How to Make a Statement with Marcasite Jewelry

How to Make a Statement with Marcasite Jewelry

How to Make a Statement with Marcasite Jewelry

Do you enjoy wearing unique and stunning pieces? Marcasite jewelry is a great choice for both vintage and dramatic appeal. Read on to learn more.

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The Victorians favored marcasite as a jewelry material. Queen Victoria's court chose marcasite as their jewelry of choice during the Queen's period of mourning.

Despite the name, marcasite jewelry is made of pyrite (fool's gold), not marcasite. Pyrite is stronger and less brittle.

Its dark shimmering surface provided the perfect touch for grief-stricken widows. It also worked well with the later swirls of Art Nouveau designs.

Nowadays, marcasite jewelry adds a touch of vintage glamor to any outfit. Or dress it up for a more dramatic impact.

Intrigued by marcasite? Read on to discover how to wear marcasite to make a statement.

Remember the Old Maxim: Less Is More

Marcasite jewelry comes in a range of styles, sizes, and designs. As beautiful as it is, wearing all of them at once overwhelms the impact.

If you're looking to make a statement, then minimize the number of pieces you wear.

Don't clutter your look with lots of bold pieces side-by-side. Statement earrings and bracelets are fine.

But avoid a statement necklace alongside earrings. You'll confuse your look and lose the impact of your chosen pieces.

Let the beauty of the piece make a statement, not the number you wear.

Still want to wear more than one piece? Color coordinate the pieces. Use the same metal to keep a consistent feel to your look.

A marcasite necklace looks stunning with a marcasite ring or bracelet.

Coordinate Marcasite Jewelry With Your Outfit

A similar principle applies if you coordinate your jewelry with your outfit. Show off your statement jewelry against simple fabrics and clean lines. Block colors or elegant tailoring won't draw the attention from your jewelry.

Here are some more ideas for statement necklaces.

  • Pair a chambray shirt with your marcasite necklace and red lipstick.
  • Layer a marcasite pendant over a little black dress for instant glamor.
  • Wear a statement necklace over a plain T-shirt with casual boyfriend jeans.
  • Combine a stunning marcasite necklace with a leather jacket for a Goth vibe.
  • Take advantage of the dark nature of marcasite by wearing it with white.
  • Pop a necklace under the collar of a button-down shirt. Stick to a dark or plain color to show off your jewelry.
  • Add a statement necklace to a maxi dress to achieve maximum boho chic. This is a perfect way to transition a daytime look to evening glamor on vacation.

Coordinating your jewelry with your outfit lets you show off your personality. And your style!

Choose the Right Neckline For Your Necklace

There's nothing worse than seeing a necklace fighting with a neckline. You don't want your jewelry hidden by fabric.

The low-cut shape of scoop necks or v-necks make obvious choices. They won't clash with a marcasite necklace.

Don't forget strapless dresses or tops. Wearing a statement necklace against one of these necklines draws attention away from your clothes and onto the jewelry.

You're not restricted to just wearing these necklaces in summer. Want to wear a turtle-neck in fall or winter?

Pick a sweater that fits your form. If it's one color, a necklace can stand out against its background.

Don't think you only have to wear black with marcasite. Deep purple, navy blue or even dark green all make a magnificent backdrop. These darker colors really make the Victorian aesthetic pop.

If you're a spiritual person, you'll be interested to know that pyrite links with the third chakra. Wearing a marcasite jewelry over the solar plexus helps rebalance your need to please others.

Statement Rings Need Statement Hands

Marcasite jewelry lends an air of elegance to your outfit. But oversized rings throw focus onto your hands.

Treat yourself to a manicure. You don't want to ruin a beautiful ring with ragged nails and chipped polish.

Choose muted nail colors to complement your ring. Nail art or multi-colored polish undermines the overall look.

Pick one beautiful ring instead of several to enjoy the benefits of statement jewelry.

Want to wear more than one ring? Wear your statement ring on one hand. Choose simple bands or midi rings for the other hand.

Make sure the other bands are in the same color range as your marcasite ring. Sterling silver is an excellent choice for a complementary material.

Mix and Match Bracelets For Maximum Impact

Marcasite lends itself well to statement bracelets. We've got three ways for you to wear them to make an impact.

  1. Pop your marcasite bracelet onto bare wrists.
  2. Wear a close-fitting long sleeved top and add your bracelet over the top.
  3. Add one or two thin bangles (preferably silver) or delicate chain bracelets to your marcasite piece.

Any of these options will draw attention to your jewelry. Just don't try to wear too many at once and dilute the effect.

Adding extra thin bracelets can work well if you match colors. This sterling and marcasite bracelet with amethyst accents would look amazing with other amethyst jewelry.

Show Off Statement Earrings

We've already suggested you avoid pairing statement necklaces with similar earrings. But what other tips do you need for these stunning earrings?

They work best with short hair or hair styled away from the face. You don't want to hide chandelier earrings behind a curtain of curls.

Putting in a severe side parting and pulling back your hair gives you that instant 'governess' vibe. Or wear your hair on one side to show off your earrings on that side for a cool look.

Or why not pull your hair up into a bun? All of the focus will fall on your earrings.

Match your earrings with a simple chain necklace. Or choose a high neckline in a plain fabric to draw attention to your jewelry.

Marcasite jewelry works well if you pair a statement ring with matching earrings.

There's a Design for Everyone

Marcasite jewelry adds a touch of sparkle and intrigue to your look. From Goth to boho, elegant to vintage, you'll find a piece that suits your style.

Want to find your first statement piece using this beautiful material? Take a look at our marcasite collection and fall in love!

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