How to Effortlessly Wear a Medallion Necklace

How to Effortlessly Wear a Medallion Necklace

How to Effortlessly Wear a Medallion Necklace

What are medallions? How do they differ from pendants? Here's what you need to know, plus how to style a medallion necklace for an effortlessly chic look.

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Nothing should stop us from investing in ourselves. That’s why despite the events of the last two years, the global jewelry market is still growing at over 6% a year!

Rather than buying countless pieces of costume jewelry, it’s better to invest in high-quality jewelry that will last. Which essential jewelry pieces do you need to have a well-rounded collection?

One of the most iconic necklaces is a medallion necklace. A well-chosen medallion should have a design that speaks to you. Bought from the right place, it can last a lifetime.

But how should you style a medallion necklace? That depends on the look you’re going for. Versatile as they may be, the choice of chain-length, metal color, and complementing pieces are what make the look effortless.

Here’s our style guide for wearing medallion necklaces perfectly with any outfit.

Medallions vs. Pendants

Is a pendant necklace and a medallion necklace the same thing? While often used interchangeably, there are actually some key differences.

A pendant necklace is anything suspended from a chain. Meaning that pendants can come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Technically speaking, even a surfer’s shark tooth necklace is a pendant necklace!

Medallion necklaces, on the other hand, are a cut above. While all medallion necklaces are pendants, the reverse isn’t true. That’s because a medallion is specifically a flattened disc of metal.

Nowadays, this definition has expanded to include other shapes. But either way, their solid metal design indicates quality. Whether they are made of gold, platinum, silver, or even plated, they are a pendant of the highest quality.

Medallion Necklace Origins

The word medallion comes from the word medal because in ancient times, that’s what they were! Medals won in warfare became family heirlooms, only growing in value.

Medallions could also be bought for a specific purpose, such as to commemorate an event or ward off evil spirits. These would be treasured just as much and passed down for generations.

Either way, medallions had an important meaning to their owners. 

Their iconic flat metal disc style has endured for thousands of years. While they’re now more affordable, the best medallion necklaces stay true to their origins by being of high quality.

How to Style Medallion Necklaces

Whether your medallion necklace holds a specific meaning or not, you need to know how to style it. Here’s our guide for wearing medallion necklaces in 2022.

Chain Length

When you buy a medallion, the chain is generally purchased separately. That affords the wearer complete control of the look. For the most versatile style, buy more than one chain so you can wear your medallion in different ways.

A short, almost choker-length chain is a very deliberate-looking choice. It works best with other harsh looks.

Wear it with black shirts, dresses with solid cuts, or winter outfits. Complement it with simple jewelry, such as earring studs and fine chain bracelets.

A middle-length chain is the most versatile look for work and play. It works just as well over a bodycon dress as under a denim jacket.

The key with a mid-length chain is to lean into the style you’re going for. Dress down your mid-length medallion necklace with casual bracelets and boho earrings. Or dress it up with jewelry accents in the same metal as your medallion.

Long chains can easily draw attention away from your medallion. If you wear solid neutral colors, it can be a tasteful casual choice, but won’t carry a formal outfit. Over colorful, loud, or patterned prints, it will likely get lost.

Either way, a long chain is not the best way to wear a medallion effortlessly. Stick to a short or mid-length chain to bring out its beauty.

How Many Medallions Should I Wear?

Medallions are usually worn one at a time. But the layered look is becoming more popular. How can you decide whether single or multiple medallions work best with your outfit?

Wear a single medallion necklace for a timeless, classy look. Its simple, central focus works just as well with a work blazer as it does a sundress. It always looks good.

The more difficult style to pull off is multiple necklaces. This can be worn in three ways:

  • Multiple medallions on the same chain
  • Layering several single-medallion necklaces
  • Layering a medallion necklace with other chains

Wearing multiple necklaces in either way is a more casual look.

When on the same chain, multiple medallions can look very boho chic. Let them hang together in the center or choose a necklace with spaced-out medallions. Wear this style with summery outfits.

Layering several pendant chains is an even younger and more relaxed look. It’s the perfect way to elevate a swimsuit or simple white t-shirt.

Either way, multiple medallions look relaxed and effortless, but definitely casual. When dressing up, always stick to a single, stunning piece.

For Every Dress Code

As we’ve explained, medallion jewelry works with every style when done right. Here are some styling tips for every dress code.

For a very casual look, wear a medallion necklace over a patterned shirt. Accentuate with other eye-catching jewelry. Either layer multiple medallions or a single medallion necklace with another chain.

Dress this up to an evening outfit by swapping out the patterned prints for solid colors and simplifying the rest of your jewelry. For example, wear a gold medallion necklace over a black turtleneck or silver medallion jewelry over a white linen shirt.

The more relaxed the clothing, the more eclectic the necklace looks. So to formalize it, wear your medallion necklace with fitted clothing. For example, wear a mid-length chain over a tailored shirt or dress in neutral, jewel, or earthy tones.

Invest in Medallion Jewelry

A medallion necklace should be precious enough to be passed down but not unaffordable. At Roma Designer Jewelry, we specialize in pieces that elevate your personal brand without breaking the bank.

Our medallions come in silver and gold tones. Some are embellished with precious stones, and others have reversible designs!

Whatever your taste, we have the right necklace for you. Browse our store today to find the perfect medallion for your style. Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over $50!

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