A Guide to the Most Popular Charm Anklets of 2023

A Guide to the Most Popular Charm Anklets of 2023

A Guide to the Most Popular Charm Anklets of 2023

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Anklets have their origins throughout ancient history from Egypt to India, Greece, Rome, Africa, and more. The Hebrew word 'e'khes' meaning both bangle and anklet comes from the root word 'ahkas' which means "shaking bangles" or "to make a tingling sound."

The delicate allure of ankle jewelry makes it ideal to wear as a sophisticated dress-up accessory or as a piece of everyday jewelry. Charm anklets have transcended history and cultural norms to become the fashion accessories they are today. 

Are you searching for cute charm anklets to help amplify your personal brand? Then keep reading below to discover the most popular charm anklets of 2023. 

Tree of Life Charm Anklet


The Tree of Life's symbolism has roots in Celtic, Norse, African, Greek, Roman, and other ancient mythology and belief systems around the world. It can also be linked to the Bible and the Quran.

It represents areas like balance, growth, rebirth, and knowledge. A tree is a depiction of the cycles of nature and the changing seasons. The old becoming new.

Tree of Life charm anklets beautifully capture this concept with an intricate ½" L x 5⁄16" W charm design in silver and gold. It's made of high-quality .925 Sterling Silver with a Rhodium or Gold finish. The box anklet chain adjusts to fit ankles up to 10" with a lobster clasp closure. 

Starfish CZ Charm


The starfish is nature's way of reminding you of your own resiliency. That's because starfish are able to grow a limb back if it is accidentally broken off. When times are tough, starfish charm anklets remind you to keep going.

The shimmery CZ starfish charm found on this Starfish anklet measures 3⁄8" all around. The chain is 9" and comes with a 1" extender and a lobster clasp. It's made from sturdy and high-quality .925 Sterling Silver with a gold overlay and decorative Cubic Zirconia stones.

Moon and Star Charm Anklet 


The moon goes through phases and is constantly changing and evolving over time. Let that be your reminder that it's okay for you to experience phases of your own, renewing yourself each month.

Stars are there to provide guidance and show you the way. A single star in the night sky serves as a point of connection. They are also a sign of aspirations and dreams, like wishing on a star. 

With the Moon and Star anklet, you can choose from a sparkling crescent moon and star charm anklets in gold or silver. It's made from .925 Sterling Silver and features Cubic Zirconia embellishments. The sparkling diamond-cut bead chain measures 9" with a 1" extender and a lobster clasp. 

CZ Heart Charm Anklet


You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well, how about your ankle, too? Heart charm anklets are a timeless look for casual jewelry wearers everywhere.

This CZ Heart Charm Anklet delivers elegance with a shining 18k gold plating finish over .925 Sterling Silver. The sparkling diamond-cut bead chain measures 9" with a 1" extender and a lobster clasp.

Adorned by brilliant Cubic Zirconia stones, this is certain to become a favorite piece of everyday jewelry. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and a graphic tee for a laid-back style. 

Roma Dragonfly CZ Charm Adjustable Anklet


The dragonfly has many meanings and symbolisms attributed to it. Some think of it as a sign of a loved one visiting them from heaven, serving as a bridge between the earth and the spiritual realm. Others see dragonflies as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and positivity. 

Roma Dragonfly CZ Charm Anklets will make you feel like you're soaring right alongside your fellow dragonflies. The dainty 5⁄8" L x 3⁄8" W dragonfly charm is made from .925 Sterling Silver with a Gold or Rhodium finish and features brilliant Cubic Zirconia stone accents.

The chain is adjustable up to 10" with a patented adjusting gasket and a lobster clasp closure.

Roma Flower Charm Adjustable Anklet


The Roma Flower Charm Anklet is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their ankle jewelry sweet and simple. Flowers are often known for growing in some pretty adverse conditions. Yet they bring so much beauty to the world. 

The Roma Flower Charm makes a great addition to the Italian Venezia Box Anklet, which is adjustable up to 10" with a lobster clasp. It measures ½" L x 3⁄8" W and comes in Gold or Rhodium finishes over .925 Sterling Silver.

Roma Crescent Moon Charm Adjustable Anklet


The crescent moon represents many things, such as fertility and feminine energy. rebirth, and renewal. The moon is a reminder that even in the darkest periods of our lives, the night will always give way to the daylight. 

