How to Rock Bali Silver Jewelry

How to Rock Bali Silver Jewelry

How to Rock Bali Silver Jewelry

Bali silver jewelry is as beautiful as it is unique. Check out this guide on the perfect outfits and occasions for Bali silver jewelry.

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Jewelry is one of the best ways to spice up your wardrobe.

The right jewelry can complement any look and give you a new style.

Not all jewelry is of equal style and quality. This makes it difficult to find the jewelry that is right for you.

Many people have never heard of Bali's unique jewelry. It is a well-kept secret. This Silver is special because of its quality, craftsmanship, and durability.

Want to learn more about it? Let's have a look.

What is Bali Silver?

This silver is made on the island of Bali. It is sterling silver and hand-crafted by experts.

The process of making this Silver is very complex. The silversmiths of Bali must combine skill with silver, torches, and rolling mills. They also create perfect wires for things like beads.

The quality of both the wires and the beads combine to create gorgeous articulation.

This is one area where the quality of Bali really stands out from the competition. Silver is some of the most desirable jewelry on the planet.

True Bali Silver combines quality and craftsmanship. Buying and wearing such jewelry is the mark of a person with great style and discerning taste.

It's jewelry just as unique as those who wear it.

What Makes It Unique?

There are a limited amount of silversmiths in Bali. Collectively, they produce a small amount of Bali Silver jewelry every year.

Jewelry produced from Bali is some of the rarest and finest jewelry you can find.

Wearing unique jewelry shows how unique your style is. Those seeking unique jewelry should choose this silver every time.

Every piece of jewelry from this enchanted island has its own story and history.

True Bali Silver vs. Fakes

Bali Style jewelry looks like Bali Jewelry. However, it comes from places other than Bali.

It's important for those wanting Bali Silver to know they are getting the real thing.

The problem with Bali Style jewelry is that it is often lower quality. The casting and quality of the beads are often very poor. Additionally, there is the risk that the "silver" used is not even sterling silver!

You can support the manufacturing of real silver by buying it from legitimate and trusted retailers. This supports both the retailers and the Balinese artisans.

How to Spot Fake Bali Silver

You may be worried about accidentally purchasing fake Bali jewelry. There are a few things you can look for to verify its authenticity.

First, check to see if the silver has been created from casts. True Bali jewelry is completely hand-crafted.

Next, inspect the jewelry quality. Fake silver often has less complex designs than the real thing. Additionally, the beads may have poor articulation.

The best way to avoid fake Silver is to go a trusted and licensed retailer.

Bali vs. Thai Style

Another alternative to Bali Silver is Thai Silver jewelry. This jewelry comes from Thailand and usually has more silver than Bali does. However, this means it bends and breaks more easily.

Thai Silver also tarnishes more easily than Bali does. It also uses simpler designs. Bali actually uses more complex ones.

Overall, this silver provides better-looking and long-lasting jewelry.

Mixing Silver and Gold

Some people think their jewelry should only be one color. However, mixing flashy gold with elegant silver helps both you and your jewelry stand out.

Consider mixing gold and silver in order to make any style bolder.

Mixed gold and silver jewelry work best in combination with other jewelry you already have. This allows you to bring in a third color in addition to silver and gold.

This anchors your look and helps your Bali look stand out.

Simple Elegance for Complex Outfits

Complex jewelry can clash with complex outfits. If you wear many layers or bright colors, complex silver jewelry can get lost in the mix. Instead, wear simple Bali jewelry to add class and elegance to loud fashion choices.

This lets the Bali jewelry serve as an "anchor" to your overall look. It helps to bring the entire look together by making everything cohesive.

Having such anchor pieces also lets you experiment with bold new fashions.

Necklaces enhance old outfits

Not everyone has the time and budget to come up with completely new styles for themselves. Such customers turn to jewelry as a way of making their older fashions seem new again.

Bali silver necklaces are ideal for this purpose. Necklace placement helps to draw the eye while adding a classy touch of silver.

Showcase a new look with earrings

Women spend more time on their face than any part of their body. Makeup, lipstick, and haircut are just a few ways to highlight natural beauty. Bali Silver earrings are perfect for bringing out that inner beauty.

They naturally draw the eyes of those who see them. Their positioning on either side draws line-of-sight to your face. This helps you to command attention and complement your features in a classy way.

What colors should you wear?

To make your Bali jewelry collection stand out, it is important to coordinate your look with certain colors. These colors complement the beauty of the jewelry. Meanwhile, the jewelry helps these colors look dazzling.

One of the best colors to wear with silver is black. Dark blue is another good color to wear. These darker shades provide a backdrop for your silver to stand out.

White or cream-colored clothing also goes well with this silver. The silver helps these otherwise plain colors to stand out and helps you show off.

The Bottom Line

Roma Designer Jewelry provides a one-of-a-kind jewelry shopping experience. The reviews that customers leave highlight the specific quality of the entire experience. Such reviews often praise the company's classic design, lasting quality, and surprising value.

Now you know what Bali Silver is and what makes it so special.

It can enhance any style you have or grow into a brand new fashion.

To start you Bali jewelry journey, check out the David Beck Bali Collection today!

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