Why Cubic Zirconia Is a Great Alternative to Diamonds

Why Cubic Zirconia Is a Great Alternative to Diamonds

Why Cubic Zirconia Is a Great Alternative to Diamonds

Did you know that one of the biggest cubic zirconia stones ever created weighed nearly 6,000 carats? The stone was called The Dare Devil, and it had a pinkish salmon coloring.

Icon Marilyn Monroe may have helped make diamonds a popular jewelry item with her song titled "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," but there are other options to choose from that can also make great diamond alternatives.

Cubic zirconia is a top choice for diamond alternative jewelry, and in this guide, we'll tell you why. Read more to discover more about the comparisons of cubic zirconia vs diamond and find out where you can get gorgeous cubic zirconia jewelry of your very own below.

Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond Comparisons

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One of the main differences of cubic zirconia vs diamond is their origins. Natural diamonds are found in the earth and mined. Cubic zirconia is a man-made creation that comes from a lab. 

Diamonds are made from compressed carbon crystals formed under high heat and pressure. Cubic zirconia comes from a form of zirconium dioxide, a synthetic material. A cubic zirconia is also 55% heavier than a natural diamond. 

Because cubic zirconia stones are lab-made, they can be engineered to be virtually flawless by design. They can resemble a natural diamond in color and appearance. In some ways, cubic zirconia can even exceed a natural diamond's qualities of clarity and sparkle.

Though they may be often dismissed as fake or imitation diamonds, the ability of the cubic zirconia to mimic a diamond has many great traits.

Cubic Zirconia Is Budget Friendly

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Diamonds, while beautiful, can be very costly. Even a 0.25-carat diamond can cost anywhere between $200-$1,000. Diamond prices can fluctuate drastically due to the 4 C's of Diamond Grading.

The 4 C's take into account the four areas that determine a diamond's overall value. These are:

  • Cut- the shape and faceting of the diamond
  • Color- the amount of/lack of brown or yellow coloring present
  • Clarity- the lack of eye-visible surface flaws/magnified internal flaws
  • Carat- the size and total carat weight of the diamond

The number of diamonds used can also influence the price since more diamonds equals a higher cost.

The most desired diamonds are Flawless or Internally Flawless, meaning they are free of marks and other inclusions. They also possess a clear brilliant white coloring that allows more light to pass through and contain multiple facets for refracting the light.

Cubic Zirconia

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Cubic zirconia is much easier on your wallet. Where you can potentially pay out hundreds and even thousands easily for a 1-carat diamond, you can get a 1-carat cubic zirconia stone for around just $10 to $20. This means you can get all of the features and shimmer of a diamond that won't break the bank.

Cubic zirconia has more sparkle and fire compared to a diamond's brilliance. A cubic zirconia also produces more stunning colored flashes of light. Cubic zirconia can't be told apart from a natural diamond unless a professional jeweler examines it up close.

Since it is a more cost-effective option than a diamond, you can build out your jewelry accessory wardrobe with even more amazing pieces like dazzling sets of cubic zirconia earrings.

You can afford to have earrings to wear with everyday outfits and for special occasions. Change up your looks and styles whenever you want. From drops to dangles and cubic zirconia studs, cubic zirconia can help you up your style game at a fraction of the cost of a pricey diamond. 

Cubic Zirconia Is Eco-Friendly and Socially Conscious

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There has been concern over the way diamonds may be mined in some parts of the world. These environmental and ethical implications can be an issue for some who don't want to contribute to conflict. 

Blood diamonds are those that are mined in war-torn areas and used to finance warlord operations. The conditions for the miners are unsafe, and they may even use forced child labor. Digging into the earth is an invasive and costly process as well.

There is also concern over the sustainability of diamonds over time and the havoc the mining process wreaks on the natural environments around these mines. The people and animals in the area can be impacted by air and water quality from diamond mining.

Man-made cubic zirconia is produced in a lab to create a diamond-like stone that is odorless, colorless, and virtually flawless. For the socially conscious individual, the origin of cubic zirconia is widely preferred since it does not involve aggressive mining tactics. You can also be certain that there are no conflicts involved with these created stones. 

What you get is a glimmering stone that offers the glamour of a diamond with none of the stigma attached to it. Cubic zirconia jewelry makes a wonderful diamond alternative.

Cubic Zirconia Is a Safer Diamond Alternative

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Having a large sparkly diamond may make you the envy of everyone who sees your sparkling rock. It can also make you a target. 

In 2016, Kim Kardashian made headlines when she had $10 million dollars in jewelry taken from her Paris hotel room during a brazen robbery. Among the jewelry pieces stolen was a diamond ring worth $4 million.

Whether you're famous or not, wearing flashy jewels is an invitation to have your jewelry stolen. If you're traveling, it's a fair bet you could be robbed.

A new trend of buying dupe engagement rings and wedding rings is emerging. The real rings are only worn for very special occasions. Otherwise, they are safely kept tucked away. Women are now buying cubic zirconia doubles of their rings to wear out in public or while traveling. 

The same trend holds true with wearing cubic zirconia necklaces. There is less worry or fear about them becoming lost or stolen because they are easier to replace. This can give you peace of mind while still being able to wear beautiful jewelry pieces. 

Find Affordable and High-Quality Cubic Zirconia Jewelry from Roma Designer Jewelry

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Cubic zirconia offers affordability and value. Cubic zirconia jewelry is safer to wear in public, and it doesn't cause ethical or environmental problems.

With all of these benefits, you can't go wrong with adding cubic zirconia jewelry to your accessory repertoire. Cubic zirconia jewelry can give you even more style and boost your personal brand.

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