Wedding Dress Jewelry: What You Need to Know

Wedding Dress Jewelry: What You Need to Know

Wedding Dress Jewelry: What You Need to Know

You've chosen the dress for your big day, so your wardrobe is complete, right? Wrong. Check out this guide to learn what wedding dress jewelry to pair it with.

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 Planning your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life. It's exciting, it's stressful, it's overwhelming.

You remember every detail, from the jazz band to the gluten-free meals for Auntie Brenda.

You have your perfect dream dress, but what about the wedding dress jewelry? Often, we get so consumed with too many details, we forget to focus on us. Sometimes we forget that we may want a few nice pieces of jewelry to accessorize the dress.

There are many options available for jewelry on your wedding day, and you want to look your best. Here we will take a look at some of the options for your wedding dress jewelry.

Wedding Dress Jewelry Tips

You will likely come across a lot of do's and don'ts for every step of your wedding, and the jewelry you want to choose will be no exception. But ultimately, it's your day. Wear what makes you happy.

How you choose to accessorize the dress will depend on the dress. The style, the color, the detail of the dress and the fabric will all come into play. Even if you follow trends, you still want to express yourself in your own way.

Something Old

There is no better way to feel special and connected to your past than by wearing an old family heirloom. Something passed down through the family is a nice way to feel close to those who are no longer with us.

An old or antique piece of jewelry will be very original and it adds class and uniqueness to your dress and your day. You can find something new to go with it, so you combine the past generation with the new.

If your ring is actually an old family piece or a piece from your inlaw's side of the family, you may also want to pair it with your Grandmother's old diamond earrings or her pearls, to bring that side and tradition to the forefront.

Something New

A new piece of jewelry for your wedding day becomes so much more than that. it becomes your wedding memento. Forever after when you wear that piece, you will be reminded of that day.

You may choose to buy something that accentuates some detail in your dress, like some white stones, or sequins or pearls that are used as trim or accents on the dress.

It's always fun to buy ourselves a new piece of jewelry, and it will be starting its journey with you on the same day as you start your journey in your new married life.

Something Borrowed

Borrowing a nice piece from someone close to you is a nice way to include them in your special day. There may be a certain piece of jewelry an old family member or friend has that you have always admired.

You can always buy a piece or two to dress around the borrowed item. You can accent it with a small set of diamond stud earrings or a simple necklace.

Borrowing a nice piece from someone is a beautiful way to include them in your special day and allows you to find a great item to go with it.

Something Blue

Blue, or red or green. Anything you like, really. You can find a great piece to match up with your wedding colors and the theme of the day. If you are bold enough, get some bold jewelry, maybe something to match your groom's accessories.

Adding a bit of color is a great way to add fun, pizzaz, and make everything pop. Even the smallest item can make a bold statement and standout against the wedding dress. A nice pair of earrings will bring that color up.

But don't let the color of the metal in your jewelry dissuade you from using it. Just because the dress has gold trim doesn't mean you can't wear silver jewelry. Remember, it's your day.

With This Ring

You want your ring to stand on its own, so you may want to avoid wearing other rings on the big day.

You can build around the ring, however, and find pieces to accentuate and complement it.

Don't Get Busy

Like the ring, your wedding dress is a beautiful work of art on its own. Even a plain dress is beautiful and so try not to overdo it with the accessories. A simple pair of earrings, a nice headpiece with flowers or a tiara type of band is enough.

Mix it Up

Feel free to mix and match your favorite pieces and old with new. If you are using an old piece of jewelry, you can find something new that either matches it or accents it.

Don't worry about mixing your metals, either. Many pieces actually accent each other quite well. You may even have a ring that contains mixed metals, which opens the doors for all kinds of fun ideas.


A nice idea is to find matching pieces for the rest of your wedding party. This gives you all a beautiful piece to wear to the wedding and a lovely reminder for all for years to come.

All of you in matching earrings or all with a matching pendant makes a nice uniform picture and you can buy them all as a gift to your wedding party, to say thank you.

It's Your Day

It really is all about you and you spent a lot of time to get ready for this day. To keep it special, buy wedding dress jewelry that you will continue to wear, something that is nice but will be suitable to wear out over and over.

There are lovely pieces to accent your wedding dress, so take the time to find the right piece and make sure you are happy with it. It's a special time and the right piece of jewelry can make you feel great and provide just the right touch for the dress.

Please take a look at some other options you can consider to help make your wedding and your wedding dress shine.

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