7 Jewelry Bridesmaid's Gifts Your Girls Will Love

7 Jewelry Bridesmaid's Gifts Your Girls Will Love

7 Jewelry Bridesmaid's Gifts Your Girls Will Love

After your friends have showered you in love, it’s time to spoil them back. Here are 7 jewelry bridesmaid's gifts your girls will love.

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Various psychology research shows that gratitude and appreciation can improve your health and strengthen your relationships. Cultivating gratitude also helps you feel positive emotions and relish in good experiences, especially when it's toward people as important to you as your loving bridesmaids.

This is one reason that getting your bridesmaids gifts is important after your wedding. Jewelry is a great choice because it shows that you're thinking about them, gives them a keepsake of your time together, and promotes self-expression. Read on to learn some of the best pieces that you can buy for the girls who matter most to you!

1. Star & Moon Charms

Want to show that you love someone to the moon and back? A small and subtle star and moon charm necklace is a great way to go. These sterling silver necklaces go beautifully with any outfit and are classy enough to wear on any occasion.

Both gold and rhodium finish options mean that you can choose the metal that will best go with each bridesmaid's wardrobe. Plus, since there are two charms strung around this chain, you can attribute one of them to symbolize each wearer's personality.

2. Swarovski Single-Ball Necklaces

If you love the idea of a subtle necklace but want to add some sophisticated bling to your gift, a small Swarovski crystal single-ball necklace may be the way to go. These small chains feature a round bead pendant encrusted with tiny Swarovski crystals. This charm comes on a diamond-cut sterling silver or gold twist chain depending on your personal tastes.

It also comes with a rhodium overlay to stop the chain or charm from tarnishing over time. The best thing about this necklace is its classy air of elegance. Swarovski crystals glimmer and shine in both natural and artificial light, just as your friendship withstands and retains beauty through every location and condition.

3. Branched Pearl Pendants

Love the idea of a necklace but want something that pops a little more? Statement necklaces are always a good choice for bridesmaids that love some dramatic flair. Our branched freshwater pearl necklace isn't just a classic, but it comes in a sophisticated Y-shape that pops around the wearer's neck.

These authentic pearl necklaces are amazing for those who want to center an outfit around their accessories. If your bridesmaids will love jewelry gifts that pop and stand out, this is a great choice. Plus, since the materials are so high-end and pearls are a neutral gleaming white, this is a statement necklace that can be worn on professional and formal occasions as well as casual ones.

4. Symbolic Twisting Chain Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a core part of any girl's childhood, and you don't need to sacrifice this relic just because you've grown up. Adjustable Milano twist friendship bracelets are made up of a sparking twisted chain that's both thin and sparkling. They're perfect for any outfit or occasion because of their subtle elegance.

Since these bracelets come in both sterling silver and gold, it's possible to wear one with any other beloved jewelry pieces. These all-occasions bracelets are ideal for those who always want to feel connected with all of the women who enrich their lives.

Buy one for each bridesmaid and get multiple for yourself- one to match each girl's bracelet. It's a great way to feel constantly connected.

5. Cleopatra-Inspired Bangles

Want to splurge on more expensive gifts for bridesmaids? Are you down to get something that makes a huge statement of love and appreciation? A thick Cleopatra-inspired rose gold cuff is one of the best jewelry gifts for those who like fabulous fashion.

These bangles are over 1.25 inches wide and close with a simple box clasp. They feature a diagonal-print pattern with interlocking circles engraved on every other column. Vertical lines also add texture to this beautiful cuff so that you can spoil your bridesmaids with a more intricate design.

6. Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are ideal for those who love the idea of our freshwater pearl statement necklace but want something more subtle. A single pearl sits in a hammered sterling silver outline that gives it a sophisticated handcrafted look.

Each of these metal earrings is slightly different from others of its kind due to the way that they're shaped, which is the perfect way to symbolize your unique bond with each individual bridesmaid. Like most of our high-end pieces, these earrings are crafted in Italy with the finest available tools. Their gorgeous white sheen makes them ideal for any occasion and pairs well with all silver jewelry.

7. Detailed Glass Rings

Roman glass is one of the most beautiful jewelry materials out there. It has a unique shining finish and a colorful one-of-a-kind gleam. Each piece of Roman glass has a gorgeous visual texture and patterns unlike any other glass accent.

If you're looking to show this glass off to the highest advantage, a Roman glass ring featuring a large 2000-year-old stone from Israel is a great choice. These blue-green glass features sit in a thick silver band with leaf filigree detail, making them one of the most complex pieces that we offer.

Plus, giving your bridesmaids a ring is a great way to show that your platonic bond is strong in the same way that your romantic bond is unbreakable with your spouse. Rings are for everyone involved in a wedding!

Buy the Best Bridesmaid's Gifts Today

While showing your appreciation for your beloved bridesmaids may sound challenging, jewelry makes for an amazing gift that they're sure to cherish. Now that you know some of the best bridesmaid's gifts that your girls will love, it's time to start shopping for some awesome high-quality pieces.

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we're committed to providing you with affordable handmade pieces that every woman is sure to cherish. That's why we offer hundreds of different necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and ring styles in various beautiful colors and metals. Browse our new arrivals to shop for the freshest and classiest pieces on the market!

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