10 Stunning Jewelry Trends to Watch for Spring and Summer 2019

10 Stunning Jewelry Trends to Watch for Spring and Summer 2019

10 Stunning Jewelry Trends to Watch for This Spring 2019

This spring, get ready for some exciting new jewelry trends. 2019 has already proven to be a fashion forward year for jewelry and it has just begun!

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Enough of that dainty, light jewelry nonsense. This season is all about bold, colorful expression. Just check out the colors and statement pieces in Anna Sui's Spring 2019 collection.

There's plenty more of that happening around the globe this year during fashion week. 

Designers are trading in simple chains for chunky statement piece necklaces. But that doesn't mean you have to completely abandon the classics.

Here are 10 of the hottest jewelry trends 2019 can't live without.

1. Alley Oop in Some Funky Hoops

While some of us may argue that hoops never went out of style in the first place, they're certainly back on the runway this spring. Go for big and bold hoops this season, or try to find a unique take on this funky classic.

Looking for some inspo? Check out these beauties

The general vibe of all 2019 jewelry trend forecasts is expressing your fun and daring personality. Grab a pair of hoops in an unexpected shape or ones studded with roses and pearls. Whatever catches your eye, babe!

2. Layers on Layers on Layers

Just because people aren't rocking a simple chain necklace with their initials on it anymore doesn't mean you have to toss yours to the back of the jewelry box. Throw on a couple more and you've just created one of the easiest 2019 jewelry trends to replicate.

This one is also highly customizable. Make a big statement by piling up a few chunky strand necklaces in different colors. Or keep it low-key with three chains at different lengths.

3. Mr. T, but Make it Fashion - Bold in Gold

Speaking of chunky, this is one of many classic jewelry trends 2019 is bringing to the table. Throw a thick gold chains around your neck or wrists for a retro statement straight out of the 80's. 

The bigger the links, the better. Remember, new jewelry trends are about having fun. An over-sized gold chain can really pull together an otherwise unremarkable outfit.  

4. Matching is for Babies - Mix n Match Earrings

If you've ever been stuck wondering which earrings work better with the fit, pop in one of each to be highly on-trend this season. In fact, you'll be ahead of the curve, more attune with Adeam who heavily featured this style in her Fall 2019 collection.

This trend applies to earrings of all sizes, from studs to dangling statement pieces. You won't have to do much coordinating of your own, as many places sell sets of pre-mixed and matched pairs already. But don't be afraid to experiment.

5. Let's Go to the Beach - Beads and Shells

You might be thinking, 'let's leave the puka shells and frosted tips in 2001 where they belong.' And you're half right.

But have you seen Bella Hadid in that jumble of turquoise and shells? It's hard to take your eyes off such an intricate piece of jewelry.

Simpler shells and beads are on trend too. Look for colored shells, large tortoise print earrings in geometric shapes, and beaded necklaces in bold colors. This trend is super compatible with layering to make an even cuter personalized statement.

6. I Do's and Don'ts - Engagement Ring Jewelry Trends 2019

The ever changing new jewelry trends effect all aspects of accessories. Even the ones we use to signify a life-long commitment.

This one in particular is interestingly attributed to the classy three-stone engagement ring Prince Harry designed and put on Meghan Markle's finger last May. Jewelers anticipate cushion-cut diamonds gaining popularity over the pear and oval shaped designs of 2018.

People are also experimenting with traditional styles by using different metal for the band. You can check out more engagement ring trends here.

7. Diamonds aren't Your Best Friend Anymore -Colored Gemstones Are

If you didn't have a birthstone pride phase in elementary school, you're lying. But you don't have to stick to the ruby or aquamarine of your birth month this year.

A big 2019 jewelry trend forecast is warm colored gemstones taking over. Be prepared to spot fiery turmerics and orangey reds paired with neutral chocolate browns and ivory in jewelry stores across the nation. 

Pair this trend with others on the list to create your own version a trendy look. Find hoops encrusted in warm honey gemstones, or mix and match decadent dangling strings of citrine and yellow topaz.

8. Time for Tea, Sis - Pearls 

Most people think sorority girl at fundraising event when they think of pearls. But this classy classic is seeing some funky twists in 2019. Pearls are no longer simple strings you wear to afternoon tea, but a means of being extremely extra.

Embroidered on jackets, handbags, and shoes. Dripping from ear cuffs or wrapped into hoops. Chunky, thin, or extravagant pearls are being used in unexpected ways in spring jewelry trends 2019.

Re-purpose your pearls or stack them high with strings of different sizes. Look for colorful variations or pearls mixed with gems or gold.  

9. So 90's - Personalize Your Style

Balenciaga and Chanel have been strutting onto the runway this season with necklace charms and earrings spelling out their brand's name.

In following the trend of personalizing your style with statement pieces and expressive combinations, why not clip in a bedazzled barrette that says 'cutie' or the name of your zodiac sign? 

Find some dangling earrings that literally spell out the story behind your look. Or resurrect that adorable 90's trend and wear your name around your neck.

10. Now Back to the 80's - Resin Jewelry 

The shape and color possibilities are truly endless when your jewelry is made of resin. Find a charm that preserves a delicate little flower or a bad ass desert scorpion for a unique statement piece.

Colors truly pop in this material, so if you're not a fan of big statement jewelry, make a statement with one of these boldly saturated accessories. 

Shop New Jewelry Trends Without Getting Out of Bed

Of all the jewelry trends 2019 has to offer, which ones are calling your name? Can you see yourself strutting into work with a statement piece necklace? Have you been inspired to dig through your trunk of resin clips on's you saved from the 80's?

If you're looking for something new, browse the Roma Private Collection for pieces hand picked off Italy's runway. Add some new trends to your collection and have fun with spring jewelry this year. 

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