How to Style a Sterling Silver Chain

How to Style a Sterling Silver Chain

How to Style a Sterling Silver Chain

Do you have a sterling silver chain necklace and don't know how to style it? Learn more about how to make your chain pop.

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Accessories are an important part of fashion and fashion history—just as important as main articles of clothing. In fact, while our main layers have shifted from tunics to frocks to T-shirts, human shave still remained wearing necklaces, bracelets, and hats. 

If you've recently found yourself in possession of a sterling silver chain, congratulations. You've invested in one of the best types of accessories out there. Sterling silver is of high quality, and you can be sure that your necklace will turn heads... if you can wear it right. 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about styling sterling silver jewelry so that you can get the most out of your jewelry. 

Let It Stand Out  

One thing is for sure, a sterling silver necklace is a bold piece. You could even call it a statement piece. When you wear a piece this bold, you want to make sure that people can focus on it. 

A statement piece, as those who read the article linked above will know, is the first thing people notice about your outfit. A good rule to remember is to never wear two statement pieces at once.

If you wear a sterling silver necklace combined with a pair of flashy shoes, you'll look tacky. It will give the appearance that you're trying too hard when you want your necklace to look effortless. It will also draw attention away from your beautiful necklace. 

Instead, wear something that's sleek, one-colored, and modernist. For example, a simple sleeveless top. If you wear something like this that has little ostentation, you'll create a combination that's pleasing to the eye. 

This works vice-versa too. People will be able to appreciate the subtle uniqueness of your top in contrast to your over-the-top necklace. A sterling silver chain is a great way to make the rest of your outfit shine. 

Wear Bright Colors

Sterling silver isn't just a material—it's a color as well. Many people get so excited about the fact that they have a new necklace and forget that they need to coordinate it color-wise with their outfit. 

Look for light shades of blue, brighter shades of purple, and any shade of white. The key is to look for colors with cool undertones. 

Make use of color theory to make sure you get your sterling silver necklace fashion right. Blue is a stereotypically cool color, but if you get a blue with warm undertones, it just won't look right against your sterling silver necklace. 

A great example of undertone theory in action is a nice cool pink. If you wear the right shade of pink, it can work nicely as a bed for your sterling silver necklace to lie on.

We don't recommend wearing your silver necklace with browns. The earthy nature of a brown is excessively warm and would work better with some sort of leather necklace. Grey is too chromatically similar to your sterling silver necklace, and so would wash it out. 

However, there is one dark color that works well with a silver necklace. 

Wear Black 

Whereas cool bright tones work well with sterling silver necklaces analogously, black tops work complementary, enhancing the effect of both colors by contrast. 

We highly recommend wearing your sterling silver necklace with a feminine black turtleneck. Black turtlenecks are in style right now, and you can see feminine fashion icons like Phoebe Bridgers wearing them. It's always a good idea to go with a black turtleneck, denim skirt, tights, and your sterling silver necklace. 

A fitted black turtleneck feels mysterious, intellectual, and restrained, as opposed to the all-out flirty looks that many women go with today. However, adding your necklace to a black turtleneck is the perfect way to let people know that you don't mind a good adventure. 

We recommend wearing a slight but effective bracelet just peeking out at the bottom of your turtleneck. This, combined with your necklace, will give off that sense of adventure even more. Rings work for this purpose as well. 

Combine Light and Black 


A sterling silver necklace is a perfect thing to wear if you're looking to combine light colors with black—the ultimate modernist statement of individuality. 

Consider wearing your sterling silver necklace combined with a white-shirt/black-leather-jacket combo. Why not take this retro feminine greaser badass look that many women like nowadays and spice it up a bit? Wearing skinny blue jeans and black heels is the perfect way to subvert this traditionally masculine outfit. 

We also recommend wearing a light pink or blue button-down combined with a black peacoat and your necklace. This will surely make you seem mysterious. It's a more subtle look than the neo-greaser attire, but it can work just as well. 

Get an Adjustable Length Chain 


Make your new secret weapon an adjustable length chain. Different lengths for your sterling silver necklace are perfect for different situations. A short necklace is great to create some visual interest if you're going for a more subtle, buttoned-up look. A longer chain can work perfectly if you're leaving some buttons unbuttoned. 

Depending on the length you wear your necklace at, the outfits listed above can be entirely transformed. Get yourself an adjustable length chain, and customize your fashion experience. 

A Sterling Silver Chain Is Perfect For You 

A sterling silver chain is a great way to stand out from others in the world of fashion. However, it only works if you know exactly how to style it. Make sure you don't wear it with any other statement pieces, wear cool bright colors or black, consider combing cool bright colors with black, and get an adjustable length chain, and you're sure to shine. 

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