The Top Jewelry Trends for Fall 2018

The Top Jewelry Trends for Fall 2018

The Top Jewelry Trends for Fall 2018

Fall is the perfect time of year to showcase your style with the right accessories. Here are the top jewelry trends moving into the Fall season of 2018.

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Moving out of a summer filled with ankle bracelets, we can finally start rocking our autumnal looks. From the classic ankle boots to the chunky cardigans to the orange-yellow-brown color schemes, we couldn't be more ready for this drop in temperature.

But no fall outfit is complete without the right accessories. Stay up to date with the fall jewelry trends in order to look polished, modern, and trendy.

Keep reading to learn about the newest and coolest jewelry trends for fall of 2018. While not all of these will jive with your personal style, chances are at least one of them will catch your eye and push you onto the bandwagon.

Animal-Inspired Pieces

This trend isn't for everyone, but it's definitely one that's taking over the jewelry options this fall. Animal-inspired earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings are becoming more and more popular.

Taking hints from 90s fashion, you'll find huge statement butterfly necklaces, rings made to look like slithering snakes, bird earrings, and more. This trend was even seen walking the Bottega Veneta runway rocked by the gorgeous Gigi Hadid.

This trend isn't going to go with everyone's style. But if you like taking some risks fashion-wise and are looking to add a wow factor to your outfits, definitely give this trend a try.

Chain Link Necklaces

Continuing with the 90s inspiration, we come to chain link necklaces. This industrial look comes in both gold and silver and was seen on multiple runways this past fashion week.

You can find these types of chain necklaces in all sizes, but by far the most popular are the chunky and oversized options. These will work as statement necklaces but be able to go with many more types of outfits compared to classic statement pieces since they're versatile and plain.

These necklaces would look great with a few different styles. For example, it would blend perfectly with a punk-hipster inspired look with black ripped jeans, Doc Marten boots, and a baggy flannel. However, it would also look good with a more professional dress and heels, as seen in this runway.

You can also switch it up and use a chain link necklace as a belt, which is another 90s inspired look.


The 90s are back in a big way. You might remember brooches from either your grandmother's jewelry box you used to play dress-up with or from Elaine's outfits from Seinfeld.

While both of those things might seem out of style, they're actually back in this fall. Large statement brooches are making a big comeback for both runway shows and casual jewelry trends.

The great thing about this trend is they can be as simple or as gaudy as you want: any brooch is in nowadays. Dip your toe in the brooch-water with a small one on your denim jacket.

If you're ready to dive right in, look for large and sparkly flowers or geometric options to go on your blazer or blouse. You might not even have to go to a classic jewelry store to find these. Just give your grandmother a call or check out some vintage stores if you want authentic 90s brooches.

Mismatched Earrings

Looking to take a big risk with your jewelry choices? Then this is the runway-ready fashion trend for you.

Try wearing two very different styles of earrings. This might seem like something that someone does by accident when rushing into work, but it was all over fashion week.

Not ready to switch up your earring pairs? Go the single earring route. This isn't a new style: men have been getting single hoops or studs since the 80s.

But women haven't picked up that style as readily. Now's your chance. Either go simple with a diamond stud or a single hoop, or try a single statement earring to really play up the mismatched trend.

Body Chains

Back to chains and 90s style, we have body chains. These have been popular the past few years and continue to be trendy. These chains could be around your shoulders, drooping down your sternum, wrap around your stomach, etc.

These are great for fall since you'll still be able to show off some skin and, thus, your cool body chains. Pair these with a v-neck cropped sweater to show the chain leading down your neckline and then peeping around your midriff.

Layered Necklaces

Fall is the season for layering. Short sleeve button up plus a sweater plus a fall jacket is a classic fall outfit. What about leggings underneath a skirt paired with a cropped t-shirt with a cardigan and a scarf?

Don't stop the layering when it comes to your jewelry. Wearing one short and one long necklace, aka layering necklaces, is an awesome look that goes with any fall outfit and almost all personal styles.

This trend is great because you can use pieces that you already have, especially if you have adjustable length necklaces. This will allow you to mix and match necklaces you already have to follow this layering trend.

But don't let that stop you from adding some new pieces to your collection.

Gold Hoops

A final homage to the 90s and early 2000s has gold hoops trending. While gold hoops never lost their popularity, per se, they haven't been this popular since the era of oversized hoops seen in many music videos in 2002.

Big, small, chunky, delicate, you name it: gold hoops of all styles are in.

Top Jewelry Trends for Fall 2018: Wrapping Up

If you like to stay on top of jewelry trends for each season, hopefully, this article helped you out for the upcoming fall months. Whether you're a risk taker about to go buy the biggest brooch you can find or if you're more of a traditionalist who's going to opt for classic gold hoops, there's a trend that you'll love.

Check out our jewelry collections to find a new trendy piece to add to your collection.

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