next look. 

7. Make a Statement 

Statement necklaces have been a style trend for years. For example, oversized pendants, chunky collar necklaces, and long beaded lariats are just some jewelry pieces that make an impact.

So, instead of choosing your accessories last, use your red necklace to make a statement and define your outfit. When your outfit focus is on red coral, the rest of your look can be simple and neutral. This places focus on your beautiful jewelry piece and draws attention to your neck.

For your next cocktail party or dinner out, throw on your favorite black dress. Pair the outfit with an eye-catching chunky red coral necklace. Finish off the look with black simple accessories like high-heels, a clutch bag, and a shawl. 

Red Coral Necklaces Can Transform Your Style 

Red coral necklaces may seem intimidating or challenging to style. But, these beautiful jewelry pieces can fit seamlessly into any wardrobe and have the power to transform your style.

Next time you struggle to choose your perfect outfit, refer to these top style tips for inspiration. Whether you have a special event or are hosting a cocktail party, a red coral necklace is an eye-catching and beautiful accessory to top off your look.

Are you looking for the perfect necklace or other accessories? Visit the Roma Designer Jewelry Collection to find your ideal piece. 

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