7 Common Jewelry Shopping Mistakes to Avoid Online

7 Common Jewelry Shopping Mistakes to Avoid Online

7 Common Jewelry Shopping Mistakes to Avoid Online

Finding the right jewelry at online stores requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common jewelry shopping mistakes to avoid online.

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Are you looking to buy a new piece of jewelry for the upcoming holidays? Do you want to make a statement as you complete sales for your business or visit family? If you want to make sure you look your absolute best with jewelry, keep reading.

Today, it’s not unusual for women to wait for their partner to gift them jewelry. A retail survey found that 51% of consumers buy jewelry for themselves. This new norm is freeing and empowering, but it can also open you to certain risks.

Below, we’ve got a list of the most common jewelry shopping mistakes people make. Keep reading to learn what you mustn’t do when you’re buying jewelry online. We also added a few practical entries which can also apply to in-person jewelry shopping.

1. Performing Little to No Research

Before anything else and as with almost anything you do, research your agenda. You can’t head into the jewelry market with high hopes of finding a cheap yet valuable piece of jewelry. It’s like going for a dive in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no idea of how deep it is.

Always do the necessary research. Learn how much a 24-carat necklace costs on average. Find out if a jeweler or retailer is legitimate.

As a tip, be careful when you do your research.

Your browser history and certain sites can collect cookies on your computer. Those websites will show you jewelry ads, which can affect your shopping experience. As you research, clear your browser cookies or use Incognito Mode.

2. Doing Everything Alone

Not asking for help is one of the top jewelry shopping mistakes anybody can make. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a jeweler or retailer. Asking questions can give you the knowledge you need before you complete a sale.

It also saves you from the hassle of discovering certain things about a piece after the purchase. For example, you didn’t ask the retailer if you could wear your gold ring in the shower. Now, its luster is fading and the gold layer is wearing off.

Don’t be afraid of sounding unknowledgeable about jewelry because everyone is. Unless you’re also a retailer or jeweler, then you won’t need to ask as many questions. Don’t be afraid to be especially inquisitive about the quality and price of a piece of jewelry.

3. Laser-Focusing on the Price

The best kind of jewelry often comes with a hefty price. Yet, times are changing, and you can find a lot of great and affordable pieces now. Thus, if you are shopping for jewelry, don’t let the prices of the jewelry pieces give you tunnel vision.

Don’t always assume that an expensive diamond is a good diamond. Based on the research you did, look for jewelry at reasonable prices. With that in mind, don’t go looking for the lowest possible prices, as well.

Many online jewelry stores offer great jewelry pieces for most price ranges. If you want a statement piece at a reasonable price, you can rest assured that you’ll find one. It may take some digging or you can visit our store to find unique statement jewelry.

4. Not Knowing Your Budget

Speaking of jewelry prices, let’s talk about your budget. How will you know that you can afford a piece of jewelry if you don’t know your budget?

With that said, set a realistic budget after you completed your research. It’ll make it easier for you to know which jewelry pieces are more accessible to you. This is also useful if you plan to buy a piece of jewelry as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Keeping your budget in mind will also keep you from overspending on jewelry. It’ll help you turn a blind eye to the more expensive pieces that a website is offering. You can even use the filters in some websites to see only the pieces that are in your price range.

5. Not Reading the Fine Print

Whenever you’re buying jewelry online, make sure you know the details of the purchase and the store’s policies. You never know if a clasp will break or a stone will fall out a few days after you buy it. If you don’t read the store’s return policy, you may not know that you can’t get your money back.

Always check a jeweler’s return, refund, and exchange policies before you buy from it. If you’re using a credit card to complete a sale, check for extended-warranty coverage. Most credit card offers do and will help you save money.

6. Choosing the Wrong Jewelry

Jewelry has an emotional, professional, and personal impact on women. Wearing it can give you a confidence boost. Shopping for something special and valuable like jewelry can ale make you feel happier and more satisfied.

Yet, choosing from the different types of jewelry can be overwhelming. Each type also has a multitude of options for you. If you buy the wrong jewelry, you may feel the opposite of happy and self-confident instead.

When you buy jewelry, make sure you know what type or style fits you best. Certain necklaces can look good on you if you know which one suits your neckline, for example. Another important matter to remember is to know the size of your finger before you buy a ring online.

7. Buying From the Wrong Retailer

Finally, for the last no-no in buying jewelry online, do not buy from the wrong retailer. How do you know if a jewelry retailer is the right one? The right retailer is reputable and trustworthy.

Look for certified jewelers. You can find a list of them on the American Gem Society website. The Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee also has a list of reputable retailers and jewelers.

Buy the Right Jewelry for You

That ends our guide on the top seven common jewelry shopping mistakes you need to avoid.

Now, you know what you need to avoid when shopping online for jewelry. We hope this makes your online jewelry shopping experience easier, more enjoyable, and worthwhile.

Do you want to read more posts on finding the best jewelry for you? Check out our blog for other educational content like this and more. If you want to know more about custom designer jewelry, feel free to contact us today.

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