What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

You know which birthstone is yours, but do you know the story and meaning behind your birthstone and does it suit your personality? Find out here!

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Jewelry has long been seen as a way to display status and affluence in society. It was also used as a tool in courtship as a man would present his intended with a sparkling trinket to woo her and to show his ability to provide. 

Today, there are jewelry options available to suit every budget, not just the culturally elite. Women are no longer waiting around for a potential suitor to shower them in gold and jewels. They are purchasing their own jewelry.

Your birthstone is a unique way to express your personality and establish your personal brand. Since the day you were born, you may have had a precious or semi-precious stone representing your month of birth. But did you know that your birthstone also has a specific meaning?

A Brief Birthstone History

Birthstones have been around for centuries, dating as far back as Biblical times. These semi-precious stones were worn into battle on a breastplate as they were thought to imbue the wearer with certain protective powers.

Much like the 12 zodiac signs and their correlation to specific behaviors and personality characteristics, each month is assigned between 1-3 birthstones.

These stones symbolize distinct temperaments and attitudes amongst their wearers. Some cultures believe that different stones can even determine the wearer's fate.

Some months contain more than one type of birthstone. The thought behind this may have been to suggest more cost-friendly semi-precious stones as alternatives to pricier or rarer precious gemstones.


January's birthstone is Garnet. If you were born in January, your birthstone denotes strong energy and willpower. Garnet birthstones evoke the wearer as being confident, spontaneous, and a go-getter.

Garnet's birthstone bearers are often feisty and love to take on challenges. 

Most people associate garnet with being a deep dark red color, but it can also contain shades of orange, pink, green, and even purple. Red garnet stones resemble pomegranate seeds. 


February's main birthstone is Amethyst. Due to its rich purple coloring, it was only worn by royalty because purple signified the wealth and power of the ruling class. If your birthstone is Amethyst, you may have a keen business sense.

You may also be optimistic and pure of mind. You are seen as a good listener and help to soothe others, like a therapist. 

Amethysts pertain to serenity and peace. Amethyst is thought to be able to prevent intoxication due to ties to Greek mythos and a connection to spirituality.


Aquamarine is March's prominent birthstone. A light blue stone representative of the sky and sea. 

If your birthstone is Aquamarine, you are likely to bring this sense of calming and tranquility to those around you. You have a talent for mediating and settling disputes. 

Aquamarine was seen as a sort of good luck charm that protected sailors from rough seas and calmed the oceans ensuring safe journeys.

Wearing Aquamarine provides protection and peace. It is also thought to treat anxiety.


Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they are also April's birthstone. Diamonds come in an array of colors, aside from the standard colorless, including pink, brown, black, blue, green, yellow, red, blue, and even purple. 

Diamonds imply luxury so those born in April have a penchant for shopping and the finer things in life. If your birthstone is a Diamond, you are stubborn and driven. You are not afraid to go for what you want. 

You are steadfast and loyal to your friendships. You value character and integrity above all.


Emerald is May's birthstone. This dazzling green precious gemstone has a long history of the belief that it provides protection against illnesses, such as cholera, wards off evil spirits and demons, and keeps snakes away. 

If your birthstone is an Emerald, you are seen as romantic and compassionate. You also love helping people and are loyal to your friends. You believe that there is a perfect soulmate for you.

Green emeralds often symbolize prosperity and good fortune, as well as rebirth, growth, and success.


June has three birthstones associated with it. Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite. Pearls link to intuition and those who are born in June are known for being introspective thinkers. 

If your birthstone is a Pearl or Moonstone, you are enthusiastic and outgoing. You are a warm-hearted and pure individual who will always help a friend in need.

Like the Pearl, Moonstones enhance intuition and promote balance. Alexandrite also signifies balance and intuition. 


July's birthstone is the Ruby. The Ruby is a sign of power, health, and wisdom. The Ruby was long thought to provide protection and ward off evil spirits.

If your birthstone is the Ruby you are a combination of assertiveness and compassion. You are ambitious and able to come up with creative solutions to problems. Those with a Ruby birthstone enjoy social gatherings. 


Peridot is known as August's birthstone. This olive-green stone indicates good fortune and good health and a balance with nature.

If your birthstone is Peridot, you are a charming and extroverted person who gains the trust of others easily. You also have a natural beauty that attracts others to you. You are kind and welcoming to friends and strangers alike. 


The Sapphire is September's birthstone. Known for its rich blue coloring, sapphires are also available in pink, white, yellow, and green. 

If your birthstone is the Sapphire, you are humble and down-to-earth. You are also faithful and trustworthy. You prefer to keep your emotions to yourself and weigh all of your options before taking a risk.


October's dual birthstones are Pink Tourmaline and Opal. Opals are alluring due to their unique color patterns and structures. No two opals are ever the same.

If your birthstone is the Tourmaline, you are likely to be adventurous and restless with a racing mind. You also have strong intuitions.

If your birthstone is an Opal, you are loyal, protective, and faithful to your loved ones. You inspire others and love to mentor and take part in community events. Opals embody purity, truth, and hope.


The Topaz is widely regarded as November's birthstone but Citrine is also considered a November birthstone as well. 

If your birthstone is the Topaz, you may be easy but also stubborn at times and not open up to others right away. You are a gifted writer or teacher due to your intelligence and wit. You are generous and fair with advice.

The Topaz is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, friendship, and strength.

If your birthstone is the Citrine, you are an optimistic thinker. You value honesty and integrity, but you also have a good sense of humor. 


December also has many different types of birthstones to choose from. Turquoise and Tanzanite are the primary birthstones. 

Turquoise birthstones mean you are wise and honest to a fault. People may consider you to be an old soul. You exhibit wisdom beyond your years.

If your birthstone is a Tanzanite, you possess a great persistent personality which may come off as intimidating or intense. You are loyal and don't take any form of betrayal lightly. You also play by your own rules.

Blue Zircon and Blue Topaz are also December birthstones.

Find Your Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstones aren't just limited to the month of your birth. You can wear your birthstone or a combination of birthstones that suit your personal brand and style.

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