7 Silver Jewelry Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

7 Silver Jewelry Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

7 Silver Jewelry Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Want to buy silver jewelry that will stand the test of time? Check out our guide on the most timeless trends that continue to look both classy and stylish.

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Are you on the hunt for silver jewelry?

Silver is a wonderful choice when it comes to selecting fine jewelry because it has stood the test of time and will continue to hold its value and popularity.

If you're wondering about trends in wearing silver but want to make sure you purchase something you'll get plenty of use out of, read on.

Below, we'll give you seven trends in silver that will never go out of style.

1. A Dainty Silver Jewelry Chain Necklace

One of the most popular and timeless ways to wear silver jewelry is in the form of a dainty chain necklace.

Wearing a simple sterling silver chain around your neck with an object that has particular beauty or significance can dress up any outfit, yet remains simple enough for your day to day activities.

Go for a classic heart or charm at the end of your silver necklace, or opt for a rare stone for something a bit more unique.

It's hard to go wrong with a nice silver necklace.

They make for great, meaningful gifts yet are approachable enough to purchase for yourself on a day you deserve to be spoiled.

2. Silver and Swarovski Crystals

There's nothing like the combination of silver and crystal.

This icy, sparkling look has appealed to the masses for generations. It's unlikely the human race will ever get over how beautiful these two precious materials look together.

Silver jewelry often has crystals incorporated in for the way these two items give off an incredible glimmer and shine.

The sparkly cut of Swarovski Crystals combined with the super shiny polished finish of most silver creates a bedazzling look that women come back to again and again.

3. Wedding Rings

The debate rages on between opting for a gold or silver wedding ring.

Their popularity is split almost evenly, with just as many people opting for a silver wedding ring as going for gold.

Silver tends to be more of a modern choice when it comes to rings, while gold is the traditional choice for generations of men and women.

Regardless of which metal you choose, it's safe to say that silver will never go out of style when it comes to wedding rings.

The crisp, shiny metal looks fresh and fun on all skin types, especially darker tones, and the timeless allure ensures this look will always be a popular wedding ring choice.

4. With Pearls

Like crystal, pearls are another precious stone that goes fabulously with silver.

The glimmering look these two materials give off together is relaxed yet timelessly elegant. Pearls and silver reflect off each other to create a polished and upscale look that can immediately elevate an outfit.

Still, you can pack your pearl and silver combination jewelry on a beach vacation, too. It will gorgeously complement any kind of outfit, from a blouse with shorts to a long, flowing maxi dress.

It's amazing how silver jewelry and pearls can take on so many different vibes and styles. This combination can be tropical or icy, sophisticated or laid back.

5. Silver Bracelet

A nice silver bracelet is another popular silver jewelry option.

Silver bracelets can be chunky and bulky or very simple and thin. They can be carved into beautiful designs or simply worn as a delicate accessory.

They can be stacked and layered with other bracelets or worn on their own for a simple look. Silver hardly ever looks bad when it's in the form of a bracelet.

Many young girls are gifted a silver tennis bracelet on their sixteenth or eighteenth birthday. This popular gift-giving tradition is a great way to pass down a family heirloom or start a tradition of your own.

Silver bracelets stand out for how simple, beautiful, and classic they are, all while maintaining a very sophisticated air of quality.

6. Hoop Earrings

While it may be true that large hoop earrings come and go in popularity, the simple and classic style remains.

With a small to medium-sized silver hoop, you can complete any outfit and make it look polished, refined, and respectable.

Silver hoop earrings are a popular choice for work attire and social obligations alike.

They are simple but speak volumes about your classy personal style. Invest in a pair of silver hoop earrings for a piece of jewelry you will wear again and again, on all kinds of different occasions.

7. Lockets

Lockets are another popular way to wear silver jewelry.

While not everyone possesses a locket today as they did in times past, lockets are still a very special and personal piece of jewelry.

They can be purchased on your own to honor a special someone or something, but they are most often given as a gift to protect the memory of love between two people.

For example, it's not uncommon for a man to gift a woman a locket when he wants to say that he is serious about their relationship and wants her to keep him close to her heart.

Soldiers love to give lockets to their faraway loved ones when they are deployed. It's a way to hold memories close and remind their loved one just how cherished and treasured she is.

It's also common to see mothers and grandmothers have a silver locket containing photos of their children.

Where to Purchase Silver Jewelry

When hunting for the perfect silver jewelry that will stand the test of time, you want to make sure you are prioritizing quality.

Shelling out for low quality or fake silver will not last you, and the color will begin to turn over time and with wear.

Instead, invest in silver pieces that are authentic and high quality. This will ensure that you can enjoy your silver jewelry for years and years to come. You'll even be able to pass it down to future generations as a special family heirloom.

No matter what timeless silver jewelry look you go for, you can rest assured that this is a piece of jewelry that will be worn for generations to come.

Because silver is strong and durable, it retains its beautiful look for years, giving you plenty of time to wear it before passing it down.

Silver is a favored look in modernity, but men and women of all ages love to own a nice piece of silver that they can use to accentuate their style and reveal just how fashionable they are.

Browse our wide collection of high-quality silver pieces to add to your collection today.

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