How to Choose Ring Settings That Reflect Your Personality and Style

How to Choose Ring Settings That Reflect Your Personality and Style

Choosing Ring Settings That Reflect Your Personality

Choosing ring settings is a matter of personal preference but some may suit you better than others. Let's take a look at some of the options.

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Rings are a versatile piece of jewelry that is easy to wear every day. Most married folks wear at least one ring all the time. Even if you're not married they are a great piece to add a nice accent to your ensemble.

Most people concentrate on the stone(s) when picking out their rings. But did you know ring settings may be even more important when showing your personality?

Let's go over several ring settings here. This will help you get an idea what to choose to match your style and personality.

The Classic Prong

We've all seen the classic prong setting at some point. It has been and still is one of the most popular selections for engagement rings. It's kind of like a little hand extending out from the band and cupping the stone.

It is most common to see 4 or 6 prong settings. If you're a traditionalist with classic and timeless style, this is a great setting for you.

The Protective Bezel

The bezel setting embeds the stone into the ring's band. It is the oldest type of ring setting.

The look is vintage and will work well for folks who love to stand out with a vintage style. It's also a nice setting for people who work a lot with their hands. It can be easy to lose a stone perched in a prong, but the bezel takes care of that worry and protects your stone.

The Daring Tension

A tension setting leaves the stone hanging in the air. Pressure from two sides holds the stone suspended in the middle. It's a delicate, but bold look that really shows off the stone.

It is much more likely to lose a stone from a tension setting. That makes it a great symbolic piece for an adventurous, risk-taker with a penchant for high fashion.

The Angelic Halo

The halo setting features a ring of tiny diamonds circling the single center stone. A great advantage to this is that it creates the illusion of a larger center stone, at a lower cost.

If you're an exuberant, outgoing gal that likes flashy jewelry, this is the perfect setting for you! You're the type of person who loves showing off your diamonds. The more sparkle, the better!

The Bold Three Stone

Another bold look is the three stone setting. Sometimes the point is to make the three stones look like one long one. Other times the center stone is set apart a bit. Sometimes the two side stones will be a different color to add more to the effect.

Whichever design you choose, it's also a flashy ring. It will work well for the same type of person that would love a halo setting.

The Simple Pave

Now we're getting to the more low-key ring settings. The pave is simply a band lined with tiny diamonds.

Worn alone, it can be a great choice for athletes or people that work with their hands. The risk of losing the small diamonds, even during vigorous activity, is very low.

It's also great for the more tomboyish woman. Big and flashy doesn't fit her personality. But she will love the more laidback, delicate approach.

It is common to see paves combined with other settings like the halo or prong. It's a nice way to add a little something extra for those that love the flashier look.

The Cradled Channel

The channel is like the pave but the diamonds are safely embedded in the band. With this style, you can be almost certain that you'll never lose a diamond.

With the pave, there is still the slightest chance you could catch a stone on something. Not so with the channel. Your stones are safe and secure.

Like the pave, you can combine the channel with other settings to accentuate the look. By itself, it's a great setting for conservative, practical people that don't wear a lot of jewelry.

The Accompanying Side-Stone

The side-stone places two or more smaller stones on either side of the main stone. This added bling accentuates the center stone without filling up the entire band. It's a strong look without being too blocky or ostentatious.

If you're a professional, this is a great ring setting for you. You want something strong, yet feminine and not too flashy. The side-stone accomplishes that balance quite well.

The Busy Cluster

The cluster setting incorporates several stones positioned to look like one big one. This setting style comes in several different shapes. You can even choose one where the stones are not all the same size for added intrigue.

The cluster setting is not one that you will see very often. That makes it perfect for you if you like to be a little funky and off the beaten path. There's a lot you can do with this fun ring setting, dressing it up or down as you combine it with other unique pieces.

The Stately Cathedral

Perhaps the most elegant of the ring settings is the cathedral. The look is similar to the prong setting but with one main difference.

The prong uses a separate little 'hand' to hold the stone. In the cathedral, sections of the band itself sweep gracefully upward to cradle the stone. The idea is to mimic graceful cathedral arches and the effect is quite beautiful.

If you're an elegant gal with a calm, stately personality, the cathedral is a great choice for you. The look is both flashy and classic.

Think of it in these terms. If you'd buy a lace wedding dress, you may very well love a cathedral style ring setting.

Choosing Ring Settings

Whoever knew there could be so much to learn about ring settings? Expressing yourself in your jewelry goes so much deeper than just choosing a lovely combination of metals and stones.

In particular, if you're choosing an engagement or wedding ring, you'll wear it for a long time and it will always hold a special place in your heart. It's vital to pick something you like and that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Still undecided? That's ok! Contact us to talk to one of our resident jewelry experts. We will be happy to guide you on the right path to finding the perfect ring for you.

Or feel free to browse our beautiful collections. You may not know how to describe what you want, but you'll know it when you see it!

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