10 Essential Jewelry Staples Every Woman Needs

10 Essential Jewelry Staples Every Woman Needs

10 Essential Jewelry Staples Every Woman Needs

Every woman needs certain staple accessories to complete everyday outfits. Here's your guide to essential jewelry for women and how to style each piece.

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Every woman needs a little black dress.

And if you want to feel your absolute best when you put on this dress, you need the right jewelry. That's actually true for any outfit.

To ensure you can always style your outfits exactly how you want, here are the ten essential jewelry staples you need:

1. Chunky Necklace

You reach into your closet before work and pull out a blouse. You also grab a blazer in a complementary color. While you like both items, you feel like something is missing after you put them on.

A chunky necklace is a perfect way to frame this type of outfit and tie your entire look together. Red coral is a great option for this style of necklace.

2. Teardrop Earrings

Stud earrings are great because they're refined and comfortable. But what if you want something with a little more pop? This situation is the perfect time to wear a pair of teardrop earrings.

Wearing this style of earrings will instantly enhance your outfit. You can easily create a casual or more formal look with this essential jewelry staple. Best of all, the smart design of teardrop earrings makes them very comfortable to wear.

As far as which style to choose, amber is a really great option. Amber jewelry has a unique look that's very flattering. It's also very light, which adds to the comfort of these earrings.

3. Sterling Silver Ring

While rings are a common symbol of commitment, that's just one of many ways to wear this jewelry. A great sterling silver ring will add a lot to your look whenever you wear it.

What makes sterling silver rings so appealing is all the different variations that are available. Depending on your style, a hammered ring may be the perfect piece of essential jewelry.

You may also be drawn to the look of a wire wrap ring or one with intricate details. A sterling silver ring with Roman glass can be the perfect pick for your hand. Regardless of which style grabs your eye, you can count on this piece to last.

4. Pearl Necklace

Pearl jewelry has an incredible history that dates all the way back to Ancient Greece. This bead remains part of essential jewelry thanks to its incredible luster.

This piece of jewelry is the epitome of sophistication and grace. You can even give it a modern twist by choosing a necklace that features gray or peach pearls.

5. Pearl Bracelet

A necklace isn't the only essential piece of pearl jewelry. This precious bead works perfectly with bracelets. Having both a pearl necklace and bracelet will allow you to always have the ideal complement to any outfit in your closet.

Traits of a great pearl bracelet include being made from natural Mother of Pearl Shells that are AAAA rated. Choosing a bracelet with a clasp will make it easy to always ensure the perfect fit on your wrist.

6. A Cuff is Essential Jewelry

There are times when you want your wrist to be the focal point of your outfit. A cuff is the perfect piece for these occasions. Cuffs are available in a variety of metals, shapes, and sizes.

Stacking is one of the most popular ways to style cuffs. When you stack, don't be afraid to mix sizes and styles. Doing so will create a look that's truly your own.

7. Pendant

Some outfits look best with a piece of jewelry that really stands out. Other outfits call for a more understated piece. When you have an outfit that falls into the latter category, a pendant is the perfect essential jewelry to wear.

As you start looking at different pendants, we encourage you to pay extra attention to Roman glass and abalone. Roman glass provides the opportunity to wear a piece of history.

That's because this glass comes from excavation sites in Israel that date back over two thousand years. And the incredible look of abalone is like a portal into another realm.

8. Hoop Earrings

We talked about teardrop earrings being ideal for creating a little more pop than extra. But no discussion about essential jewelry would be complete without talking about hoop earrings as well.

The great thing about this style of earrings is they make an undeniable statement. Having them in your collection means you never have to worry about an outfit being too bland.

Although there's a lot to love about these earrings, a common concern is they're going to be too heavy. That can be an issue with hoop earrings made from cheap metals.

The good news is as long as you choose hoops made from a metal like .925 sterling silver, they'll feel great. You can also consider different sizes that range from 1/16" to 1/8" and more.

9. Statement Necklace

When you're going for a casual look that's still very put together, it's hard to beat wearing a denim jacket over a great t-shirt. The only potential downside to this outfit is not standing out.

You can easily solve that issue by adding a statement necklace to this look. This type of necklace will accomplish exactly what its name implies. Then during colder months, you can easily pair a statement necklace with sweaters.

10. Amber Ring

The best pieces of essential jewelry are those that celebrate quality and luxury. A ring that pairs amber with sterling silver is exactly this kind of piece. You will feel amazing any time you slip an amber ring on your finger.

Domed ovals, chunks, squares, and teardrops are all amber shapes that work really well for rings. This gemstone also comes in beautiful green variations.

At Roma, we're proud to feature hand-picked Baltic amber in our rings. We only source the finest amber from Poland and the surrounding areas.



With over a decade of design experience and over one million pieces of our jewelry being worn around the world, shopping Roma is the perfect way to upgrade your essential jewelry collection.

Start exploring a world of timeless and luxurious jewelry by looking at essential pieces picked just for you!

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