9 Tips for Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

9 Tips for Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

9 Tips for Buying Valentine's Day Jewelry

Valentine's day is fast approaching. So will you do the right thing and buy jewelry for your girlfriend this year? Here are some tips to help you choose wisely.

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20% of all Americans are chronic procrastinators. If you're someone who tends to leave things to the last minute then you may not have enough time to get your loved one the perfect gift.

With Valentine's Day approaching fast, the sooner you start looking for a gift she'll love, the better your chances.

To help you out, we've put together a list of tips for picking jewelry for your girlfriend that will put a smile on her face.

1. Look at What She Already Has

If you haven't paid much attention to her jewelry now then it's time you made the effort. Your girlfriend will only wear the type of jewelry she likes, so make a note of what you see and which are the favorites that she wears often. 

The positive aspect of doing this is you can compliment her on the jewelry she's wearing as you take a closer look. You may also start to realize the extra effort she puts in to look her best for you.

2. Figure Out Her Colors and Metal

As you look at her jewelry, it will become obvious what color she prefers.

Some women like to adorn themselves in silver while others prefer gold. That doesn't mean the jewelry is made of silver and gold -- it could be a number of metals, so try to get her to tell you what they are.

Saying things like "that silver necklace looks great on you" may prompt her to correct you if it's a different metal or provides crucial information such as if it's hypoallergenic.

3. Get the Right Necklace Length 

Necklaces make excellent gifts, but a common hurdle most guys face is when the jeweler asks about the chain length.

By looking at her and what she wears, you should get a decent idea of the length she likes. To be safe, it's always recommended you measure one of her necklaces to get the exact length she goes for.

You should also look at the neckline of her outfits. Does she wear clothes that go up to the base of her neck or are her outfits normally more low-cut? Wherever the top of the outfit meets her neck or chest is her neckline.

When in doubt? An adjustable necklace chain is a beautiful choice. And, you can't get the size wrong!

4. Pay Attention to Her Outfits

Another important aspect of choosing any jewelry is to get something that matches her style.

Ironically, you may even realize she's wearing jewelry that doesn't quite work or match what she has on. This could likely be because she just doesn't have the right jewelry and hasn't been able to buy it herself.

If you were to give her a piece while recommended the outfits she has that you think it would look good with, she'll realize how much time and effort you put into her gift.

5. Size Matters 

Jewelry is versatile and fashionable -- meaning it can range anywhere from small and delicate, to large and loud. 

Some women prefer to wear jewelry that is understated but beautiful while others like to flaunt their glamorous collection. Based on what you've seen from your girlfriend and her personality, you should be able to make the right decision.

6. Commercial or Handmade Jewelry for Your Girlfriend?

There is no wrong answer here, and again, it depends on your girlfriend.

Some people have a lot of issues with large, wealthy jewelry companies and prefer unique, handmade pieces that no-one else can get. Others, however, want jewelry that is high quality and expensive which let them feel elegant and sophisticated.

How your girlfriend feels about this can be found out through simple conversations about where she normally gets her jewelry or what she thinks about the industry. You can always justify the conversation by saying that you're looking for a woman's perspective on it. 

7. Think of Special Moments

If you figure out her style, metal, colors, and preferences, you may still be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of choices.

Don't panic!

A good way to narrow down the options is to write a short list of some of the best moments or memories of your relationship. Buying her a piece of jewelry that symbolizes that moment will mean the world to her and show just how much you treasure being with her.

If your first kiss was outside at night, you could get her jewelry in the shape of a star or with a star attached to it. 

8. Create a Special Memory

You may think of some great moments but just can't seem to find anything that makes sense or that is within your price range. In that case, use the information you have to pick some jewelry that you know she'll like and make the moment you give it to her special.

As an example, let's say for Valentine's Day you take her for a romantic trip to the seaside. You could take her out for a delicious meal and afterward suggest walking along the beach.

As you walk you can point out seashells you think are nice before bending down and pretending to pick one up saying "I just found the perfect one." Imagine her surprise and delight when you hand her a beautiful seashell-themed bracelet!

This is just an example of course! Whatever you feel is appropriate for the gift you found is worth doing. What's important is that she'll see just how much effort you put into trying to make her feel special. 

9. Let Her Choose

It's absolutely okay and even normal to feel confused and indecisive. It's hard to pick out jewelry and you want to make sure you get her the right gift rather than waste money.

If you truly feel stuck and can't think of anything then you can have her choose during a romantic event. Plan a romantic day full of activities and things that she loves. As you near the jewelry store, tell her you wanted to give her something special and would love to pick out jewelry with her to remember this special day. 

Do What's Right for Her

When thinking about getting jewelry for your girlfriend, it's amazing how much information you can learn the moment you start paying attention. Look at her, listen to what she says, and the answer should become clear as day.

For more advice on finding the perfect gift, check out our other articles. Or, browse through our exclusive collections!

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