Your Jewelry Could Be Damaging Your Personal Brand

Your Jewelry Could Be Damaging Your Personal Brand

  1. Personal Branding with Designer Jewelry and Accessories
Want to get ahead in your personal and professional life? Find out how to build a successful personal brand using designer jewelry and accessories.

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We all have a personal "brand" that we carry with us everywhere we go

Right or wrong, people make snap judgments about our confidence, intelligence, competence, and likability before we ever even open our mouths. Some experts believe that up to 90% of what we communicate is non-verbal, which means that the way we present ourselves is definitely impacting our relationships, confidence, and even our ability to move up the corporate ladder. 

It is critical that what we "say" with our personal branding is consistent with who we are, or who want to become. 

Have you ever struggled to promote your personal brand? You've attended events, joined social media networking groups, and bugged your connections more than enough. You seem to be checking all the boxes, but it's still not going your way. 

If you find yourself at a plateau in your personal and professional life, it's time to step up your game. The first thing you can do is focus on your image (including the way you see yourself)!

Even if you have an amazing work ethic, people will also study your image to determine what type of work you do. And they will look at your aesthetics -- how you dress if you're in style and if you put together great outfits. Dress like you don't care? Maybe that's reflected in your work as well...

Self Confidence is the Foundation of Your Personal Brand

Have you ever heard the phrase "fake it 'till you make it?" You'd be surprised how many of your colleagues and friends are walking around faking it right now. Here's a little psychological trick that will help you "fake" the confidence you may not have developed yet.

Wearing premium accessories and designer jewelry gives you an edge.

Many executives you see will be wearing their "lucky" gold watch, designer jewelry, or signature ring because it gives them self-confidence. It sets them apart from the rest. They aren't wearing the same pedestrian accessories as the masses. It's a personal reassurance that their "brand" is doing the talking even when their mouths aren't moving. It's a confidence play. 

The foundation of your personal brand is self-confidence. 

This is why designer jewelry and accessories are critical for your personal brand. They can give you the personal confidence and reassurance that you are a step ahead of the competition. 

Something as simple as wearing designer jewelry that is a notch (or three) above what everyone else at the office or social event is wearing can be a tipping point for your future opportunities. We're not talking flamboyant or cheap baubles that come 2 for $20 on a discount site or the clearance section at your local department store. 

Choose accessories that say "I'm sophisticated. I'm elegant. I'm timeless. I'm confident."

This is how you take your love of fine jewels and use them to build your personal brand.

Wear Classic Jewelry with a Twist

When you're using jewelry and accessories to accentuate your personal brand, chances are you want to be professional as much as you want to be stylish.

But let's face it: the professional look can be boring. The colors are bland, the accessories are minimal, and you can't help but feel like a plain Jane.

There's no reason to sacrifice your personal style to look more polished. So take some classic jewelry pieces and spice them up.

You can start by wearing unique stones with classic metals. Sticking to gold and silver is always safe, but pair them with an eye-catching stone such as amber and citrine.

You can also find jewelry pieces in unique designs, such as a heart or an oval.

Be Innovative

Following trends can be fun. They can also be boring. You don't want to gather with girls at the water cooler. You want to be the image and the face of your brand. You want the girls to be talking about you.

As the owner of your personal brand, you need to serve as an innovative leader. Start with jewelry and accessories. Pick jewelry pieces no one is wearing. Do your research, find stones that are traditionally sold in stores.

For example, Roman glass is exquisite and unique. Its lovely iridescent look for match any outfit. This piece will look stunning on video or on camera.

You'll want to read your website and social media comments and see fans raving about your jewelry. You want to discuss your fashion sense and your influence when choosing certain jewelry items.

Mix Up Your Jewelry

As a personal brand innovator, you want to remain unpredictable. This helps your fans continue to follow you. You do this by coming up with different ideas for your content and services. But you also do this by changing up your image.

If you're a social media figure -- utilizing photos and videos as your image conveyor -- always have new jewelry and accessories. If you constantly attend events or are in a client-facing role, have a collection of jewelry you can wear.

One day, wear your hair up to show off some blue Swarovski earrings. For the next, pair a long coral beaded necklace with a flashy outfit. And don't be afraid to show off a pearl bracelet or turquoise ring.

Use Jewelry in All Promotional Materials

Are you a realtor and require headshots? Or do you appear in your company's commercials?

Just because your face is to the public doesn't mean you can't spice up your style. And besides, jewelry and accessories look great on camera.

Since the camera will be focused on your face, wear your favorite necklace and earrings. Pearl necklaces are always lovely, they look amazing with any outfit, and you'll stand out from the crowd.

Find unique pearls such as pink Masami pearls. This is also a perfect excuse to wear a large pendant, such as Roman glass. Make sure your earrings are glamorous: Swavorski crystals are always perfect.

Make Art Out of Your Jewelry Obsession

Are you an artist? Painter? Photographer? If so, jewelry and accessories are the perfect medium for exercising your creative streak.

Crystals and stones look amazing on camera. If you're obsessed with the way the light hits a crystal or you see endless beauty in organic stones, make your personal art brand expressing the beauty of jewelry.

Display rings and bracelets under the light.

Bracelets are great when attempting to take multiple angles. The way the stones lay on the metal always makes great art. Focus on gorgeous jewelry pieces such as freshwater pearl, amber, mystic quartz, and amethyst.

Rings are more straightforward, but they make excellent photos. Find a ring with a clunky middle diamond or turquoise stone.

Art doesn't end with photography. The multiple hues, location, and history of jewels make great paintings.

Moonstone is a great choice -- take your moonstone jewelry and create a nighttime painting as the moon gleams as bright as your moonstone.