Tap into this powerful symbol in the form of charm anklets. The sleek and modern ½" L x 3⁄16" W Crescent Moon Charm design is perfect for casual jewelry wearers. 

The Italian Venezia Box Anklet allows you to adjust up to 10" and fastens securely with a sturdy lobster clasp. Take your pick of either Rhodium or Gold finishes over .925 Sterling Silver. 

Roma Angel Wing Charm Adjustable Anklet


Angel wings are a dynamic symbol of faith and protection. They remind us that we are not alone in this world and help us to remember someone we love who may have passed away. 

This graceful Angel Wing Charm measures just 3⁄8" L x ¼" W but the impact it has on your ankle is mighty. It's elegant enough for formal occasions but is also well-suited for everyday jewelry as well. Choose from Gold or Rhodium finishes over .925 Sterling Silver.

When paired with the Italian Venezia Box Anklet, it is adjustable up to 10" in length.

Personalized Birthstone Adjustable Anklet in Gold


Dazzle them with a sparkling Swarovski crystal charm on a Personalized Gold Adjustable Birthstone Anklet. A brilliantly cut crystal in a sparkling diamond-faceted style adds a little extra bling to your everyday jewelry. These anklets make great gifts for someone special in your life as well. 

The ¼" diameter crystal is a subtle way to feature your birthstone or the birthstone of someone you love in the form of charm anklets. A 14k gold-plated overlay chain adjusts up to 10" in length with a lobster clasp closure. 

Anchor CZ Charm Anklet in Gold


The anchor is a symbol of hope, reliability, and security. It can represent safety and stability after a rough period in your life. An anchor also carries with it the symbolism of starting a new journey or setting off on an adventure.

If you're looking for charm anklets with a deep meaning, the Anchor CZ Charm Anklet is the one for you. It makes a great accessory to complement beachwear or nautical-themed wardrobes. 

The gold overlay on the .925 Sterling Silver base shines against a sparkling diamond-cut bead chain. The chain measures 9" with a 1" extender and a lobster clasp. It is further enhanced by the addition of brilliant Cubic Zirconia stones on the 3⁄8" anchor. 

Roma Cross CZ Charm Adjustable Anklet


A cross is a significant source of devotion, faith, and spiritual connection. Wearing jewelry like necklaces and charm anklets with crosses can help the wearer feel closer to a higher power. The Roma Cross CZ Charm Anklet is a beautiful reminder of this connection. 

The ½" L x ¼" W petite cross charm features Cubic Zirconia stone accents. Our Italian Venezia Box Anklet gives you the ability to easily adjust your anklet up to 10" in length thanks to the patented adjusting gasket and lobster clasp closure. Select either Rhodium or Gold finish over .925 Sterling Silver. 

Roma Cross Charm Adjustable Anklet


If you're looking for a simpler cross design, the Roma Cross Charm Adjustable Anklet is a more refined variation of our CZ cross anklet above. The charm measures ³⁄8" L x ³⁄16" W and lets you display your faith in a sophisticated way. 

This delicate cross charm is compatible with the Italian Venezia Box Anklet chain, which can be adjusted up to 10" in length and features a lobster clasp closure. It comes in both Rhodium and Gold finishes over .925 Sterling Silver. 

Roma Infinity CZ Charm Adjustable Anklet


The infinity symbol is neverending. It has no beginning and no end. This can be used to represent an unending love, as a sign to never give up, or as a representation of infinite possibilities. 

Other representations of the infinity sign can include rebirth and transformation. Some cultures attribute infinity to balance and harmony akin to the yin and yang symbol. 

With our ½" L x ³⁄16" W Infinity CZ Design Charm Anklets, you can harness the power of this symbol however you choose. It features Cubic Zirconia accent stones in either Gold or Rhodium finishes over .925 Sterling Silver. 

Adjust the Italian Venezia Box Anklet chain up to 10" to fit perfectly on almost any sized ankle. It's a flattering style that complements your everyday jewelry.

Discover Charm Anklets for Every Style at Roma Designer Jewelry Today


Jewelry is an extension of who we are as individuals. Charm anklets are just one way to make wearing jewelry fun. Their styles range from sassy and cute anklets to elegant and sophisticated looks. 

Roma Designer Jewelry is your number-one source for high-quality bridge jewelry. All of our jewelry pieces are made from .925 Sterling Silver in a variety of different finishes. Roma believes in offering affordable luxury jewelry so that anyone can build up their jewelry collections and enhance their personal brand with timeless pieces.

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