Amber Beads for Adults: Common Uses and Benefits of the Amber Stone

Amber Beads for Adults: Common Uses and Benefits of the Amber Stone

Amber Beads for Adults: Common Uses and Benefits of the Amber Stone

Did you know that amber beads for adults have actual healing powers? Among other traits. Read on to learn more about this precious stone.

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Using stones and crystals for their healing benefits has gone from niche interest to full-blown lifestyle trend.

Years ago, most people viewed an interest in healing through stone as foolish or strange. But today, it's more acceptable to take approaches to healing that veer away from Western medicine.

More people and more brands are investing in the power of stones to do good in the world. Are you ready to give these benefits a try?

Amber beads for adults are a great way to dip your toe in precious stone healing. And even if you aren't sold on the healing properties yet, you'll still get a beautiful accessory that's fun to wear. Plus, the benefits you discover while wearing it might just surprise you.

Ready to learn about amber necklace benefits? We've put together the essential guide to amber beads for adults, so keep reading to learn how these stones can change your life. 

What Is Amber?

Amber is considered a gem, but it's not a mineral or stone in the traditional sense. Instead, it's the resin from certain trees that has hardened and fossilized over many centuries. It's considered an "organic gemstone," like pearls or coral.

You'll often hear about Baltic amber necklaces for adults because the Baltic area is rich in amber deposits. The forests in this part of northern Europe created massive quantities of amber that's still being mined today.

The color of amber ranges from pale yellow to deep orange. Sometimes, pieces of amber contain preserved insects and animals from ancient times. But often, the fossilized resin is clear and free from impurities, perfect for a necklace. 

Trees use resin to protect themselves. If a tree gets scratched or damaged, it produces resin to heal the wound. Knowing this background, it makes sense that amber would also have healing properties for humans. 

History of Amber Beads for Adults

People have loved amber for its beauty -- and for its potential healing properties -- for thousands of years. Writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans discuss the beauty of amber and how it's produced by trees, although one myth once held that it was hardened sunlight.

Soon, people began wearing amber jewelry -- a trend that has continued into the modern day. Whether these ancient wearers knew it or not, they also started to reap the benefits of wearing an amber necklace. 

Amber Necklace Benefits

Amber beads for adults come with many positives, besides looking beautiful. Here are some of the top benefits that come from this organic gem.

1. Pain Relief

Many people believe that the healing powers of stones are pure hearsay. But amber actually has a proven ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

This power comes from the succinic acid within the stone. When you wear an amber necklace, it naturally becomes warm because it's close to your body. As the resin warms, the succinic acid gets released. 

For many years, people gave amber to teething babies for this same reason. The soft amber helped reduce the pain and inflammation of teething. The same tactic works for adults, too.

It's found in supplements and topical applications to address problems like pain and arthritis. However, amber jewelry can give you the same benefits without the added expense. 

Luckily, the highest concentration of succinic acid is in the outer layer of the amber pieces. This means that amber jewelry is actually an efficient way to transfer those painkilling properties to your skin. 

2. Anxiety Relief

Succinic acid is also used in supplements to treat the symptoms of menopause, including irritability. It seems that along with treating irritability in menopause patients, amber jewelry also works on anxiety in just about anyone.

Anxiety can come from all kinds of different sources. It might be generalized or situation-specific. But no matter when or where your anxiety manifests, amber beads for adults may help.

When parents once gave amber to teething babies, it didn't just help with their pain. It often seemed to help them become more relaxed and happy, too.

Succinic acid once again provides this effect. Scientific studies have actually found that this acid helps reduce anxiety in mice

3. Soothe the Thyroid

Amber necklaces worn close to the throat may also help combat thyroid issues.

Since succinic acid reduces inflammation, it can help calm an inflamed, overactive or under active thyroid. If your throat hurts, the inflammation- and pain-reducing properties will help with that, too.

Having thyroid issues comes with a host of other problems. The thyroid is in charge of the hormones that govern all kinds of different physical processes.

When those hormones get thrown off, the range of symptoms can seem frustrating and confusing. If you're not quite sure what's going on with your health, try an amber necklace to see if it makes a difference. If it does, your thyroid might be to blame.

4. Speed Up Healing

Trees use resin to heal their wounds. They started to produced succinic acid over millions of years of evolution, so they could patch up wounds and scrapes more easily. In humans, the same healing properties can apply.

Wearing amber jewelry near an injury or wound might just help it heal up faster. Succinic acid works as a natural antibiotic to support healing while preventing infection. It helps restore your cells and lets your body repair itself using its own natural processes.

Where to Find Amber Beads For Adults

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The folk remedy of giving amber beads to fussy children has been around for centuries. Today, we can see the science behind the healing effects of amber, proving that amber beads for adults work just as well as for children. 

These aren't just pretty gems: they're a preserved part of a tree's ability to heal itself and have retained the same healing properties even while fossilized. But it also doesn't hurt that amber makes for beautiful jewelry you'll feel excited to wear every day.

Wondering where to buy high-quality amber jewelry? Check out our amber products and choose your favorites!

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