Stunning Jewelry Essentials for Professional Women

Stunning Jewelry Essentials for Professional Women

Stunning Jewelry Essentials for Professional Women

Jewelry accessories for work should be in line with your personal style; professional women can still wear gorgeous pieces that accentuate their look.

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Do you want to upgrade your office look with stunning jewelry? Are you looking for the appropriate jewelry for work? Do you want to dress up like one of the fashionable professional women in the media and the movies?

Today, women hold the majority of jobs, with women being in 50.4% of jobs in the US. It’s an empowering turn of events brought on by demand from empowered female consumers. With so many women in the workforce, it’s only sensible for them to try to express themselves at work, as well.

Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways for someone to express oneself at work. Below, we’ve got a list of the essential jewelry pieces every working woman needs to have. Keep reading to learn what they are and how you should wear them.

1. Keep It Classy With Chic Rings

The ring is a must-have for every professional woman. Wearing one is the simplest yet most elegant way to show off one’s personal style. Rings also hold a lot of meaning in different cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

These small jewelry pieces also make deciding your work jewelry easy. Because rings are so versatile, you only need a ring that suits your general fashion style. It helps to have rings like a Swarovski Crystal Knot Ring for special occasions, too, of course.

When you pick a ring to accessorize with for work, get one you’ll want to wear daily. Try to avoid rings that are too gaudy or flashy. These types of rings, as well as those with large stones, can ruin the formality of your look rather than improve it.

If you want a colorful piece, consider our 2-Tone Clear and Peach Swarovski Crystal Ring. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant ring, check out our Tungsten Ring with Grooved 18K Gold Plating. If you want something unique, see our Grooved Black Tungsten Ring.

2. Wear Earrings to Highlight Your Face and Your Look

Before, people wore earrings as symbols of cultural identity, rank, or marital status. Today, anybody can wear any earrings they wish to. Yet, for work-appropriate earrings, it may seem like you have limited choices.

This isn’t true. You can wear grungy jewelry and still look the part of the working woman. It’s a matter of finding the right earrings that match the many styles of professional women.

Because they’re so close to your face, they’re often the first pieces of jewelry people notice when they look at you. Thus, you want to make sure that the earrings you wear match your hairstyle and face shape. Check out our guide on the common jewelry mistakes and how to avoid them to learn more.

Also, you’d want to get earrings that match a set of outfits rather than a specific outfit. Because of this, earrings are some of the most-worn jewelry pieces. With that said, you’d want to make sure that the earrings you buy have quality craftsmanship.

3. Professional Women Need Stylish Bracelets

You’ve got your earrings and your rings, and you’re in your office wear. If something still feels missing in your look, the reason is that it might be a bracelet. You don’t need fancy bracelets to complete formal and semi-formal looks.

If you’re dressing to impress at the office, a great way to do it is to be subtle. Try wearing simple silver or golden ropes around your wrist. You’ll look good without making it seem like you’re trying too hard.

You may appreciate wearing a rhodium Lunar Small Bead Bracelet if you’re looking for a segmented look. If you want something simpler, get the gold or rose gold Private Collection Rope Bracelet. You can also pick one in tri-color overlay if you want a piece containing gold and silver.

For something with a little more personality, something red and big can give more life to your look. Consider the Round Coral Bali Byzantine Bracelet. The Roman Glass 5 Charm Bangle is a great add-on to your Casual Day outfit.

4. Express Yourself With Elegant Necklaces

Only 37% of jobs in the US can work well as remote jobs. This means that a large percentage of workers still need to show up at their workplace to do their jobs well. Even if you do your work from home, what’s stopping you from dressing up for work?

Today, people are joining online conference meetings rather than in face-to-face meetings. If your office also adopted this new style of holding meetings, don’t fret. You can still show off your beautiful jewelry pieces on camera.

Necklaces are, no doubt, the most prominent pieces that will show on camera. The best thing about necklaces is that you can always find one that will match your outfit. For example, if you want a classic look, you can wear a Masami South Sea Shell Pearl Strand Necklace.

If you want something that shows off a bit of your personality, wear a Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Necklace. If you want a subtle gold chain, try on an Italian Moon Cut Bead Necklace.

Another exciting thing about necklaces is that they come with many jewelry accessories. You don’t need to keep changing out your favorite chain if you’re comfortable in it. All you need is a collection of pendants that match it.

Get a pendant for every type of workday. If you’re feeling mysterious, wear a 2-Carat Mystic Quartz Solitaire Pendant on a chain. If you want to show off your love for turtles, get an Abalone and Silver Turtle Pendant.

Be sure to check out our collection of Sterling silver Pendants

Make Your Office Outfit Stunning With These Essential Jewelry Pieces

That is our guide on the key jewelry pieces professional women need in their collection. We hope you learned something fashion-forward and useful from this guide. Feel more confident and comfortable wearing stunning jewelry at work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wander far to find the best jewelry. If you want to learn where you can find fabulous jewelry pieces for your next office, look, see our new arrivals here.


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