Affordable Luxury: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Affordable Luxury: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Affordable Luxury: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Who says you have to spend a fortune to live a life of luxury? In this post, we're sharing 5 ingenious affordable luxury tips to upgrade your lifestyle.

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In 2017, a luxury lifestyle doesn't need to be out of anyone's reach. There are countless affordable luxury options that don't cost much. 

With these five smart, creative methods, you can upgrade your lifestyle and start living a more glamorous life today - without breaking the bank. From upgraded jewelry to new shopping options, find out how you can live a life of affordable luxury starting now.

1. Change your travel approach

Almost everyone associates travel with luxury. What could be more luxurious than hopping on a plane and relaxing on the beach, mountainside, or resort property of your choice?

However, you may think that this kind of luxury travel is out of your reach. Maybe it seems too expensive or too time-consuming. However, that's no longer the case. It's time to rethink your feelings about travel. 

Taking nice luggage with you will set your trip off to a luxurious start right away. You don't need the latest Louis Vuitton luggage set to feel glamorous. There are many affordable luggage options out there. 

Try consignment shops, as well as sites and apps, that sell gently used but nice luggage at a reasonable price. Don't just look for designer tags: look for the quality of materials and construction. Luggage doesn't need to be upgraded every year with the trends. A good piece should last years or even decades.

You'll want to pack with luxury, too. Take easy, classic basics to make dressing a cinch every morning, but pack your most luxurious jewelry and accessories to set the vacation mood. 

Next, consider the time when you travel. The off-season is always cheaper than the popular times. Flying on weekdays is cheaper than weekends and holidays. Plan ahead to save the most as you make your travel plans. 

Open an airline credit card and start saving up points when you book you next flight. Soon, you'll be able to book those luxury flights at discounted rates - even free!

Don't forget to ask for an upgrade anywhere you go. It never hurts to put your name on the list in case someone gets bumped to first class, or a luxury suite at the hotel opens up. 

2. Develop a luxurious at-home routine

The things we do every day, such as showering, can be mundane, routine activities. Or, you can turn each moment into an opportunity for luxury and pampering. 

There are many ways to inject affordable luxury into your self-care time. Try making an at-home facial mask using ingredients like honey, avocado, and oatmeal. There are countless online recipes you can use. Not only is it cheaper than most over-the-counter masks, but it's often better for your skin to use pure ingredients you already have. 

Inexpensive natural products can also have other luxurious uses. Try switching out your regular makeup remover for coconut oil. Coconut oil smells amazing, feels lush on your skin, and costs less than most makeup removers do. 

Find time to do extra self-care steps when you can, like take a bath or apply nail polish. Switch out your old sweatpants for a pajama set in nice silk or cotton.

Don't wait for other people in order to look nice. When you curl up before bed with your favorite book, put on your best PJs and your favorite initial necklace. Spray a bit of perfume on the back of your neck. Light a candle. Take pleasure in doing things just for yourself.

3. Upgrade your fashion with affordable luxury

Don't break the bank buying new clothes and accessories. Make a list of basic staples that will upgrade what you already have.

Invest in quality pieces, like a leather sneaker or a nice trenchcoat. Leave the trendy fast-fashion alone - it looks cheaper and won't last as long.

You don't need to buy your nicest pieces new. Go back to the consignment shops and apps where you looked for a luggage upgrade. There are always people getting rid of high-quality, lightly used clothing, so there's hardly a need to buy new clothing anymore.

Find a great tailor so you can ensure everything you buy fits perfectly. This will make your clothes look and feel more luxurious - as though it was made just for you.

Don't forget to add accessories. Jewelry is a statement maker that reflects your personality, so look for the pieces that express you the best. There are some vintage options, but it doesn't cost a lot to find nice jewelry for lots of personalities.

4. Indulge in nightlife

Going out is one of the best ways to feel more luxurious. And no, it doesn't need to cost a lot. 

Find a great BYOB restaurant for your next date night and save money by bringing your own wine instead of paying the restaurant's upcharge for a bottle. 

Solo date nights are just as good as couple's nights and group outings. Take yourself to your favorite park and bring a great book, fancy cheese, and the perfect blanket to relax on. Or, buy yourself dinner at a cozy restaurant, followed by a movie. You'll love not having to worry about anyone talking about the best parts!

Don't forget to dress the part. Whether you're solo or in a group, at a concert or a cafe, put on something that makes it feel special. Try a new lipstick or a statement necklace to set the vibe.

5. Give more gifts

Gifting is one of the most overlooked, but one of the best parts of a luxurious life.

Think about a classy dinner party. A nice wedding. A weekend in the Hamptons. At all of these events, wouldn't you want to show up with a gift for the host or hostess of the party?

Even if it's a casual gathering, try bringing a small gift to the host of your next dinner party or book club meeting. It doesn't have to be elaborate: try a candle or a nice piece of jewelry. This kind of good energy automatically elevates the sense of luxury at any event.

Don't forget to gift yourself, too. There doesn't have to be a reason for a new pair of earrings or some fancy bath salts.

A spirit of giving and gratitude can truly make any experience feel like a luxury. Bring this attitude to your day-to-day life, and the luxurious feeling is sure to follow.

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