Statement Style: How to Wear Chunky Coral Necklaces

Statement Style: How to Wear Chunky Coral Necklaces

Statement Style: How to Wear Chunky Coral Necklaces

How do you really wear chunky coral necklaces? Statement jewelry (especially pieces in bold colors) comes with its own rules for style. We help you navigate the fashion do's and don'ts to make sure you're always on point when wearing bold red coral jewelry. 

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Wondering whether or not you can pull off a chunky coral necklace this season?

The answer will always be yes.

Statement jewelry can be worn in so many different ways, no matter what the occasion.

Coral has long been hailed as one of the best shades for spring/summer fashion, but it's easy to include in your looks all year round.

Whether you're hitting a party, going out to lunch with friends, attending a job interview, or just relaxing, chunky coral necklaces have a place in your ensemble.

Not convinced?

Don't worry - help is here.

We've listed loads of ideas that will tell you exactly how to wear those chunky coral necklaces that are sitting neglected in your jewelry box. By the end of this article, you'll be wishing you had even more in your collection.

Ready to make a statement?

Let's do this.

Combine with a bold print

Maybe you feel like statement necklaces can only be combined with plain, simple outfits.

Not quite.

Adding a chunky coral necklace to an outfit that's full of bold prints can create a really striking effect that's sure to turn heads.

If you aren't comfortable with too much going on in your outfit, pick some patterned black and white trousers, then pair with a plain top.

If you want to go all out, pick a top with a bold pattern and layer your necklace on top. Don't overdo it with makeup or other items of jewelry, or your outfit will start to look disjointed.

Getting the right balance is key, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Add color to a black dress

The little black dress is one of the ultimate fashion staples.

Unfortunately, that can leave it looking a little dull/predictable.

A chunky coral necklace is a perfect way to add a pop of color to your look, bringing your unique style to this timeless classic. Combine with coral shoes for an extra hit of color.

Make denim look fancier

Wondering whether or not that denim jacket is fancy enough for the party you're going to? With a chunky coral necklace, you can be sure it is.

Denim can be a tricky one to get right, especially when it comes to adding jewelry, but a bold statement necklace is a great way to add color to an otherwise simple outfit.

If you really want to stand out, trying adding coral accents to your jacket to complement the necklace - patches, buttons, and colored stitches work well.

Co-ordinate with hats

Not got much coral in your outfit, and not sure that a coral necklace will match?

Adding a hat into the mix is a great way to tie everything together. A bold, coral-colored hat is perfect if you want to make an impression.

For a less dramatic look, pick a pretty sunhat and tie a coral ribbon around the rim, or go sporty with a coral baseball cap.

In winter, look for cozy beanies in coral, or go cute with fluffy coral ear muffs.

Make coral shoes pop

Feel like that pair of coral shoes never quite works with any of your outfits?

Pairing coral shoes with a chunky coral necklace works really well and can be adapted to all sorts of different looks.

You might combine patent leather coral shoes with a smart dress and chunky coral necklace for a professional look at work. At the weekend, coral sneakers, jeans, a plain tee, and a chunky coral necklace create an outfit that's relaxed yet stylish.

Play around with shoe/necklace combos, as the rest of your look should come together naturally.

Glam up a band tee

Another fun weekend look here.

Grab your favorite band tee or vest top, and add a chunky coral necklace. You've just turned a casual look into a real fashion statement.

Look for necklaces that complement the design of your tee - they might frame the image, or line up with the text.

Pair with a plain tee and cardigan

It's a classic, which means you can't go wrong.

Simply put on your favorite comfy jeans, add a plain white T-shirt and a cozy cardigan. This is perfect for those chilly autumn nights, cooler evenings on the beach, or winter walks.

Coral looks great with soft colors, so go for cardigans in gray, brown or off-white.

Combine chunky coral necklaces with high collars

Statement necklace + collar = amazing.

Yep, your chunky coral necklace isn't just for wearing with lower cut tops and dresses - it can actually look great just below a collar. Choose a necklace with a shape that matches the curve of the collar for a smart, seamless look.

Try a simple white blouse and necklace combo for work, or combine a denim shirt with your favorite chunky coral for a grungier look.

Wear several necklaces together

Who says you can only wear one necklace at a time?

Not us.

Try combining several necklaces of different lengths to create your own unique look.

You could choose a chunky coral necklace as your main piece, with several small gold pendants to add a delicate touch.

Long necklaces can also look great in combination with statement pieces, particularly if you're wearing a plain outfit or simple dress.

Jazz up a turtleneck

If you think you can't wear jewelry with a turtleneck, think again.

There's no rule that says you can't enjoy being cozy and show off your favorite statement piece. Pick a necklace that complements the color of your turtleneck and fits neatly around the neck.

This is a great choice if you love jewelry but find it irritating against the skin. It's also ideal for those chillier days when you want to stay warm without compromising on style.

Not sure if you can pull off statement jewelry?

Unsure how much wear you'll get out of chunky coral necklaces?

Remember that statement jewelry is all about standing out and showing off your unique style, which means almost anything goes.

Whether you want to look elegant, casual, grungy, or anything in between, there's a way to wear chunky coral necklaces to achieve the look you want.

Try one of the ideas above today - you won't regret it!


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