7 Signs You're Buying Quality Jewelry

7 Signs You're Buying Quality Jewelry

7 Signs You're Buying Quality Jewelry

It might look nice. It might fit well. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's quality jewelry. 

So, that begs the question: how do you identify whether a piece of jewelry is quality or not? There are quite a few signs to look out for and we're going to discuss them now. Here are 7 signs you're buying quality jewelry. 

1. There Isn't Glue Present

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A sure sign that your jewelry is of low quality is that it has glue on it. Luxury jewelry never makes use of glue. This is because the glue isn't strong enough to stay connected to jewelry over the years. 

Instead, luxury jewelry makes use of more sophisticated attachment mechanisms. In most cases these days, they make use of prongs. These are metal attachments that hold the jewels in place. 

Rest assured, if you buy jewelry with glue on it, it's going to break within a year or two. That can be okay if you're just spending a few dozen dollars on it. However, if you've spent a few hundred or a few thousand, it's a terrible investment. 

2. The Gem Isn't Completely Flawless

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Another indication that you're buying sub-par jewelry is that its gem is completely flawless in its presentation. It doesn't possess any chips or dings. It's entirely smooth and appears to be perfect. 

Now, you might be thinking: isn't that a good thing? However, in fact, it's not. See, real gemstones are, well, real. They're like any other minerals. 

As such, they should have some sort of small defect present. No, it shouldn't be glaring. But if you scrutinize the gem carefully, you should notice something that makes it seem "real". 

And, yes, a real gem matters. Not only do real gems last longer but they also maintain their appearance over time. This gives them a timeless quality that fake gems don't possess. 

3. It Comes With Proper Documentation

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Luxury jewelry comes with documentation stating its quality and its origin. If documentation doesn't exist for the jewelry in question, it's because it's not of high quality. It's as simple as that. 

Therefore, when purchasing jewelry, make sure to ask for certification documentation. If it's not given to you, you shouldn't purchase the jewelry. 

In addition, look out for counterfeit documentation. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly, ensure that it utilizes reasonably good grammar, and look out for weird or unusual fonts. Print quality can determine whether the documentation is counterfeit as well. 

4. It Comes from a Reputable Seller

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Another positive sign that your jewelry is of high quality is that it comes from a reputable seller. Very rarely is a seller with a good reputation going to sell low-quality jewelry. Doing so could damage a seller's reputation irreparably, and it's just not worth the risk. 

Therefore, before buying, you should get online and look up the seller's name. If the seller is reputable, you should be able to find all sorts of information on it. Not only should it have a website of its own but positive reviews from jewelry buyers also. 

On the other hand, if there's very little information available online, the seller likely isn't reputable. This isn't to say that the seller can't be trusted at all. However, it definitely means that you should approach with caution. 

5. It Possesses Branding

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These days, most luxury jewelers brand their jewelry. In other words, they etch their name or insignia into the jewelry, usually in a spot that's not visible while the jewelry is being worn. For instance, if it's a ring, the insignia would be on the inside of the band. 

Therefore, before buying jewelry, you should look out for a brand of some kind. When assessing this brand, scrutinize it carefully. It should match the brands that you find on the company's other jewelry. 

Note that counterfeit branding exists. This is to say that low-quality sellers will put fake brands on their jewelry as a means of tricking buyers. In most cases, with careful scrutiny, you can tell the difference between what's legitimate and what's not. 

6. It Looks Like Quality Jewelry

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In truth, you can generally tell the difference between sub-par and quality jewelry by simply looking at it closely. To put it simply, quality jewelry will look more professional. Its rounded areas will have a smoother touch to them and its angled areas will be more precise. 

Low-quality jewelry often looks like it was manipulated by a machine. As such, while it may look decent from a distance, it looks poor when being heavily scrutinized. 

7. It Possesses Decent Weight

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The last thing to look out for when buying new jewelry is a decent weight. Generally speaking, high-quality jewelry weighs more than knock-off jewelry. This is because gold and silver tend to weigh more than pewter and bronze, two materials commonly used to mimic legitimate jewelry. 

If the piece of jewelry feels light and flimsy, it's probably not legitimate. On the other hand, if its weight is notable, it's probably of high quality. 

You might consider having your jewelry checked by a professional jeweler prior to buying it. They can weigh it for you to determine whether it is, indeed, authentic. 

Looking for Quality Jewelry?

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