Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Swarovski Jewelry

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Swarovski Jewelry

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Swarovski Jewelry

Are Swarovski jewelry pieces worth it? What are Swarovski crystals, anyway? Let's answer these questions and more in this complete guide.

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It is a great leap from the luxurious stores seen in airports and Dubai shopping malls to the industrial landscape of a factory floor. Yet one brand has managed to craft a reputation for excellence in both fields. So did you know that the Swarovski empire actually makes factory machinery as well?

More well known for sparkle and shine, their excellent imitation diamond for practical uses also makes beautiful jewelry. Read on as we discuss the frequently asked questions on Swarovski jewelry. 

What is Swarovski?

Daniel Swarovski founded his famous jewelry business in 1895. Based in Austria, it has now grown to be a famous luxury brand. Though it is known for its crystals and jewelry accessories it is not the only product it makes. 

The business also deals in creating optical equipment, such as telescope sights, and binoculars. They also have a branch that creates machines for drilling, sawing, and grinding. 

For most people, the Swarovski crystal jewelry is what they see on a day-to-day basis. There are 300 stores around the world, spread out to over 170 countries. The organization still retains its family roots and is run by the fifth generation of the Swarovski family. 

What are Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski crystals are not made naturally. This does not mean that their quality is any less. In fact, they often have a luster and sparkle that exceeds that of naturally occurring products. 

This is done with a mix of sand, lead, quartz, and minerals. Previously they did have a high lead count which increased their shine. This has now been reduced to an almost imperceptible amount, to make them lead-free and safe to wear. 

Jewelry from Swarovski is often set in classic metal plating. Palladium tone plating, white and gold-tone plating are often used. 

Does Swarovski Jewelry Tarnish?

Swarovski jewelry is known for its durability and hard-wearing nature. Like any jewelry, it does tarnish given the right circumstances. It can be cleaned easily. 

Exposure to harsh chemicals and prolonged direct sunlight can cause fading. You will also find that pieces worn for long periods of time may begin to tarnish due to day-to-day wear. You need to clean them frequently if you can not avoid these circumstances. 

To make it durable these crystals have a chemical coating. Certain substances can make it react, including chlorine from swimming pools, detergents, and even certain perfumes. 

Like any jewelry, the plated metals can flake off over time. It is not a big or expensive task to get these replated when the time comes. 

Zirconia vs Crystal

When buying Swarovski crystal jewelry you will have two options. These will be to buy classic crystals or zirconia. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

Zirconia is harder than crystal. This means it will be more durable. Crystal may be more likely to scratch. 

Another reason to buy zirconia is that it is one of the closest imitations to diamond available. Swarovski actually applies many diamond standards to their zirconia gemstones. This results in increased sparkle and shine. 

While cheaper than a diamond, zirconia is more expensive than the standard Swarovski crystals. This makes it a great middle-ground between the two. Zirconia is an ideal substitute for a diamond. 

How Do I Know It Is Genuine?

With such a desirable brand comes the inevitable counterfeits. The main way to make sure you are getting the real deal is to shop with a trusted vendor. There are also a few key signs you can look out for. 

Firstly, Swarovski jewelry also has a certificate of authenticity. Tags and stickers on the item should also have the Swarovski seal, along with a 16 digit verification code. You can check this on the brand's website. 

Check the crystals themself. Many items will have a logo laser etched into them. Any products made after 1989 also have the company swan logo engraved into them. 

Swarovski crystals are also flawlessly made. If there are any bubbles or imperfections in the crystal it is likely it is a fake. Genuine Swarovski crystals also have a brilliant sparkle which may not be in the fake versions. 

Is It Good Quality?

Swarovski is extremely popular for two reasons. The first is its high-quality products. The second is its wide catalog, which can cater to a vast scope of budgets and tastes. 

Whatever you decide to buy, if it comes with the Swarovski seal of quality you will find their products even have more sparkle and shine than real crystals. Many people are surprised that lead is included in them, but this provides much of the durability and sparkle. 

Can I Shower While Wearing Swarovski?

Certain chemicals can damage the crystal's coating, it is not advised to shower with the products on. Soaps and cleaning products may take off the protective coating, damaging your jewelry. While odd splashes of water won't impact it immediately, repeat washing could erode the product. 

Is Swarovski Jewelry Good Value?

On a basic level, the quality to price ratio with Swarovski is exceptional. You get quality imitation crystals, made by experts in the field. 

If the jewelry holds its value on the second-hand market is unknown. They do not contain precious metals like gold, silver, or palladium so these market prices do not impact it. Thus, much of its sale value is dictated by current trends and fashions. 

Buying Jewelry

Buying jewelry is a pleasure when you shop for Swarovski. As many other people use their crystals in products, the possibilities are endless. You just need to find something to suit your style and wardrobe. 

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