Frequently Asked Questions


How do I shorten my adjustable chain?

1.  Hold the end of the chain (near the heart tab) between your right thumb and index finger.

2.  Hold the adjusting ball (attached near the clasp) between your left thumb and index finger.

3.  Slowly and firmly pull the chain straight through the ball

4.  If the adjusting ball is still not moving, pull a little harder as the first few times may require a bit more force.

How do I lengthen my adjustable chain?

1.  Switch hands - hold the adjusting ball in your right hand. 

2.  Hold the looped section of the chain in your left hand.

3.  Slowly and firmly slide the adjusting ball in the opposite direction - back towards the heart tab.   

How do I add a pendant or charm?

In addition to the adjusting ball element, your chain also features a traditional lobster clasp.

Simply undo the clasp as you would any other necklace, and slide the open end through your pendant.

I ordered a 24" chain. How do I measure it?

Determining the length of any chain is easy. A 24" chain will be the same length as a 12" ruler when laid side-by-side. 

12" x 2 lengths = 24". The chain is 24" when fully extended.

Necklace length measurement

Will my chain tarnish or discolor? 

Your chain is solid sterling silver and has been finished with either a thick layer of rhodium (platinum family) or 18k gold that ensures its brilliance for years to come. 

Can multiple chains be worn for a "layered" look?

Absolutely! Many customers mix multiple lengths, colors, and styles of adjustable chains for a unique, custom look. 

Where can I see other lengths and styles?

You can see all of our adjustable styles and lengths online: