Own Your Style: The Woman's Guide to Fall Jewelry Trends (Updated for 2021)

Own Your Style: The Woman's Guide to Fall Jewelry Trends (Updated for 2021)

Own Your Style: The Woman's Guide to 2021 Fall Jewelry Trends

There are many different fall jewelry trends you should know for this year. Click here to learn all about these trends in 2021.

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Fall is all about change, from the cooling weather to the colorful leaves. Jewelry trends are no exception.

This fall, we're seeing a big change in the most popular jewelry styles. And like the fall season itself, these jewelry trends are a beautiful breath of fresh air. 

Gone are the dainty, barely-there styles of the summer. This fall, it's all about making a statement with bold, elegant, and eye-catching pieces. Read on to learn about some of the biggest fall jewelry trends and how to add these looks into your own personal style. 


Pearl jewelry will be seeing a resurgence in popularity this fall. Pearls have a timeless quality that adds sophistication to any outfit. 

Pearls in all forms are in for autumn, but pearl earrings are especially fashionable. Don't be afraid to embrace dramatic earring styles—large pearl drop earrings make any ensemble look effortlessly chic. 


Chainlink jewelry brings a touch of cool to any look. It adds texture and a bit of toughness while still looking elegant. Chainlink jewelry pairs well with any outfit, from the casual jeans and a t-shirt look, to evening wear. 

A long, sweeping chainlink necklace is an incredibly versatile piece to add to your jewelry collection. You can even wear it as part of a layered necklace set to achieve another stylish fall look. 

Chunky Jewelry

While we still love delicate chains and demure sterling silver stud earrings, this fall is all about bold, chunky jewelry. Think heavy necklaces, wide bracelets, and thick rings. 

These hefty pieces look great with the knits and cozy textures of the season. If you want to make sure your look stays polished rather than flashy, look for chunky jewelry in a single metal tone.

Statement Pieces

Amber Jewelry

Similar to chunky jewelry, statement jewelry is all about pieces that aren't afraid to stand out. A great statement piece that really reflects your personal style is a great way to take any outfit to the next level. Amber jewelry is a great fall statement piece and here are some ideas for statement jewelry you can add to your wardrobe. 

Statement Necklaces 

Statement necklaces are like a piece of art. When wearing one, you can keep the rest of your look fairly simple and let the jewelry do the talking. This fall, pair an elegant statement necklace with a simple sweater for an instantly chic effect. 

Statement Earrings

For fall 2021, it's go big or go home with earrings. The hoop earring trend that's been around for a while now is still going strong, and for fall we're seeing hoops paired with other elements, like pearls, beads, and crystals. 

Statement Bracelets

Big links, oversize beads, and heavy cuffs are the best bracelet looks of the season. For a whimsical touch, look for charm bracelets with large or even oversized charms.

This is a great way to show off your playful side. Choose charms that express your personality and are meaningful to you. 

Statement Rings

Statement rings are an easy way to add a little pop to your outfit. Bold rings featuring all the most current fall jewelry styles are a sure hit. This means interesting shapes, thick metal, and striking details.

Statement rings look especially good paired with a fresh manicure and a stylish handbag. One statement ring is all you really need, but if you're feeling extra fabulous, you can wear one on each hand. 

Yellow Gold

While rose gold has been the darling of the jewelry market recently, this fall is going to show classic yellow gold jewelry making a comeback. This warm and sunny metal is perfect for brightening fall days, and it pairs well with the earthy and heavy textures of your fall wardrobe. 

Rings and bracelets with thick gold bands are a great way to add a luxe touch to a variety of outfits. Choose on-trend styles like open chainlink necklaces and chunky earrings in yellow gold for an extra stylish look. 

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a fun and versatile way to show off your personality in an elegant fashion. Because of their mix-and-match nature, you can combine all different necklaces of varying lengths to achieve the perfect look for you. 

While there are no absolute rules to styling layered necklaces, combining three necklaces of varying lengths is an easy way to achieve a look with depth and balance. You can use necklaces of the same color and thickness to achieve a more uniform look, or you can combine different colors and styles for a textured and eclectic vibe. 

Oversized Pendants

Another example of this fall's big jewelry trend, oversized pendants are a great way to achieve a stunning impact with a single piece. If you like more of a natural or even bohemian style, look for pendants made of natural materials like sea glass or smooth stones. If glam is more your thing, pendants of cut glass or other semiprecious stones are the perfect bit of radiance for your fall jewelry collection. 

Lots of Sparkle

No matter your personal style, there's something about wearing sparkly jewelry that just makes you feel fabulous. For fall 2021 crystal jewelry is very in. From crystal chandelier earrings to bright rhinestone necklaces, crystals help bring a bit of shine to overcast fall days.  

Shop the Best Fall Jewelry Trends of 2021

The best fall jewelry trends are all about finding new inspiration for your own unique style. Embrace the new season by finding pieces that bring your fall wardrobe to the next level of elegance. 

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