Where to Buy Abalone Jewelry and How to Keep it Stunning

Where to Buy Abalone Jewelry and How to Keep it Stunning

Where to Buy Abalone Jewelry and Keep it Stunning

Abalone jewelry is both unique and beautiful. But do you know where to buy abalone jewelry and how to maintain it's beauty? We'll tell you how here.

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 Are you a fan of jewelry made from natural properties? Jewelry connoisseurs love the look of natural stones and minerals. But what about shells? If you truly want an amazing shell, abalone should be your next purchase.

Abalone is derived from the shells of snails, specifically small-to-large sea snails. The color in abalone is what sells a lot of people; natural shades of blue and green sway like the ocean, mixed in with pearly white.

Abalone Jewelry

Abalone jewelry is perfect to buy for yourself or give as a gift.

Are you sold on abalone jewelry? Read on and find out the history, where to buy abalone jewelry, and how to care for your abalone jewelry.

Abalone History

As stated previously, abalone is derived from the shells of sea snails. Sea snails, or marine gastropod mollusks, are in the family Haliotidae.

These snails are most common in cold waters. The abalone is usually collected in areas such as New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, North America (in the west) and Japan.

Abalone has an extensive history. Abalone as old as 75,000 years have been found in the Blombos Cave in South Africa.

Old deposits of abalone have also been found in China and in California's Northern Channel Islands, where the abalone was harvested by Native Americans for 12,000 years.

Farming for abalone began between 1950-1960 when its value was discovered. Abalone farming was popular in Japan and China during this time. As time went on, abalone farming extended to all over the world.

The meat of abalone is commonly consumed as food and has been for centuries.

Many countries such as China see mollusk meat as a luxury item and served during weddings and other celebrations. While the United States also see mollusk meat as a luxury dish, it's also served in casual settings such as on pizza.

The abalone shell has had many uses for several tribes, some include incense burners and even currency.

Abalone Jewelry

Because of its beauty, abalone is used as much for jewelry purposes as it is for food. Because of its abundance, abalone jewelry is popular in New Zealand and Australia.

Abalone jewelry is popular because each piece looks unique. While pearl and natural stones have a characteristic look and shape, each abalone shell is different.

When you buy abalone jewelry, you truly buy a unique jewelry item.

Where to Buy Abalone Jewelry

There's a worldwide market for abalone jewelry. Therefore, many different businesses and retailers carry it. Abalone jewelry comes in all shapes, styles, forms, cuts, and colors.

Major Online Retailers

Major websites and retailers carry abalone jewelry from an assortment of different makers. You can also purchase different forms of abalone jewelry, such as necklaces, pendants, and earrings.

Some abalone is made in the natural form, others are polished and re-shaped. You can even purchase abalone jewelry mixed with other stones and shells.

Handmade from Jewelers

If you truly want an exquisite piece of abalone jewelry, opt for a handmade piece from a jeweler.

These experts find the best quality abalone with the most unique and beautiful pattern and colors. Handmade abalone jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles for your preference.

Independent Jewelers

It's best to trust the experts. Jewelry brands such as Roma Designer Jewelry collect and manufacture the highest quality abalone pieces, and intricately design them into unique jewelry pieces.

Each piece of abalone in their collection has a unique story, and this story is embodied by the design of the abalone in the jewelry piece.

Independent jewelers know what's trendy, but they also understand a shell such as abalone is timeless. This is why this beautiful shell is always featured in exquisite collections.

Department Stores

You can find unique and beautiful abalone jewelry pieces at any department store. Their fine jewelry department is filled with exquisite bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces.

Pieces vary between a simple bracelet or a ring with a large abalone shell.

Gemstone Stores

You can even buy abalone by itself from these jewelers and make the jewelry pieces yourself.

The benefit of buying the shell itself is the information you receive. Gemstone collectors are experts in their field, so they measure and document all aspects of the shell.

You'll know the shape, thickness level, size, hardness, and even the exact species the shell derived from.

You can get the shell in its natural form, and some gemstone stores even modify the stone for more style. Some are accentuated with wire or another material.

How to Care for Abalone Jewelry

Abalone is an exquisite and beautiful shell. While abalone has been reported to last for thousands of years, its swirling vibrant colors won't last for that long.

The biggest concern for abalone jewelry is wear and tear. The intricate pattern of abalone jewelry is what stands out, so any scratches or dents will ruin the effect.

The abalone shell is softer than other shells, and the wear and tear will easily weaken the shell.

Save abalone jewelry for only special occasions to best prevent any damage.

When you aren't wearing the jewelry, store it in a jewelry box that closes tightly. You don't want the abalone shell coming into contact with light for long periods of time -- the color will fade. It's best to wear these pieces at night.

Every once in a while, clean the abalone shell with warm water. This helps to preserve its quality and clean any dirt or dust off of the jewelry.

Look for Abalone Jewelry

Abalone shell is a quality piece that never fades in style. Abalone has been worn as jewelry for centuries, and this style is not fading anytime soon.

Abalone shell is truly unique and no two shells are the same. When you buy a piece of abalone jewelry, you're truly receiving an individualistic jewelry piece.

You can buy abalone jewelry in unique shapes, styles, and even mixed with other shells and stones. The options for abalone jewelry are endless.

If you want the best quality abalone, we are leading jewelers in the industry and we're determined to deliver the most beautiful and unique abalone jewelry available.

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