A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Chain Style

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Chain Style

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace Chain Style

Are you looking for a new necklace but aren't sure what chain style you should choose? Here's our simple guide to choosing the perfect necklace chain!

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Jewelry is fun and creative but not every style is ideal for you. In fact, it's important to wear accessories that fit your daily routines, fashion style, and personality. And if you're a fashion-forward gal, you know that different chain styles are making a comeback.

But which one suits you the best? Keep reading to learn about different chain styles and how they can optimize your look!

Preferred Chain Style

There are 5 main styles that are used for different chain styles. We have the box chains which look like interwoven metal boxes. There are also rope and cable styles.

Both of these styles are interlocked by a circular metal piece. However, rope chains appear to be tighter and less spaced apart. Wheat chain styles appear to be overlapping metal parts that make a whole. 

Lastly, we have the Singapore chain. This chain style is very strong because of the interlinked sections. And the design of the necklace also allows for fluid movement that rarely tangles up.

It's important to note that the styles chains are not specific to any gender. However, most women prefer wheat or rope chains! With the width being around 1mm. 

The Best Chain Style Based on Your Skin Tone

Now that you know your preferred chain style, it's time to pick a finishing color. Start by looking at your veins! Sounds weird but the color of your veins will tell you which kind of metal quality suits you.

So if you have blue veins, your skin color is probably on the paler side. However, if you have olive, green, or deeper veins, your skin tone is tan to dark.  

So which kind of jewelry fits these skin tones the best? For olive to deep veins, gold chain styles will look the best. However, for lighter complexions, silver chains styles will look the best.

Be aware that these are just options. And you can still rock these metals even if you're of the opposite skin tone.

You should also be aware that gold chain styles tend to be pricier. There also intermediate metal finishes like rose gold, white gold, and much more!

Choose Your Preferred Length

For women, a shorter size is recommended as it can accentuate the neck and bust area. Usually, these preferred sizes are around 15" to 18". However, there are no exact rules for gender and necklace sizing.

However, shorter chains styles do seem to be very trendy. And if you are stuck between sizes, layering can add in some depth and variety. Many fashionable women love to stack jewelry pieces that range from anywhere from 10" to 20".

And of course, choker necklaces have made a comeback. These necklaces can range anywhere from 13" to 17" inches!

Pick a Pendant

The pedant is one of the most important parts because it sits right in the middle of the décolletage. This is when you can add in your personal style or something that is meaningful to you.

Some popular pendants for different chain styles are zodiac signs, crosses, and medallions. You can also pick to have writing on the pendant like a quote, bible verse, or your initials.

But if you're not sure what kind of pendant you want, do a personality test to see what jewelry suits you the best! You can also get a professional opinion from a jewelry maker!

Pick a Clasp 

The clasp will go on the very end of your necklace. This part may seem insignificant but the smaller details do make a difference. For example, lobster and spring clasps are the most common in jewelry making. But there are some major differences between the two.

For starters, a spring clasp uses a spring to open and close. However, this kind of clasp can be hard to work with. That's why many people choose lobster clasps instead. A lobster clasp is also sturdier and easier to use.

How to Care for Your Necklace 

For starters, sterling silver shouldn't come near any bleaching agents or products that contain ammonia.

Try to be careful with beauty products such as lotion, face products, and perfume. All of these agents could cause your silver to tarnish prematurely.

When cleaning your silver make sure your rising mild soap or cleaners. You can also use a soft bristle brush to clean off any excess grime and dirt!

Silver reacts badly to oxygen and sulfur so keep your sterling silver in an air-tight bag or box. And store it away from any direct sunlight or air vents.

Its recommended that you clean your silver every two weeks. However, the more you wear your chain, the more regularly you should clean it. Gold chain styles are a lot easier to clean than silver chains.

That's because gold does not tarnish. However, you should still remove your gold jewelry before bathing or showering to avoid dull jewelry. As far as cleaning, you can use a cleanser that is specifically for gold jewelry along with a soft cloth. But because gold doesn't tarnish, only clean your gold once every month.

Find Your Chain Style Today

Now that you know what chain style suits you, there's nothing stopping you! Remember to take your time when picking out every individual piece for your chain because you want to love every part of it. And if you did choose silver, remember to clean your piece regularly!

For more information on different chains, check out our services page for a complete list of styles.

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