925 Sterling Silver Chains

925 Sterling Silver Chains

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      Understanding 925 Sterling Silver

      Why is my silver jewelry called 925?

      If you are in the market for new silver jewelry such as a chain necklace, pendant, rings, or earrings, it’s important to understand what makes sterling silver different from other silver jewelry pieces. Typical silver is 99.9% silver with the remaining composition being a combination of other metals. When it comes to sterling silver, there is actually less silver, 92.5% to be exact. The remaining metallic makeup is a combination of mostly copper and some other metals. This reduction in the overall silver percentage actually helps to strengthen the sterling silver jewelry to make it a more durable yet still elegant piece.

      Why go with Sterling Silver?

      There’s a reason most flatware is made of sterling silver. Similar to most silver chains, earrings, and rings, flatware is used almost daily and needs to be up to the task of looking just as good on day 100 as it did on day one. Of course there is some maintenance that will need to be done similar to any jewelry including gold such as cleaning and polishing, but for the most part sterling silver jewelry keeps its shine with minimal effort.

      Interested in a sterling silver chain necklace, or earrings? Tired of looking at your gold jewelry, but not wanting to make a significant investment in a single new piece. Sterling silver may be the right answer for you. With many beautiful rings, earrings, or even a chain or necklace, sterling silver offers a wide variety of artistic and reasonably priced silver jewelry that will brighten up any jewelry collection.

      How do I know where my sterling silver jewelry was made?

      Often times sterling silver jewelry like a chain necklace or earrings will be stamped with a “925” or “S925” to signify they are in fact sterling silver, however, there may also be an additional marking saying “Italy” or another country. As you can imagine, having Italy stamped onto a silver chain or ring tells the buyer that the piece of silver jewelry comes from Italy. Of course, there will always be some skepticism that the artist simply added the “Italy” stamp without any connection to Italy, so make sure you do some extra due diligence when shopping for a sterling silver piece, especially when looking for one with ties to Italy.

      Even if Italy is not a criteria for your next sterling silver jewelry purchase, it is important to know where and how the particular silver chain or pendants were made. Many times sterling silver chains and jewelry are classified as sterling silver but in reality, it is only sterling silver plated. When a piece of jewelry is plated, it can quickly show wear and tear as it exposes the higher impure metallic composition underneath the sterling plated surface. Often this underneath metal will be copper, so you will start to see a greenish tint to the jewelry and even your skin. Nickel can also be a common metal to use underneath a sterling plated chain or rings since it is very cheap to produce. Nickel, however, can be an irritant to many people causing a quick and unpleasant skin reaction that they were not anticipating. Pure sterling silver will not have these issues since there isn’t a “plated” surface to wear away. Bottom line is that if a silver chain necklace or earrings say sterling silver but they are much cheaper in price that other sterling pieces then be wary that you may not be getting what you think you are paying for.

      Why Choose 925 Silver Chains From Roma Designer Jewelry?

      Roma Jewelry proudly stands behind every one of our sterling silver pieces. Whether you are looking for a silver chain necklace or pendants, or in the market for a nice set of earrings or a ring, our collection of beautiful 925 sterling silver pieces are sure to fit your style. Our customers proudly wear our jewelry with confidence that they have no doubt in the quality and care we have taken for each sterling silver piece. At Roma Jewelry we are proud to know our customers have received a timeless sterling silver piece. No matter if it is a silver chain necklace, earrings, or a ring there will always be the perfect piece to add to your collection.

      Finding the perfect sterling silver chain or earrings, to balance out a collection of gold jewelry shouldn’t be a toss-up for whether it is truly sterling silver or simply plated. No one wants to go through the trouble of finding the best deal on sterling silver only to find out it was in fact too good to be true. Shopping at Roma Jewelry will give you peace of mind that every piece of our sterling silver jewelry from chains and pendants to earrings and rings, will be truly 925 sterling silver.