5 Reasons Your Jewelry Collection Needs High-Quality Italian Chains

5 Reasons Your Jewelry Collection Needs High-Quality Italian Chains

5 Reasons Why Your Jewelry Collection Needs High-Quality Italian Chains

When you are buying chains, it's important that you buy high-quality - and Italy is THE source! There are certain characteristics to look for before purchasing. Learn more below.

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Italy sets the standard for many segments in the fashion world - one of them being designer jewelry.

Italian jewelry designs are unique, authentic, and artisanal. The Italian government enforces stringent quality measures and, as a result, Italian jewelry makers provide a level of quality that is rare in the United States (or anywhere else in the world).

One of the best investments you can make as a jewelry-wearing woman is a high-quality Italian chain. Most women are surprised what a difference it makes when they upgrade to Italian chains from cheap Chinese knock-offs - but the fit and finish is something that has to be experienced in order to really appreciate the difference.

See our favorite chain of all time.

Bonus? The cost of Italian chains is well within the budget of even the most frugal of shoppers. And when you consider that a high-quality chain can last a lifetime, you are looking at major lifetime savings...

Chains are the Backbone 

The chain is the backbone of a high-quality necklace or bracelet. It provides the framework for everything from your fun charms to your stunning pendants.

Without it, your jewelry simply cannot be worn, let alone shown off.

Think about a hand without an arm--it wouldn't work, right?

If it's importance alone doesn't convince you, then check out these additional seven reasons why you should choose genuine high-quality Italian chains over the myriad of other cheap options available at your local retailer.

 1. Sensitive Skin

Cheaper chains are often rough and kink easily, as less time is put into perfecting the metal and precision of the links.

I know "smoothness" is not a common deal-breaker. However, if you have sensitive skin then any roughness of the chain is likely to become irritating.

Ask yourself this: would you rather be itchy and break out every time you wear your necklace or bracelet, or would you rather spend a bit more money and enjoy displaying your beautiful accessory on your beautiful (irritation-free) skin?

I'll take the smooth touch and pretty skin!

Sterling silver chains are inherently higher quality than brass by virtue of their base metal. They are nickel-free (a common irritant in cheap jewelry) and should be a go-to essential in every woman's jewelry collection. 

Gold chains come in various karats and qualities. The lower the karat, the less pure the gold.

The cost and durability of a 10 karat or less chain can be tempting.

However, if you have sensitive skin, particularly a nickel allergy, then you definitely should think twice before purchasing a lower-quality chain.

Lesser karat pieces are often made of a mixture of gold and nickel. You will likely find increases in nickel as the gold becomes less pure.

A fantastic (and cost-effective) alternative to pure-gold chains is to consider gold-vermeil jewelry

2. Unique Designs Sure to Stand Out

Italian chains are rooted in a rich tradition of Italian jewelry history. Metal chain making got its start in Italy-- where trade and metalworking have been a way of life for centuries. Italians were perfecting their jewelry-making craft before the United States was even a country!

Thus, Italian chains are not only sure to be made in timeless and classic styles, but they have long set the standard for what high-quality chains should be, look, and feel like. For years, jewelers all over the world have looked to Italian designers for inspiration. In fact, if you see a design coming out of China, chances are high that it is an Italian knock-off. 

High-quality Italian jewelry uses gold and silver-- rarely platinum which is more of a U.S. trend. Platinum is hard to work with, while gold and silver allow for different designs and uniqueness.

The point of jewelry is to enhance your own beauty and personal style. And it never hurts to stand out, right?

Classic Italian Chain Styles

  • The Figaro Chain named after an Italian opera, The Marriage of Figaro, has been one of the most popular Italian chains for centuries.

Beautiful and unique, the Figaro chain links are elongated at every fourth or fifth intersection, setting it apart from traditional chains and drawing attention.

  • Wheat chains are perhaps the best example of Italian craftsmanship and the precision of their highly-secretive productions process. 
When made of high-quality sterling silver of gold, an Italian-made wheat chain can literally last a lifetime. 

Despite its name, it is made in Italy.

  • The Snake Chain. The links connect in a way that looks like snake scales, making it very different than your average chain.

The design is currently very trendy, although it has a long history.

The Italian-made adjustable version gives you virtually limitless options as it can be adjusted to your EXACT desired length. 

  • Box chains have a reputation for subtle simplicity, but there is no better way to display a prized pendant than on a high-quality box chain. 
Named for the boxed shape of the links, the precision of Italian-made box chains is without compare for understated elegance. 
  • Lastly, there is the Franco Chain named after it's Italian designer (Franco) who wanted to add a fourth corner to the Cuban Chain.

Franco chains are highly versatile and look great with or without the addition of pendants.

3. Quality that Lasts

Italian jewelry is known across the world for its quality. Since they have a reputation to keep up, you really can't go wrong when purchasing Italian chains. To ensure that the Italian "brand" is maintained, the government enforces strict oversight of the jewelry made in and exported from Italy. 

Good quality jewelry that is made well will last.

Like the famed Italian city of Rome (Roma), It will be eternal.

It can be passed down to your daughter and her daughters and so on. Who doesn't want heirloom-quality jewelry in their family?

High-quality chains also will not fade.

So, your favorite chain will still look new at next year's New Year's party. And did I mention how perfect it will go with that black New Year's dress?

When choosing a chain, particularly gold, you want to make sure you consider the quality of the metal itself.

While brass plated with gold is cheaper, the gold will wear off over time. Trust me, this doesn't look pretty and won't be anything you'll want to wear, even to go simply go grocery shopping.

If you settle for the cheaper plated option, you will either have to buy another one or have the chain restored (in time). Meaning, you're not really saving money in the long run. 

4. Manufacturer's Satisfaction Warranty

Most high-end jewelry (including ours) comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If something should happen to your piece, a reputable designer or jeweler will most likely fix it for you. That's not to say that you can abuse your jewelry and simply exchange it, but when cared for properly, quality jewelry is made to last. 

So, spend a little more and gain peace of mind!

5. Health Benefits?

Did you know that pure silver actually has health benefits?

Yep, you heard that right.

Real silver has antimicrobial properties that help prevent bacterial and viral infections, as well as heal wounds.

It also helps block harmful radiation.

Basically, silver is an immune builder. That is pretty neat if you ask me.

It's as simple as wearing the metal on your body. BUT, it has to be pure, real silver.

So, if you're constantly getting ill or into prevention methods, then you should definitely try purchasing high-quality jewelry made of true silver.

A silver chain is a perfect place to start because it lays across your body and can be worn with various pendants or additions (making it easy to wear every day).

The Point-- Why you Need Italian Chains

If you want to stand out from the crowd with jewelry that is eternal, classic, guaranteed, and may even boost your health, then purchase an Italian chain.

Be sure to read these tips on how to go about buying high-quality Italian jewelry.

When you've got it down, you ready to start shopping our gorgeous collection of Italian chains.


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