These stones and shells also have a significance with the ocean. Create an underwater portrait using color ideas from your coral jewelry, abalone shell, mother of pearl, and nautilus.

Know What Your Fans Like

If you're a conveyor of your brand, you need to know what your audience likes.

When you make a post, you need to know if it will be successful. This can also be applied to your style. Your audience wants to see you, and the best way to do that is to know what they like.

How do you know what your audience likes? You can always ask. Create a post asking their opinions on two different jewelry and accessories.

Display something simple such as a crystal necklace next time something unique such as a nautilus shell bracelet.

You can even ask for their jewelry fashion advice: should the jewels make the outfit? Or should the outfit make the jewels?

From there, you'll know if your audience wants to see flashy jewelry or something simpler.

Does your personal brand involve client facing and not internet brands? Conform to the standards set in your field.

If your clients or colleagues prefer a toned-down style, stick to the crystal necklace or pearl bracelet.

If you work in the fashion industry or an industry where eccentric fashion is welcomed, wear the nautilus shell bracelet or a mystic quartz ring.

Wear Jewelry That Makes You Feel Confident

There is only one person who will make or break your career: you.

Your hard work and dedication pay off. But when people look to you as an idol, they look at the way you hold and present yourself. And that comes with confidence.

To truly feel confident, you need to love the way you look. Wearing your favorite jewelry and accessories is the first step to appear more confident.

Always utilize your favorite stones. If you love topaz, wear it as much as you can. Same goes for other exquisite pieces such as abalone and amethyst.

Are you unfamiliar with stones? Try using your favorite colors. If you love rose gold, find jewels with rose gold accents. If you prefer darker colors, find jewelry that utilizes colors such as black and gray.

Does the stone or color not phase you? If you prefer large and statement pieces of jewelry, try and find all of the big and clunky jewelry pieces that will 'wow' everyone.

Wear Jewelry That Coincides with Your Brand

You can easily combine your marketing campaign with your favorite jewelry and accessories. But what if you don't sell jewels or accessories? Don't worry -- the opportunities for promoting with jewelry are endless.

Let's say you're an artist who works with glass. Find some exquisite glass and crystal pieces you can match when you promote your artwork. You can also pick these pieces when you attend your galleries and galleries for other artists.

Do you run a history and travel blog? You'll be surprised about the vast amount of ways you can combine jewels and travel.

For history buffs, stones such as marcasite were valued by the Greeks and were prominent fashion pieces in the 18th-century. This is great information to include on your blog, and you have an excuse to splurge on beautiful marcasite jewelry.

There's also jewelry that's a specialty by location. In Italy, silver such as Eros Milano conquers. You can also include fun history facts: Milano is the son of Venus and was said to be a passionate person.

Utilize Jewelry Personal Branding Even When You're Not Working

Are you having drinks with the girls? Or is your sweetie taking you out on a date?

Your personal branding shouldn't end with work. This is especially key if your personal brand is prominent in your local community, where everyone knows and recognizes you.

You should always be prepared to represent yourself and your brand, no matter where you are.

And this is a great way to include your jewelry and accessories. If jewels are your passion, make this a staple in your personal style. Even if your work attire is strict, you can change up your jewels from day to night.

Maybe you started your work day with rose gold earrings. Change out the classic rose gold with a more stylish citrine dangle earring. And pair it with a clunky green amber bracelet.

You Can Become a Jewelry Spokesperson

To have a personal brand and be able to live off of that brand sounds like a dream. Do you want to achieve this dream, but aren't sure how to brand yourself?

If jewelry and accessories your passion, start with jewelry. Run a jewelry blog or a jewelry social media account. Promote your favorite jewelry brands, your favorite materials, stones, trends, and any news in the jewelry industry.

When your personal brand gains leverage, make connections with influencers. These can be major jewelry designers or other bloggers such as yourself.

Eventually, you'll make enough connections to become a successful jewelry spokesperson. You may also become an influencer.

Become an Affiliate

Ideally, your jewelry and accessories will inspire a large number of followers. This is a great opportunity to form a business partnership.

Maybe your brand doesn't have anything to do with jewelry. But jewelers or retailers may notice your keen eye for jewelry, and they may want to collaborate with you.

They will either send you free products or discounted products, and you promote them. You can do this through content such as blogs, photography, or videos.

You can also opt to receive a commission from these brands. When you promote the brand, you're given a code your followers can use during check-out. Each time the code is used, you earn a percentage of the sale.

When it comes to personal branding, the opportunities for growth are limitless. You have the opportunity to work with all of your passions and get paid.

Offer Advice When Building a Jewelry Collection

As an avid jewelry and accessories consumer, building your collection can be rough. First off, it's expensive. Second, there's a lot that goes into materials and stones. It can become difficult identifying them and knowing what you like.

One of the main points of owning your personal brand is you can offer advice when building a jewelry collection.

Inform your peers and audience of any secrets you have. State the preference of buying from an independent jeweler over an international one. State why you prefer handmade and its great quality.

You can also recommend ways to save. Wait until that piece of jewelry goes on sale. Know what jewels are common and how you know they're overpriced. Know when to pay extra and why more money goes a long way.

Also, remind them of maintenance, upkeep, and possible repairs.

You can team up with jewelers -- as an affiliate or as a friend -- and refer your peers and audience to their services.

Time to Personal Brand with Jewelry and Accessories

Business is all about marketing, but there's no reason why your image and style shouldn't be included in the mix. If you're someone your peers and audience admire, find a style quirk that you can promote. A perfect example is jewelry.

Fine jewelry will always be seen as luxurious and beautiful, which is why jewelry and accessories make a great marketing strategy.

If you're looking for the most beautiful jewelry to use in your professional and personal life, take a look at our products.

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