Channel Your Inner Royal: 5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Your Rings

Channel Your Inner Royal: 5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Your Rings

5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Your Rings

From Marie Antoinette to Kate Middleton, rings timelessly represent class and luxury without ever going out of fashion. Here are five unique ways to wear yours.

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We often make the mistake of thinking of our rings as independent accessories.

We see them as objects to be featured independently from our outfits, and not to be thought of as anything more than complimentary.

Don't fall into this trap. Instead, do as the Royals do and accentuate them. The simplest way to accomplish this is to adopt the latest trend: ring stacking. 

You spent the money to own this little piece of luxury. So, make sure you know how to use it. Here are five fashionable ways to wear your rings.




1) Stack  

It's time to throw out the old idea of featuring a singular ring as an accessory. Rings are being viewed more and more as smaller pieces of a whole. Now, they are seen as things that can be stacked or intertwined together. This will help you to make a broader statement.

Think of them as you would any piece of your outfit, each part represents something unique and works to compliment the others. Your fashion rings should be on full display. Make use of every one of your ten fingers. 

Much like armor, you can use your rings as intricate pieces of molten jewel that will crisscross through the length of your finger. The more variety each of these smaller rings have, the more diverse your statement will become.

And if you pick the right sorts of puzzle pieces, you will see no end to the ways in which you can mix and match your rings.

Stacking can also help those who can't afford to spend luxuriously to still dress in luxury. Forget that giant diamond that costs more than most down payments on a house. Load up on beautiful bulk to really give yourself the opportunity to experiment. 

Think of these rings as outfits for your fingers, complete sets of attire unto themselves. In doing so, you will be able to truly accentuate your style through them.

2) Geometric Shapes

It's not just enough to know that you need to stack -- you also need to know how. Like any outfit, balance is the key.

You will want to stick the thicker rings with a more defined shape toward the bottom of your finger or right above the middle joint.

Think of these as your anchors. Something to give the rest of your thinner, more traditionally shaped rings a base to work off of.

Try and keep these thicker fashion rings to your pinky. Your thinner rings should be featured on your middle and pointer fingers. 

3) Fashion Ring Symmetry

Make sure that when you're stacking, it doesn't look too busy.

You still want to accentuate each ring, even as they are all working together to present one whole idea.  

Don't be afraid to let a truly gorgeous ring to stand on its own. Feature your favorite stone ring or heirloom piece on your index finger. Let it speak for itself. If you wish you can accentuate this ring with a thin band made from a similar metal that should go on your first knuckle.  

The middle finger should be reserved for the "power stack" where you can truly go all out with your collection. This should be where you feature your threadbare rings, chain rings, and thin bands. The finger next to the power stack should be kept rather subdued by comparison, or even bare. This can be used to feature the power stack even more prominently.

A nice alternative would be putting two identical thinner gold bands on the index and pinky finger to create a nice accent to the power stack in the middle. 

The best way to create symmetry is to copy the same pattern on the other hand, without making it too similar. For example, maybe keep a similar style stone ring on the same finger on both hands without stacking on the same fingers. 

So instead of stacking on the middle finger, stack on either side of it, while keeping the same kind of featured stone ring on the middle finger of both hands.

4) Mix Your Metals

Mixing your metals can also be a smart way to retain a balanced symmetry throughout both your hands. You can do this without making it feel too boring. 

Matching gold and silver rings while stacking is a great way to diversify subtly -- without ushering in too many clashing colors. By keeping it with the classics, you can venture pretty deep into the ostentatious waters. 

You don't have to buy your own white and gold ring anymore to elicit the same mesmerizing effect. Simply stack appropriately and you will dazzle with your own collection. 

Don't let the mixing stop at just colors though, ring stacking is all about combining jewelry you wouldn't think would work together. Odd shapes, colored stones, modern subtlety with audacious heirlooms, make sure you try them all!

The only limit to stacking your fashion rings is your imagination. 

5) Do Your Own Thing

For as many rules as we have put down so far, it's important to remember that these are your fashion rings. This means you should stack them how you see fit. How else will you curate your own style?

Start by mixing and matching your favorites and go from there.

Which rings look best together on what finger? What happens if you swapped the giant stone ring for the slender silver one? What if you put the heirloom with the gold threadbare ring?  

Start Stacking Your Fashion Rings Today

Ring stacking is all about giving yourself the versatility to try different things. Don't be afraid to utilize jewelry you've had in the box for years in a way you would've never thought possible? Luxurious accessories are great, but they are even better when you know how to be a little adventurous with them. 

Ring stacking allows you to reinvent the vast collection of jewelry you already own and gives you a much more affordable price point when looking to add to your collection. 

Try new things and have some fun with them. You never know what new look might catch on. 



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