5 Ways to Wear an Adjustable Chain With Different Outfits

5 Ways to Wear an Adjustable Chain With Different Outfits

5 Ways to Wear an Adjustable Chain With Different Outfits

There are several things to know and do when it comes to styling an adjustable chain with your outfit. Here are some of our best ideas.

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What are some of your favorite accessories for your outfits? Do you love flashy hoop earrings or more understated, shorter piercings? Or do you have a collection of necklace pendants you absolutely adore?

The key to rocking a great outfit is to match your accessories to the ensemble in a way that makes them pop. However, you also want to bring the whole ensemble together. Some jewelry works better for this task than others.

One convenient accessory for this is an adjustable chain. These chains provide several versatile ways of styling a necklace. However, as with any other accessory, there are tips and rules for wearing a chain well. 

If you don't have much experience with adjustable necklace chains, that's okay! After reading this article, you'll be able to wear your necklace with your unique flair for style. Let's get started!

1. Pairing Pendants to Adjustable Chains

While some outfits look incredible with a bare necklace chain, most necklaces look best with a well-matched pendant (or more) hanging from them. Consider the popularity of Pandora products and allthe charms they can fit.

However, stylishly wearing a chain involves matching your pendant to the chain. You don't want a charm or pendant that looks out of place on the chain. A mismatched combination can fall just as flat like a diamond in a shabby ring setting.

To match pendants to your necklace, there are two primary factors to consider. The first factor is the size of the pendant and chain, and the second is their material. 

2. Choose the Size of Your Pendant

When you pair pendants to chains, you want to ensure that the pendant doesn't appear too bulky or too petite for the chain. Typically, a good rule of thumb is that you should wear heavier pendants with a thicker chain. 

Likewise, a smaller pendant best matches a thinner chain. Symmetry and contrast matter in choosing your outfits, and mismatching sizes will provide too sharp a contrast. 

When considering whether or not a pendant works with your adjustable chain, check the loop of your pendant. If you can't thread your chain through, including its clasp or tab, then it's best to find another piece. 

We've talked about what kind of pendant to wear with your chain. Now let's discuss how to match your chain to your outfit. 

As a general rule, the guiding principle for putting together a stellar outfit is contrast. Too much difference might make a bold fashion statement, but it can also cause your look to fall flat.

So, match your pendant size and chain style to your outfit. If it's a tank top and jeans kind of day, a simple, thinner chain with a smaller pendant is probably your best bet.

If you're wearing a sundress, a longer, thicker chain could be the perfect accent. You could even go for a layered look, which we'll talk more about later.

3. Match Your Materials

When you wear an adjustable chain, you must consider the material of your pendants before you match them. Usually, if you wear a metal chain (like gold, silver, rose gold, or others), you should pair it with a metal pendant. 

Whether you want to match the metals to one another is up to you. Contrasting silver and gold can produce promising results. However, to go back to the Pandora example, you can see beautiful results by pairing the same metals. 

Some people have pendants made from natural materials, like wood or shells. In these cases, you may be better off forgoing the chain and choosing a leather cord instead.

4. Adjusting Your Chain Length for Different Necklines

Unlike necklace chains that have a predetermined length, adjustable chains allow you to fix your length on the go. You can also adjust the chain to varying lengths for different outfits. 

One of the principal factors in choosing a necklace is your top's neckline. Necklaces accent the style of your neckline by drawing the eye upward towards your shoulders. 

So, if you're wearing a top with a low-cut or strapless look, a longer necklace or layered necklace is your best choice. If you don't have a necklace chain quite long enough for your desired look, you can always build on your chain.

If you find an adjustable chain of the same material and style as your chain but a little shorter, you can clip it to your longer chain for additional length. This adjustability allows you more versatility in your look.

However, if you're wearing a T-shirt or a top with a higher neckline, you may consider adjusting your chain for a shorter length. Depending on the look, a choker length might even be the best accent. 

As you adjust your length, keep in mind the previous tips about pendant size. A longer chain and lower neckline often look best with more sizeable pendants. Shorter variations pair best with smaller pendants.

5. Achieving Layered Perfection

One of the trendiest necklace styles out there is the layered look. This look often features three or more necklace chains of various lengths, often with several types of pendants. 

This look offers tremendous versatility when styling a necklace for your ensemble. It's also a look that works perfectly for adjustable chain lengths. If you have a few adjustable necklaces on hand, you can adjust each of their lengths to achieve the perfect layered look for your style.

As for your pendants, it's often best if you pick a general theme. For example, you can wear a sun, moon, and star pendant for each layer. 

Find Your Adjustable Chain Today

As you can see, an adjustable chain offers you tons of variety in your style. You can style them for any outfit, any time of year. You can also build these necklaces and further beautify them with different pendants.

If you're in the market for new adjustable chains, check out our store today! We offer several different chain options that are sure to make you look fantastic. 

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