Jewelry Trends 2018: What's Hot and What's Not

Wondering what types of jewelry you need to add to your collection? Check out these jewelry trends 2018 so you can stay up to date.

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When it comes to jewelry trends 2018, the latest styles are bold, daring, and uncompromising. This year is all about letting your jewelry stand out. It's about making a strong, decisive statement.

What does this mean in terms of jewelry? Get ready for over-the-top designs featuring:

  • statement earrings
  • asymmetrical hoops
  • embellished ear cuffs
  • layered necklaces
  • standout anklets
  • rings galore
  • show-stopping pearls

Let's isolate some of these trends and see how to incorporate them into your 2018 jewelry purchases.

Statement Earrings

This year's take on statement earrings involves a trifecta of qualities: bigger, bolder, and longer. Celebs and models are already prowling the red carpet and catwalks with these gaudy, larger-than-life displays. The worst offenders verge on overwhelming.

They make you ponder deep questions like: how much weight can one earlobe support? Fortunately, there are sophisticated, sleek ways to rock these new jewelry trends without stretching your lobes.

Look for lightweight materials and bold compositions. Instead of focusing solely on size, opt for unique design elements and unexpected details. Although this trend begs for over-the-top displays, use its essence -- bold statement -- to select pieces that are functional and fashionable.

Asymmetrical Hoops

In 2017, hoops were all the rage. But 2018 comes with a new bag of tricks. Asymmetrical hoops.

While asymmetrical hoops might sound odd, you'll have a blast creating this look. Think mismatched earrings and innovative abstract shapes.

They're a fun reinvention of traditional earrings, and they make a daring statement without the extra weight and bulk. What's more, they allow you to mix and match all of your quality investment pieces, making your earring collection go farther.

Embellished Ear Cuffs

The ears really have it going on this year! Not only are statement earrings and asymmetrical hoops HUGE, but the more earrings the merrier. That means three or even four earrings per ear.

But what do you do if you're afraid of multiple piercings? Especially the dreaded cartilage piercing? Does that mean this trend is out for you?

Nope, it's time to invest in embellished ear cuffs. They don't require additional piercings, yet they give you the flexibility to stay on point with fashion. What's more, they've been deliciously redesigned to make you feel like the well-decorated queen that you are.

Layered Necklaces

2017 was all about chokers. They were fun and a little rebellious. But layered necklaces are having a huge moment in 2018.

According to Vogue, "Forget alternating between your favorite necklaces. Ignore your fear of fuss and tangled chains. Pile on all those sentimental, symbolic, and borderline basic pieces with brazen nonchalance, because suddenly it seems that not one, or two, or three strands will suffice."

Unlike chokers, layered necklaces are delicate and elegant. They beautifully enhance your d?colletage and create a lean, elongating line. Yet, the shortest chain still evokes an edgy, choker feel.

Sparkling with whimsical charms and sophisticated details, they're the perfect complement to just about any ensemble. From polished business casual to Boho, a quality layered necklace polishes your look. And it makes you feel like a million bucks without breaking your budget.

Standout Anklets

Summer weather begs for a little bling. A delicate chain anklet with a small charm, pearl, or diamond represents another great way to opt into 2018's jewelry trends without looking like you're trying.

Catching a little glimpse of dainty jewelry near the ankle plays up your tan and highlights your pedicure and sandals. It offers a hint of sophistication whether you're wearing a skirt, shorts, or capri pants. It's a laid-back, carefree way to tie together your summer wardrobe.

So, what's the key to rocking an anklet? Choosing the right kind. Unlike many of the other trends so popular this year, keep anklets sleek and minimalistic. Look for delicate chains and add charms sparingly.

Pair an anklet with cropped jeans and sandals or a neutral-colored shoe. Anklets look especially sexy with white sneakers and a sundress. And they evoke a youthful vibe.

Rings, Rings, and More Rings!

This year, embellishment is going to the next level. And it doesn't stop with earrings. Rings are dominating 2018, especially when worn on the middle finger, pinkie, or between the knuckles. And, by all means, don't stop at one.

Funky, huge statement rings, like statement earrings, are huge. The more striking and personalized, the better. But if you prefer to opt for small rings, then layer them like crazy!

Your finger jewelry should be an extension of your funky, sophisticated personality. So, use those digits to stand out from the crowd.

Pearls Are a Girl's Best Friend?

Okay, so this trend never really goes away. Pearls are a timeless symbol of beauty, and that's not changing anytime soon. You can get away with wearing them often and obviously when it comes to 2018 jewelry trends.

Use them to embellish your neck, wrists, fingers, and ears. They can be large and sassy or small and classic. Why not mix them while you're at it?

Again, the most important thing is showcasing your unique personality. So, get gutsy with your pearls.

Pile them in layers. Wear pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings simultaneously. Channel Coco Chanel.

Jewelry Trends 2018

There's a clear pattern in jewelry trends 2018: go big, or go home. Drape yourself unapologetically in necklaces, earrings, and rings. Go for statement pieces that pack a visual punch.

Think color, texture, and variety. And when in doubt, choose pearls! Marie Claire summed up the newest fashion trends this way, "kaleidoscopes of rainbow color, the yummy new sugared almond pastels... some pretty powerful 80s power dressing--and OTT texture and fringing galore."

The only pieces you'll want to keep understated are anklets. They provide an elegant, fragile counterpoint to the over-the-top embellishments adorning the rest of your body.

Let the Fun Begin

But what if you don't have any layered necklaces or embellished ear cuffs? What if you haven't owned a pinkie ring since Hootie and the Blowfish were a thing?

That doesn't mean you have to cast aside these fashion trends. Jewelry shopping is half the fun anyway!

Maybe it's time to treat yourself? Explore our collection to find the pieces you need to shine in 2018.

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