5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Amber Jewelry

5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Amber Jewelry

5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry carries many amazing qualities but can be lesser known than other jewelry. Here are 5 things you should absolutely know about amber jewelry.

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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they aren't the only gemstone that deserves recognition. Amber jewelry may be lesser-known, but it's a versatile and beautiful addition to any wardrobe. 

Because it's lightweight and easy to wear, amber jewelry is perfect for everyday staples and sophisticated signature pieces. Read on for five facts about amber to learn why it makes such good jewelry. 

1. Amber Isn't a Stone


Amber is considered a gemstone, but unlike other semi-precious gems used for jewelry, amber isn't a mineral. It's an organic compound made from ancient hardened tree resin. 

Trees use resin to protect themselves from insect or weather damage. Whenever there's a crack in the bark, a tree will ooze resin to seal the crack before permanent damage occurs. 

The fossilized resin that we use today for amber jewelry was buried underground for millions of years, where it hardened into stone-like pieces. Today, most of the amber in the world is mined or collected from Europe, near the Baltic sea. 

Amber is very lightweight, so it floats in saltwater. This means it often washes up on the shores of the Baltic sea and is easy to extract. It also makes it perfect for larger jewelry pieces. When you're wearing amber jewelry, you can choose large statement pieces all day without getting uncomfortable. 

2. There's More Than One Color of Amber

The most common amber pieces are a honey-brown color; there are eight different kinds of amber on the amber color scale. The rarest amber is green amber, which only makes up about 2% of the world's amber. Unlike an emerald or a peridot, green amber is darker and more opaque, with brown undertones. 

The older the amber is, the more likely it is to be a luminous dark orange. One of the most famous examples of this color of amber is Russia's infamous Amber Room, located in the Catherine Palace outside of St. Petersburg.

Every color of amber makes a statement, from the warm earth tones to the brightest yellow. Its natural luminosity complements any skin tone. The inclusions and imperfections in amber also make it unique. The more uneven surfaces there are inside the amber, the more light it will catch, which makes the gem seem to glow from the inside out. 

The lighter the color of the amber, the easier it is to see these inclusions and imperfections. 

3. Amber Jewelry Isn't New

Amber jewelry is gaining popularity in the modern world, but it's been adorning bodies for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that amber was solidified tears from their gods or even solid rays of the sun. 

Ancient people also believed that one of the benefits of amber jewelry was its healing abilities. Baltic amber contains a substance called succinic acid. Many people believed that this acid reduces inflammation and helps ease pain or protect the wearer from suffering.

There isn't much science to support these claims, but they add to amber jewelry's rich history. Wearing amber jewelry is part of a legacy of powerful folklore. 

4. Amber Jewelry Is Warm and Easy to Carve

Unlike other gemstones, amber is warm to the touch. It will take on your body heat quickly, so wearing amber jewelry is comfortable from the moment it touches your skin. 

Because it's not a stone, it's also a lot easier to carve and shape than other gems. One of the best amber jewelry qualities is that it can be made into virtually any shape you want, from teardrops and spheres to more complex designs like flowers or sunbursts.

Amber jewelry is all one-of-a-kind because each piece of amber is unique and impossible to reproduce. While you can match the color of the amber and carve it into the same shape, the imperfections in the layers of resin give every amber stone a different look. 

Why wear amber jewelry? Amber is a great way to make a signature style with your jewelry. The lightweight, warm gem makes a perfect addition to any outfit, and you can tailor the size and shape to fit your personal style preferences. It's versatile enough for everyday wear and sophisticated enough to elevate your look. 

5. Baltic Amber Is the Highest Quality Amber

While fossilized tree resin is found all over the world, the highest quality amber comes from the land around the Baltic Sea. Baltic Amber is some of the oldest amber and it's also the most likely to have inclusions of preserved insects or plant matter. This makes it valuable as jewelry and to scientists for research.

Most Baltic amber comes from Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Amber that originated in the Baltic area has popped up in ancient Egyptian tombs, showing that wealthy and important people prized it. 

Some "amber" jewelry from other parts of the world isn't actually amber. A similar substance, copal, is a cheaper substitute. It also comes from tree resin, but it's much younger than amber and isn't as sturdy. Over time, it will become sticky. When you purchase amber jewelry, look for Baltic amber to get long-lasting quality.

Find High Quality, Authentic Amber Jewelry

Finding beautiful, timeless amber jewelry is easy with Roma Designer Jewelry. Whether you're looking for a bold bracelet or a pair of elegant earrings, there are plenty of unique amber pieces available to fit your style.  

There's so much to explore with the history and significance of amber. To learn more about this gem and how it's used in jewelry, check out the Roma Designer Jewelry blog. 

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