BUNDLE (3): 24" Milano Twist Adjustable Chains in Silver + Gold + Rose

What's better than an adjustable chain? 3 adjustable chains!

What you get in this triple bundle:

(1) Milano Twist 24" Adjustable Chain in Sterling Silver

(1) Milano Twist 24" Adjustable Chain in 18K Gold over Sterling Silver

(1) Milano Twist 24" Adjustable Chain in Rose Gold over Sterling Silver

Even more versatility with silver, gold and rose gold!

  • Wear silver pendants with your silver chain
  • Wear gold pendants with your gold chain
  • Wear rose pendants with your rose chain
  • Layer silver, rose and gold chains at different lengths for unique and stunning combinations!

Never settle for a fixed-length chain again!

Join over 100,000 U.S. women who have already discovered how our gorgeous adjustable chains allow them to find the PERFECT LENGTH for every situation!

The exact look you want, every time!

Adjustable from 14 to 24 inches, the diamond-cut Milano twist design will sparkle for years to come! 

Experience Italian craftsmanship at its best and wear your new chain with a pendant or on its own - it's simply stunning either way!

So many outfit options...

  • Get the exact length you want for every neckline and outfit. 
  • Effortlessly add your own pendants or charms for a unique look. 
  • Layer 2 or 3 adjustable chains at different lengths for more variety. 

      Even Sharks love This Chain!

      Watch to discover 5 reasons why...