8 Tips on Choosing Silver Rings for Winter Outfits

8 Tips on Choosing Silver Rings for Winter Outfits

8 Tips on Choosing Silver Rings for Winter Outfits

Finding the right rings to go with your outfits for the winter requires knowing what matches. Here are tips on choosing silver rings for winter outfits.

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Are you left bewildered and confused by this season's latest winter fashion trends? Comfort seems to have taken precedent over style, and summer colors and schemes have found their way into the winter catalog.

In one of the most diverse seasons in the past few years, you need to know how to accessorize for the many looks on offer.

One way to get around this is to opt for silver. It goes with many more outfits, and can often be used in other seasons. Below we go through this winter's fashions and give a guide for choosing silver rings to go with the look. 

Choosing Silver Rings for Fur

When winter hits, nothing is as comforting as a soft, fur wrap. In fact, many natural-looking fabrics, real or synthetic, can not only make you feel warm but give the appearance of being snug and cozy in your clothing. A great way to accessorize them is to go back to the roots, taking inspiration from history to adorn your outfit. 

One ring we would recommend is the sterling silver roman glass ring. It is excellent when worn with grays and whites, creating a look that conjures up images of fantasy queens and ancient goddesses. 

Go Simple With Pop Suits

One trend this winter is the brightly colored pop suit. They make a huge statement, with angular cuts that frame bold, blocks of color. As the suit is the statement itself, it pays to go for something that does not take away the limelight but enhances the outfit itself. 

This can be done with a stylish, elegant quartz stone. Match the pop suit to one of the many colors that are refracted in the stone. Our square cut silver ring also has the angles that will mirror this style of suit perfectly. 

Get Chunky With Oversized Coats

Another great winter look is an oversized coat. Either in a heavy, thick fabric or a brown PU leather, a large coat can envelop you and keep you looking warm while sleek. However, it can overshadow light and delicate accessories, so it pays to go big and chunky. 

When selecting rings to go with an oversized coat, the mass can come from the band or the stone itself. Mystic quartz and white topaz are two stones which when combined, can glisten and sparkle even when under a large garment. Check out our sterling silver quartz and topaz choice here. 

Match Natural Tones With Natural Designs

Neutral, monochromatic outfits that match the color of the skin have been around for the past few seasons. They have established themself as a classic winter look and are not going anywhere soon. Camel, sand, and tan colors can add a much-needed lightness to your winter wardrobe.  

With a natural look, it pays to follow natural designs in your accessories. Any jewelry that features branches, leaves, and flowers will work perfectly with these outfits. Our marcasite leaf ring would be an excellent addition, blending simplicity with beauty. 

Wide Leg Trousers

Another fashion trend this season is the wide-leg trouser. They bring in an element of comfort, but when tucked into a boot give a punk aesthetic. You can have the 'just popping out to the store' look while looking on-trend at the same time. 

When accessorizing this look, the whole ambiance is about capturing the look of something you have just thrown on. Chaotic, wild patterns and mismatched jewelry can add some flair. The stacked look of sterling silver in this ring can help build up the layers of the outfit, adding even more depth and space.

Sunny Yellow Coats

On the darkest and coldest of winter nights, a splash of sun and fun can be a welcome relief. This winter, one trend is a bright, large yellow jacket. Either used in a maxi coat or traditional mac, it is a playful look right for any occasion. 

Play on the primary color scheme with this reversible coral and abalone ring. The bright red coral surface is the perfect complement to your yellow mac. For a perfect trifecta, wear a blue outfit underneath the coat for a three-pronged attack. 

The best thing about it? When summer comes you can flip the surface over. The beautiful watery blue in the abalone is an excellent accessory for light, airy outfits on a summer evening. 

Tiger Print

The animal print of choice this season is definitely tiger print. It is fresh, alive, and despite conjuring up images of exotic jungles and heat soaked summers, comes alive in the depths of winter. You can match up the black and warm oranges with brown, tans, and black leather. 

When accessorizing, a whole host of choices can be used with this outfit. We prefer to go with the heritage inherent in the design and opt for accessories that channel India and southeast Asia. Large necklaces and ornate brooches are de rigueur. 

When choosing styles for rings, we love the silver and gold palette of this Balinese design. It is another item that can perfectly be switched over to the summer wardrobe.


A surprise to many on this season's runways was the addition of patchwork. Either in multi-colored swatches, or monotone fabric layers. It looks playful and a little bit haphazard, making it the perfect complement to a year that has been mainly spent indoors and in comfort.

Patchwork is all about building up depth and layers. Stack lots of thin chains and necklaces one on top of the other to carry on the effect. When choosing a ring, this marcasite over and under ring will have the desired effect, working with the numerous textures and unaligned seams. 

Build Your Wardrobe

Build your wardrobe this season by choosing silver rings right for your own style and look. Make sure you feel comfortable in anything that you wear, and let your personality shine through. 

Have you found the perfect silver ring on our site? Then why not take a look at the rest of the Roma Design Collection? We have the perfect array of necklaces, brooches, and rings that can make excellent gifts this holiday season and all year round. 

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