How to Stack Bangle Bracelets

How to Stack Bangle Bracelets

How to Stack Bangle Bracelets

Did you know that those in their early thirties account for the most jewelry seekers? At least 47% of those that wear jewelry every day wear bracelets while other types of jewelry such as necklaces and earrings show to be more popular. We could say that one of the reasons for this is the lack of being able to find high-quality bangle bracelets or other pieces that are a good mixture of statement options and those that could match anything.

It can be difficult to find high-quality jewelry that excites you and makes you feel confident. The biggest problems that accessory enthusiasts find are worn metal, damaged prongs for gem setting, and losing the stones set into their jewelry. With a better variety to choose from, shopping can be a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Keep reading as we talk about how to accessorize with popular, luxurious, and timeless pieces without stretching your budget too far.

There Is an Art to Stacking Bangle Bracelets

 Silver Moon Cut Bracelet

It's important to know that a bangle can come in a variety of sizes and they don't have to necessarily be a bracelet, bangles are also considered anklets in some cases as well. However, they are very ornamental pieces, making them the perfect accessory to enhance any look. A stack of bangles is stiff in style and their structure means great pairing for other textured pieces.

Here's how to stack bangles like a professional:

Start by Mixing and Matching

Whether you're going for a look with stones, beads, rope, or pure metal, they can all be paired together. When mixing and matching different pieces, keep in mind that you can do this with different metal tones and colors while still exemplifying a classic or even statement look. Bracelets with patterned fabrics go well with golds and silvers and to enhance the presentation, even more, add a watch to complete the look.

If you want to go with more of a modern style, think of metal tones and thinner options. You can even find pearled pieces in a bangle style.

Layering bracelets are a great way to dress up a simple everyday look or to dress down a more formal look for a special occasion. The thing is, they can be modified to give off just about any impression.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pair With Other Types of Arm Accessories

You don't have to stick with bangles of the same size or color. Think outside the box by curating your own looks such as pairing a silk black piece of fabric worn as a wrist accessory with a gold bangle topped with pearls. Or, if you're a watch person, allow it to accompany a bangle that's similar in style or color to make it seem like it's an intentional set.

Limit the Count and Practice Bracelet Balancing

Keep in mind, the way you wear your bracelets should be based on balance and that means taking the length of your arms into consideration. If you have longer arms, you can get away with wearing more. If you have shorter arms, you should wear fewer.

If you want an exact number, try not to exceed seven bracelets on an arm. This will be dependent on the size of the bracelet.

The thinner they are, the more you can wear and the wider they are, the more you should limit. There doesn't have to be an exact science to this as you will know once you've achieved the look you were hoping for.

A Good Rule of Thumb to Go By

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Stacking bangle bracelets can be quite tough if you're trying to accessorize with the right outfit, the right colors, and even the right textures. You'd be surprised how a bangle that's too thick could throw off the look of an elegant silk dinner dress or how one too thin would be quickly overshadowed by an overlayed button-down knee-length dress.

When you think about it, there's a formula to stack bracelets properly. You want to start by ensuring you aren't covering any more than a third of your forearm and when stacking, wider bracelets should be put on first. This means that the wider a bracelet you have should be closer to your elbow than your wrist.

When putting bracelets on both of your wrists, you'll want to level out the weights of the pieces you choose to wear. It's all about balance and not only will you be able to feel the shifts between the weights of your jewelry, but it will also show in the presentation of your outfit.

Overall, the best rule of thumb is to keep yourself from going overboard or from simply doing too much. Mix and match bracelets to dress up your arm but base your placement on the consensus of color, size, width, and texture.

Quality Jewelry for Your High-Quality Taste

 Silver Moon Cut Stazione Bracelet

Jewelry is how people represent their styles, it's a way to show off how you feel or how you want to feel. Bangle bracelets come in a variety of shapes, styles, finishes, and colors. Layering them properly can help you create any look and they make great additions to your jewelry collections.

Roma Designer Jewelry takes a special interest in curating designs that speak to people and that help people display their interests. If you're looking for the perfect pieces that make you not only feel confident and beautiful but show it too, browse our collections to enhance your own.

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