Fashion Forward: The Best Necklaces for Your Neckline

Fashion Forward: The Best Necklaces for Your Neckline

Fashion Forward: The Best Necklaces for Your Neckline

Show off your collection while also making a statement by pairing your jewelry with the perfect tops and dresses.

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It can be tough to find the right necklace to compliment your outfit.

Think about all the time you've wasted over the years trying on necklaces, only to be disappointed in your final selection.

You have to consider elements like color, length, makeup, and hairstyle when choosing a necklace. It's especially difficult to find the right accessory when you consider the number of different fashion necklaces available.

But choosing the right necklace doesn't have to be complicated. It all comes down to one hugely important element - the neckline.

Why Necklines Matter

Necklines are the most important factor to consider when choosing your necklace. Some necklaces pair better with certain necklines. This means they can make or break your outfit.

Show off your collection while also making a statement by pairing your jewelry with the perfect tops and dresses. Here is a guide describing the best necklaces for each neckline.

Find the Right Neckline

Necklace Length Guide

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to fashion.

You don't have to sacrifice your individuality in order to find a necklace that matches with your outfit. Instead, have a few go to necklaces on hand for your preferred type of neckline.

There are a number of necklines available that can help you reach your desired fashion goal. You can choose a boat neckline to look elegant, a strapless to draw attention to your body, or look tastefully flirty with a halter neck.

You should first evaluate your neckline preference before choosing between fashion necklaces. Make sure you choose your neckline carefully and then determine the rest of your ensemble.

Choosing the Right Length

Choosing the right style is only half the battle. Finding an appropriate necklace also depends greatly on finding the right length.

Fashion necklaces have more complex size ranges than just short and long. In fact, you can choose between several different sizes.

A necklace that is 14 inches is also known as a collar. These necklaces wrap tightly around the neck. They are best worn with open necks.

Chokers range between 14 and 16 inches and are aptly named. They are very tight around the neck and pair well with many necklines.

Longer necklaces include the princess necklace (18 inches), matinee necklaces (20-24 inches), and opera necklace (30 inches). You should also consider factors like your face shape and natural shape when deciding the length of your necklace.

The longer your necklace is the easier it is to pair with different necklines.

Shorter necklaces, like chokers, can shorten your neckline and make it more difficult to look fashionable. Longer necklaces can expand your neckline and look fashionable in a greater number of necklines.

Keep this in mind when purchasing your fashion necklaces to make your life easier down the road.

Scoop Necks

Scoop necks create a deeply curved and widened neckline. As a result, they are one of the easiest necklines to choose from.

Scoop necks are popular because they pair well with a variety of necklaces. That's because there is a lot of neckline space to work with.

Your best bet is to find a necklace that can fill the open space. Go with something that has layers, volume, or multiple strands.

You don't want a necklace that falls below the scoop. Rather, find something that is a little shorter and has larger space filling pendants.

Try to avoid choker necklaces that leave large amounts of neckline space untouched.

Crew Necks

Crew necks create round necklines that are close-fitting.

These necklines are very common and can also be paired with a variety of necklaces.

Crew necks pair well with collar necklaces, long necklaces, and thick chokers that go along the neckline. Try to also pick a statement necklace that falls over the top of the crew neck.


Strapless dresses are a favorite for women looking to expose their skin. It's important to find a necklace that doesn't distract from your skin.

Strapless necklines pair the best with shorter necklaces. Aim to get something that leaves space between the necklace and neckline as to not detract from your exposed body.

The best options are thin chokers, collars, and other short necklaces.  These can help to accentuate your neckline without taking away from your body and dress. You can also rest easy knowing that chokers are a top jewelry trend that is very much in style.

Try to avoid long, thicker necklaces to keep the spotlight on you.

Boat Neck

The boat neck is a wide neckline that runs horizontally across the collarbone.

These are typically a more elegant neckline that requires more elegant fashion necklaces.

Try to avoid flashy or statement necklaces with boat necks. Instead, aim for simple and elegant necklaces that don't distract from the neckline.

The best necklaces for boat necks are 18-inch princess necklaces or long pearls. These help to maintain the elegant and classic look of the boat neck.


V-Neck's are pretty self-explanatory. However, V-necks come in all different types including slight, deep, wide and narrow.

Regardless of the size of the V, the V's focal point is going to be your chest. You need to find a necklace that compliments the shape of the V.

Lariat necklaces are a great option because they copy the shape of the neckline. You can also go for short and long necklaces depending on your V. The goal is to clear the V and flows with the draping.

Try to avoid statement necklaces and chokers that shorten your neckline. V-necks also work well without any necklaces as they are better for more casual situations.


Turtlenecks fold around the neckline - leaving plenty of room for fashion necklaces.

Long necklaces between 20-30 inches work best with turtlenecks. Matinee, opera, and multi-strand necklaces look great with this neckline. The longer chains can help make your torso elongate while also attracting the eye to your upper body.

Avoid chokers, collars and other short necklaces that shorten the neckline.

Finding Fashion Necklaces

There's no shortage of fashion necklaces to choose from.

You don't have to sacrifice your unique style when picking a necklace. Instead, find a neckline that works the best with your favorite necklace.



Are you interested in finding the right necklace for you? We can help. Contact us today!

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